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The first time I took Lyrica I gained 40lbs.- started at 25mg-slept for 24hrs- had to increase until 450mg/da-before Drs decided ok to come off of as I always developed tolerance to it. It would help significantly w/my chronic nerve pain (I have RSD/CRPS- a chronic neurological pain dystrophy where you feel burning, crushing, flesh being torn off, stabbing, freezing, acid pain at all times)- pain is so overwhelming at times it is necessary to take a Lyrica for at least some relief. Especially now that it has spread to half of my body. Have had condition for 17mo-also virtually sedentary lifestyle as disabled)-this time taking w/Flexeril as ab/torso pain like being in transition labor or passing a kidney stone. This has cut down the sugar cravings a lot. The first time I took Lyrica I craved sugar non-stop. Still do at times since I am again on 300mg./day (started 50)-Dr will have me go on amp; off for life I was told-as tests show I have slight atrophy of one kidney, (I wonder if it is from high doses of Lyrica.) One Dr. told me he works w/people on Lyrica all day, amp; didn't know of even football players on as much as I was- actually wanting to increase again as I have break-thru pain and am constantly minimum level 7 pain all the times, even w/complete rest. Serious side-effects for me- but I can't tolerate other meds-tried many- so Lyrica does help for awhile. Side effects include gaining about 60lbs (from size 5-6 to12-14- don't care about size even though used to be anorexic-that should prove how painful RSD is that I am willingly taking a med that causes weight gain!) I didn't lose any weight coming off of Lyrica and all meds for months. I sometimes wonder if Lyrica both decreases and increases pain- by making my nervous system overwork to counteract the med- as pain is very intense right at time I need to take it again. (works for 8 hrs- then only for 6-then less so dr. increases)-also, fatique- blurred vision (also on Flexeril so ?), and irritability (which my family takes personally-my husband refuses to see or believe it is caused by the med(s) and chronic pain-even though I am a strong Christian.)-I am thankful for the partial break from the pain Lyrica can offer me. Hoping to find a natural way (for ex-Neuragen, a homeopathic expensive oil, gives a lot of relief while walking for a few minutes amp; claims to work for wks, even mos w/ continued use- without it RSD makes you feel like you are walking on hot coals, pin and needles and on your foot that feels stripped of skin). Prayer works best for me!Note re: withdrawl- coming down 50mg/wk. caused anxiety, restlessness, innability to sleep, migraines, etc.- one time I forgot to take meds for amp; suddenly felt like every cell was crawling- Notice pain so high w/ reducing, I can't seem to bear to be without Lyrica. (I also can't "find words to say" amp; can't remember anything! Don't know if due to Lyrica or my condition.)


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

seaver buning in legs ans arms benn on Lyrica five yrs doctor said its in the weather. Ive took my last pill yesterday was

Start getting into natural cures and search the internet. Stay away from mainstream med. Here is a site that may get you going.

In my humble opinion reporting to FDA does not good. they are in bed with Pharma. Here is a fabulous website to show

Reporting your adverse effects to the FDA does nothing. Here is a blog that might help you. All

I've taken Lyrica for PHN for 11 months. I've tapered from 150mg to 75mg to 50mg to 25mg. I'm on the 4th day

Just to let everyone know, you can report adverse drug reactions directly to the FDA for them to investigate, I suppose they

My husband is Type II diabetic and has rapidly accelerating neuropathy in all extremities. Four years ago, he was prescribed Lyrica (300 mg

Since starting Lyrica I have suffered > eye problems,blurred vision, double vision

I'm on methadone and my shrink gave me Lyrica is it safe to mix the 2?

Margie, Please look at my reply to "drift medison" above. i've been on Lyrica for years and for me it has

i've been on lyrcia for years (to treat fibromyalgia) and have never experienced the symptoms you describe. For me it has worked wonders

I have an AVM. I was born with this, and it was first found in an MRI 13 years ago.

Ever since starting the Lyrica, I have been experiencing increased burning in all four extremeties, worse after waking up in the mornings.

my daughter is on Lyrica, for over three and a half years now. at the time she started it she also got

You may have developed sleep apnea, though not from Lyrica

I have Neuropathy, Osteo Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have been on a combination of Lyrica and Cymbalta for a year now.

my doctor prescribed Lyrica to me today for my fibromyalgia but after reading some of these post i think i will have to pass on

Involuntary jerking of hands. I drop things all the time. Trouble concentrating. Motors skills dimeinished. Feel "high" all the timel.

i am taking fruit de planta diet tabs are they safe wit Lyrica

simce begining Lyrica 4 weeks ago I have started snoring ( my husband never heard me snore for 12 years until now), have severe

I have gone deaf in right ear since taking Lyrica. Anybody else had this problem? =-O

Fortunately, my doctor recognizes that I am extremely drug sensitive. I was taking 50mg of Lyrica once a day before bedtime. After

I am 29 F and have been on Lyrica for 2 years. I have DDD 3 disc herniations and neuropathy in my leg,nerve

I am sorry to hear about your side effects. Have they gotten better?

Sorry to hear that this happened to you! Have you gotten better?

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