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I'm taking Methylcobal for over 6 years. That - after trying every other form |

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Methycobal Reviewed by Dibron on .
I'm taking Methylcobal for over 6 years. That - after trying every other form of B complex and B12. It's the only medication that helps me, and I can't do without it. Today I've heard that it may cause a deficiency in red blood cells. I still haven't found reference to that in the web. Does anyone know? Thanks, Dibron


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my mother is using Methycobal in 500mcg thrice a day me wana ask if this amount is over dose?n side effect of it

it has many side effects like acidity pain in legs and fingers etc

dear always start therepy with inj then follow with tab for better out come.

no ,dear this not because of Methycobal which you taking it is because of your desease you will find responce after taking inj 1

i am a Methycobal taker (3tablets /day -500mcg)i am taking it from past a week as i am suffering from neuropraxia (burning sensation in my

I am a Methycobal taker ( 1 tablet/day - 500mg) for almost 6 years due to neuropathy on my feet. So far, it

I am using metycobal 500mg daily for familiar tremor will it benefit me

hi... i feel pain less sensation in my right haif palm and middle 2 fingers...and when i move

tengo 68 años de edad y más o menos desde los 20 años tengo hemorroides ( en el ano

what would be the side effect while taking the Methycobal

my result in b12 test is 142 pg/ml how many time have i to take drugs in one week?

i try to find for what is good friend of mine told me that she used and was very good  but i like to hear

what are happened methylcobal with another drugs and side effect ?

hello this is rai from china i am taking Methycobal 05 mg for diabeti also i have gought is this medicine suitble for me ?

i have been feeling burning in hand fingers as well in feet fingers. doctor gave me methacobal injections and tabs . kindly

taking methylcobal injection on alternate days , having thyroid problem ( hypo) is this injection good for me and what are the side effects of

i have been feeling burning in hand fingers as well in feet fingers. doctor gave me methacobal injections and tabs . kindly

what is the effect to a patient if she forgot to take Methycobal injection for a month?

What's on Your Mind my doctor perscribed me Methycobal tabelets for me and i am patient of hypertension and sugar it

what is the side effect of Methycobal 500 mcg and once take methycobal how much time its effect ?

iam diabeti 2 person its suitable for this methycabal mecicine

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