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Most likely the caffiene. Any time I have caffiene after 5 pm, I don't sleep well.


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My wife was taking Lyrica along with Zoloft and TraMidol last July for her Fibromyalgia and a pain syndrome. It made her feel miserable.

I took 2 this morning and since then my chest is burning why?it never has dive that before

took 5 pills. had fast beating heart and have not slept in 24 hours. but it took the cramps away. next time

I took two Midol during my menstrual period and an hour later I couldn't breath and had a panic attack that laster for about 4

I took two Midol that expired about a year ago. I'm feeling super anxious and a little nauseous. I have a history of

I typically take the "Midol: Complete" tablets during my monthly cycle because I have a large ovarian cyst that causes my cycle to be rather

I always take either brand name Midol or generic for my cramps. I never have problems except mild euphoria and slowed breathing(which is relaxing).

i just took some and i dont feel nothing yet. but i am kind of sleepy.

Makes the Constipation pain go away. Bloating too. I experience euphoria. Love it.

I took Midol and my craps got worse. I had to go home early from school because the pain was unberable and I was

took two because of my back and i was completely chill didnt do anything

I have only tried Midol once. I could not sleep because of the pain, so I took one. An hour later I

Whenever I take Midol ,i start feeling very nauseous and my hands start shaking a bit, i feel cold, and the pains

It makes me feel completely stoned, however it is the only thing that makes the horrible cramping and sick feeling I get go away.

Took 2 Midol for painful cramps and back ache.  Felt nauseous a lot, but no more cramps.  Definitely

Whenever I take Midol, it makes me sleepy, and not wanna eat..

I always take Midol. Just half of the recommended dosage, 1 pill, and it works miracles! I've never had any side effects

After i took this i felt fine,  i had really bad cramps but after this i didn't feel them anymore, it took

Oh, and I forgot to add that you should not take more than 2-4 a day, as it can cause you to feel

Overall I love this product. It is like a miracle pill for me when it comes to period cramping. I used to have

<span>I FORGOT TO ADD!&nbsp; and yes i took the recommended dosage. And yes it took the pain from my stomach

I took Midol like 45 minutes before&nbsp;I had to work.. not thinking about anything but taking away my cramps...

i took 10+ Midol pills the other day. my tummy is hurtig ALOT! and i get dizzy and my mind goes blank... i can

Midol gave me anxiety and made me feel dizzy gave me a strange feeling made me nausious.. hot flashes GAH. Midol

Midol Cramping Uses &amp; Side Effects <span style=""><b>Common Uses:</b>This medication is used to reduce fever and treat pain

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