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Earlier today I gargled with Listerine the tissue right before my throat and throat are red. It feels raw and inflamed. OMG its still hurts tried gargling with some coconut oil out of desperation because it hurts. I know weird but desperate. I don't see any bumps though just very irritated tissue.


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Listerine's whitening mouthwash swelled up the left side, bottom of my tongue, called a sub-lingual salivary gland. It was really scary at

I used literine whiting and it burned the inside of my cheeks

I have been using Listerine Total Care plus whitening for a few days, and today I noticed oral pain similiar to what a cankersore

elevate liver enzymes.... damage to is irritating it

I have just used this product 4 times and the lower left side of my jaw is now swollen and painful. Going to the

I just took my 4th pill.  The taske in my mouth is so bad that it wakes me up through the night.

I have experienced the same problems! I have had three different bumps with white puss stuff come out of them and never had stuff like

I would not recommend the Listerine Whitening Mouthwash. After two weeks of use, I had lost half the taste buds on my tongue,

Listerine Zero seemed such a sensible idea. I had a really bad hacking cough which the doctor treated and it went away.

I can't taste anything! I started using total care a week ago and my sense of taste turned off last night during dinner! I am

Oh my goodness! DO NOT USE TOTAL CARE Listerine!! I have close to 4 large puss filled blisters in my mouth. I went to

Wow I came online trying to find anawers regarding a large bump inside of my mouth on the left side and it seems we all

I started using Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush and I noticed my tounge started getting really sore. I just thought it was due to my wisdom

Hi i constantly used the pink Listerine every evening, until just over a week ago when i was in bed and my mouth started

my tonue really hurts when I use this product.. waste of money...

used this stuff for about 2 weeks. I started getting a weird feeling on my tongue. so I looked and had blisters and

I used Listerine Total Care. I didn't gargle with it thank God. I only flushed it around near the front of my mouth

had been using this for two weeks then all hell broke loose.edges of lips little bumps ,lips on fire.blisters on lips little

couldn't wait to buy and use Listerine total and used it morning and nite for about 2 weeks holding it in mouth for as long

The same thing happened to me. My tongue is blackish-brown with a thick film on it. it's disgusting. It's so rough i

I used Listerine with whitening for about 1 week. I had to stop using it because I had a thick film on my

Tongue is bristered and painful especially when eating

i used Listerine for 1 minute or less and my lips burn and i am getting blisters

I've recently started using Listerine Zero and I'm wondering if it's causing my teeth to stain.  I've had this issue with Crest

after using Listerine mouth wash i feel fresh but  that mouth wash is so harsh that there was burning sensation in mym mouth.

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