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I have been on hydrocodone/acetom. for almost 4 years for pain. I have had two heart surgeries and the pain didn't begin till the second surgery. The hydro replaced oxycodone, which I did much better on, but doctor did not want me on. Recently a new doctor(VA) decided I should be switched to morphine, extended release 30mg. I took it for 2 days, pain became too intense so I went back to my left over hydro, which is 10mg/500 actem.. For me, my chest pains came back within 6 hours of taking the morphine, restless leg syndrome came back that night, back pain and neck pain not felt before were present on 2nd night. Next morning I went back to old med. VA doctor will not switch me back, only prescribed more morphine, which I refuse to fill as it is ineffective and useless. I did so much better on oxycodone, which I believe is weaker than morphine, so I guess it's ER visits when the chest pains come back.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I was given a shot of Leukine 500mg before I left the hospital.  Within 15 minutes I started having problems breathing and

M y 5th son(fit, healthy 22yr old) has been rushed from Rockingham District Hospital to Fremantle Hospital with a suspected heart attack. He

I would like to know how many hours after receiving Morphine in hospital can a patient have a respiratory distress

My wife past away six weeks ago,suffering from hypercalcimia,Chronic obstruction pulmonary disease,and subsequently a hidden cancer. She was given Morphine 2.5 M

I went for a hip replacement and they gave me Morphine in hospital and after my operation I start getting kidney pains and my 1

i was on norspan 20mg patches for a bad hip and now have gone off them am sufferijg from nausea headaches dizziness and general unwell

totally agrre man, you should explain to the doctors an if they refuse explain to higher authorities, you should not have to suffer

after about 20 yrs. of taking Morphine ,my teeth have broken off at the gumline and won't heal until the remainder is removed

there is no difference because she was probably allergic all phine medication. Im no doctor but that is what could be her body was

hemorage with bleeding hospitalized twice, kept going back to emerge and all they kept givivg me is Morphine intervenus and tablets.Having severe back

same thing i was given Morphine after i had my baby  i was totally off my head i could not function and i

My Wife had a hip replacement on2nd March 2010, it was alresdy in her notes that she was highly sensitive to Morphine so we

I had a serious accident 13yrs ago resulting in my becoming a bilateral amputee and other problems. Prior to that I had been a

10 years ago i was in the hospital for appendix surgery was given Morphine it knocked me out and when i was awake i was


5ml intramuscular Morphine, produced respiratory depression, inability to communicate, severe drowsiness, low blood pressure but did not relieve the pain!

thats shitty dude these doctors think they know what you are going through but they don t they just think everyone just wants to get

Nathalie I have TN I had the brain surgery because I was no responding to any medication, I tried Gabapentin, Tegretol, Topomax and

First things first, it did neutralise the pain, my side effect was similar to the same problem I have with Morphine. It


My late brother was diagnosed with intestinal perforation about three weeks ago.  After a week of being treated with flagyl and Morphine

have you gotten any better? I ask because Prialt was put in my mother's pump as only alternative because she has sleep apnea and doctor

je viens de commencer les essaie s avec le prialt , stoper apres 2 jour pour rupture de stoc pour le moment je suis

I have been hitting the temazepain a lot now,  I also take about 250mg Morphine er for chronic pain daily, 

I think this drug killed my mother. She went to ER with confusion/hallucinations. They gave her anti hallucination drug, Narcan,

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