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hi, does any one know whether lexotan is safe in pregnancy?


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

i took 35 tablets in separate doses..and experienced severe depression afterwards. im still not sure whether the depression was due to Lexotanil

if you are going to kill your self take 2 tablets trust me you will change your mind its good dop

its best druag i ever had do not over doss  its bueitifull

I LOUVVE to have this drug it makes me feel like i am flying. makes me forget every thing. helps me get rid

my husband takes Lexotan every day,he says it relaxes him & makes him forget his problems,what is the out come or

i had to extract one of my teeth which was badly da maged as of breing broken and rotten as food desposit remains on the

i find it relaxes me when i feel stressed, before i board a flight.when i have to visit the dentist. i just

Be careful about the difference between addiction and dependency. In my experience they are not chemically addictive such as a lot of other drugs

Hooked on the damn tablets. Take 3mg x 3 days. Now comes to the stage where 3 is not helping need more.

when i took the Lexotan tablets they made me really sick and got a really bad headache from them i dont want to take then

I have constant and sustained pain under my shoulder blades, which seems to radiate from deep within my right breast bone. 

i have been taking Lexotan the past year for panic attacks... i suffered terriable the last while with panic attack...

I was on istin a blood pressure tablet and was getting panic attacks and tremors when I take Lexotan it relieves the symptoms. 

my husband has been taking Lexotan for stress, his sex drive has totally gone because of this drug. dont want him to change

hi, does any one know whether Lexotan is safe in pregnancy?

found it brilliant to relieve the stress i was under, when perscribed by my consultant,  nothing else worked for me,&

is lexatan harmfull i have bean on it for about twenty years

been using it now for 6th weeks,,1.5 mg Lexotan thrice a day,,i dont know how to gradually stop it..

i think their is no difference expet in the generic name but both have the same components and the same effects

u should stop it gradually , start with one tablet per day in the first week and in the next week one tablet every

maybe i sensitive to it,got some mild 'involuntary movement's of the body, prescribed by my doctor 1.5mg Lexotan.once due to some

Does anyone know the difference between Lexotan and Lexotanil??


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OMG that was posted by me!! :O and here i am again googling Lexotanil. im heart broken and just want to kill the pain

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