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After just ONE monthly shot of 3.75mg Lupron Depot, I had immediate abdominal distention and still have it one year later. Very uncomfortable bloated feeling 24/7. I am only 95 pounds. CT scan reveals no fluid. Apparently the fluid retention went away but I was left with stretched out abdominal fascia. I never feel like myself anymore. I have to use my muscles to support my abdominal wall. Devastated. PLEASE email me at <a href="">Jane.Goodhope at</a> if you have abdominal distention or permanent bloating long after taking Lupron. DON'T TAKE LUPRON EVEN ONCE !!!!!


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Immediately got hives from sun exposure. Could not think to do everyday tasks. Eye sight affected. Vitamin D defiency was severe.

Began the 1st of 2 three month injections of Lupron in preparation for a hysterectomy in sept. 2011. Received the second injection Dec.

I just started my treatment and i have PTSD and Bipolar, I can say that it has made those conditions worse and is putting

I've experienced everything that others have mentioned and feel like I become a complete different person when my migraines are so bad that the mood/depression/crying

I had Lupron in 2001 and it was very successful in helping me get pregnant. I had hot flashes, but that is

Please Please stay away from this drug. My life is a total disaster after taking this drug. I had one injection in

Thank you so much for this information, I was about to have Lupron as treatment for my condition adenomyosis / endometriosis - .

My father was given a Lupron injection for prostate cancer and within a week he had every side effect imaginable. This was 3

Angie i have had the same if not all of the side effects you have and or have because even if it subside some for

well i had my first shot early 2010 and my last late 2010 it stoped my periods after the first shot,which was spaced out

I took Lupron depot starting Oct 2010 and Nov 2010 to treat endometrosis and avoid a hysterectomy.&nbsp; My&nbsp;doctor and the

it is not a safe drug at all please look at all the bad side effects and permanent damage it does do NOT listen to

&nbsp;sorry type errors&nbsp; if i could do it over i would have never taken this drug if i had only know&

inwas given Lupron for what my docotr thought was an ovarian cyst it was fluid from a surgery he did on me&nbsp; prior

treat for endo migraine led to constant daily headaches for 8 years. felt like I was getting alzheimers

my tsh jumped from 1.5 to 8! and I had night sweats horribly for a week. Once the flare portion of the trreatment

I had a hysterectomy in 06, but kept my ovaries.I never had endometriosis. Then in 09 my ovaries became inflamed. What

I started montly Lupron shots. I'm 41 and had breast cancer, partial mastectomy, radiation and tried tamoxifen but I'm allergic. So

I have endometriosis and the doctor is perscribing Lupron. Is it safe? Do I have any other options?

My mother recieved a Lupron shot 2/07 then died 2/9/07 about a week later. Is there going to be a class action lawsuit for

I"m on my third monthly injection of Lupron. The side effects are hot flashes, headaches, forgetfullness, dryness.

I am unable to walk following my Lupron treatment. I experienced extreme muscle weakness and loss of function in my right quad muscles.

After 14 days on 50 mg/day Casodex (plus Lupron) I experienced rectal bleeding . Again on day 16 and day 23. It was

go to your doctor that gave you this poison as it is a hazadous material. they dont tell you that you got a chemo

If you want to know how to fight the side effects of this drug wright to mushu370 at or

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