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clare I have constant abdominal and lower back pain as well as joint pain and kidney and bladder dysfunction since taking lansoprazole 30 mg and later reduced to 15 mgs, for acid reflux I suspect that it does not work with other medication I take, such as levothyroxine, aspirin 75 mg ec and also calcichew. I have also been diagnosed with IBS. I am going to stop taking lansoprazole and see if matters get better.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I have lost my Wife by suicide due to bean on a cocktail of drugs given by a doctor [DORMICUM, EPITEC, ATERAX,

I also experienced similar effects. I am taking 500mg clorom for a stomach ulcer as well as another antibiotic amoxcillin and an acid inhibitor

Male 42 prescribed baclofen 30-60mg daily for the control of cervical dystonia, great for first week then started to get pain and discumfort in

I am the guest below forgot to put name, feel so unwell with sickness and stomach pains not thinking straight, they have to

I feel sick all the time and have an upset stomach and do not want to eat. When i stopped taking them for three

Extreme fatigue, tiredness, joint pain........1st day of medication yesterday - thought it was due to

I have been on Lans for 8 weeks now & have been feeling very ill. Swollen glands,bloated stomach,feeling unwell.Now

been on lanzoprazole for two years. Now have multiple polyps, have heard Lanzoprazole can cause this.

bloated stomach and really bad sweats also bad back pain does anyone else get these symptons

My Intital symptoms were abdominal pain, distension and back pain, and Lansoprazole tends to keep these at bay, although any bouts

I have only been taking Lansoprazole for one month, but i constantly feel bloated and have developed a urinary tract infection, which is

Hi I know it might be a bit early to tell, but I was given Lansoprazole yesterday by a GP. Just to take

After three days taking Lansoprazole developed very dry and itchy throat, general feeling of being unwell.Need to keep drinking and sucking sweets.

   I have started takeing Lansorprazole, the first day is today, I have to take 60 mgs a day&

I have been taking 30mg daily of Lansoprazole for about 14 months. I haven't changed my eating habits but have put on over a

After taking one tablet of Lansoprazole I came out in hives and itching on various parts of my body.   I discontinued

i have been taking it for nearly 3 weeks now. started off ok. But now i feel very tired and my blood count

dirorhea extreme tiredness and sorness in the upper abdomen

Just started Lansoprazole capsules, some stomach pain, nausea. My spit is pink, how long will that last? I have taken Prevecid for

hi i have been on ramipril about 4 years now. but i am also taking amlopdine"simvastatin"tramadol"naproxen"and Lansoprazole.which are causing all sorts problems such

I have been on Lansoprazole for 8 weeks as well and suffered from sweating, bloating, problems with my bowels and in the past

ive been on  Lansoprazole  4  9 months and had severe feelings of nausea bloating and wasnt  hungry  i also kept burping   a few days of

For many years I had experienced a unique sweating problem. Every evening at around 7pm a tingling would start in my legs. This

I have been on Lans for 8 weeks now & have been feeling very ill. Swollen glands,bloated stomach,feeling unwell.Now stopped

bloated stomach and really bad sweats also bad back pain does anyone else get these symptons

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