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I started Miralax and unsure when is the best time to take it. So |

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I started Miralax and unsure when is the best time to take it. So I started it at night time. The first night not to bad, but a lot of GASsiness. Second night the same, but palpations, weakness and insomnia. Has anyone experienced these side effects. It is not agreeing with me at all.


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Been taking Miralax for about three weeks - a capful measure each morning, to relieve painful cramping resultant from seizure medication. It

After taking my first dose of Miralax, I experienced severe dizxiness. It lasted for approximately 5 hours. I reported it

I started taking Miralax and became dehydrated, had water retention, sweats, tremors, heart palpatations, high blood pressure, could not

I have been on Miralax, one capful a day for 3 months now. I am experiencing severe dizzyness/vertigo, not sure it if

REGARDING Miralax..........IT HAS PROPANE IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK POLYETHENE GLYCOL IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? WOULD YOU DRINK GAS.

If your having trouble having a bm everyday which is what everyone should have if they eat 2 to three meals a day...

Never took the stuff.......Doesn't anybody READ the LABEL.....The stuff has Propane in IT.

Has anyone experienced  hair loss as a side effect of long term use of Miralax???  I have been taking Miralax for

Miralax is giving me cramps all the time. it is worse after I eat.

i had a terrible experience with Miralax........first day i was ok but from second day i started

Russell34 please contact me. I believe horrible things have resulted from the use of this drug. I believe it is a detriment to society and

Has anyone had a a bm where it felt like someone was pouring acid on your bottom after taking Miralax for a few weeks?

I took Miralax for 2 weeks without any side effects. It softened my stool beautifully and I was regular. Then I switched to

My experience with Miralax was a nightmare. I had a severe allergic reaction which involved hives, splitting headaches, abdominal pain, rectal

After taking Miralax with<strong></strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"> not enough water</span>, my stools have been for over

I will not use this drug because it has fluoride in it

My usual movements were every 4-6 days. Miralax mixed with gatorade helped me go down to ever 1-3 days. Never experienced any of

Do not give this to your children.&nbsp; It says right on the bottle do not give to children.&nbsp; My

every time I try to take it..&nbsp; reccomended adult dose, my legs and feet swell and feel really tingly -

My 5 year old has a problem with rectal prolapse due to constipation. Accordingly, he has been prescribed Miralax--1 capful per day to

I have been taking Amitiza for about 3 weeks. I have chronic constipation and do not make BM without stimulant laxatives for about 7

Anybody else have the typical strange Miralax movements whih start out fine but get looser as time goes on in the period of THAT movement

It needs to be taken off the market . I ended up in the hospital and so did my MIL. Both severly dehyrdated

It's a great product. It shouldn't be taken off the market just because it didn't work for YOU!

I took Miralaz and I broke out in terrible acne on my face, AND no bowel movement. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT

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