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I've been getting real bad congestion like cold/flu around the time of my period for an unusual 3 months now. Never had that before. And I've never realized, how my sex drive increased so suddenly after taking it at 8pm and felt.. words could describe between 10pm and midnight. I'm almost 22 years old and have taken Mucinex D and DM before but this time around, was seeing if it could clear a blockage feeling in my right ear and my nose blowing from previous cold over a week ago. I just want to know why I had an unusual long lasting sex drive after taking this? A scientific explanation I hope.. or is it just me that likes the feeling of drugs like this (out of other prescribed medications, not actual drugs) and just get a sex drive feeling weak and vulnerable, etc?


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I took this pill Mucinex DM only 3 or 4 time for my sickness and one time i really had to pee nothing came out

I took Mucinex D (about four pills so far) and while the breathing was a little better, I mostly notice that I still have

I took Mucinex DM maximum strenth. BIG Mistake! About 10 hours later I felt like I was going to pass out. I was

Is there anybody out there that hasn't felt the same since they took Mucinex DM?? Like for months afterward? What symptoms do you

After reading the reviews online, I will be returning the mucinex DMV I just bought. I'm glad I read the reviews before

I have trouble urinating after taking Mucinex D. Other than that it works very well for me.

Mucinex DM 12hr- More like 15-20 hr for me. Tight-feeling muscles, dialated pupils, weird dreams, shaky, dizzy, slight delerium.

My daughter, 14, who is 5'4 and an athletic 120 lbs,  was told by a physician to take Robutusin DM

I have been sick with allergies/asthma/sinusitis for over a week and when I took Mucinex DM I made sure to read the label carefully.

Anxiety and chest pains from taking Mucinex DM, never taking this again.

update:  I stopped taking the Mucinex DM about 36 hours ago, and now my cough is worse, and the chest congestion

<p><span style="">I am having a horrible experience with this drug (Mucinex DM).&nbsp; Certainly it "loosens mucous" in my

I am having a horrible experience with this drug (Mucinex DM).&nbsp; Certainly it "loosens mucous" in my bronchial tubes, but it

After taking Mucinex DM 12hr, I started to have a small headache near the base of my head behind my right ear. Within

I took Mucinex DM because I couldn't sleep from coughing chest congestion. &nbsp;I took it around 12:00 &amp; fell asleep.

Took Mucinex Dm for nasal stuffiness and head congestion, cough...worked wonderfully the first day I had heart palpitations

38 yr old female within a few hours after taking Mucinex D i began feeling frusterated, impatient,&nbsp;aggitated, short tempered, and

First I want to say, I was told by two Pediatricians that Mucinex does not work for kids.&nbsp; They stated that

42 y.o. female, no medical hx. of urinary incontinence until the use of Mucinex D 1200mg po bid.&nbsp;

I started taking the Mucinex DM at 9-10pm, then went to bed. I woke up at 2:32 and start coughing up a mouth

i had a minor flu with a terrible cough so someone recommended Mucinex Dm. the good thing about it is that you don't need

I took 2 tablets of Mucinex DM, it dried up the mucus, but did not really suppressed my cough. &nbsp;I

i had a sister who had a severe side effect from Mucinex Dm. she went through severe body shaking and her muscles conlvsed for

im taking Mucinex Dm. and so far it has helped me control my chest conjestion but i can not taste anything why is that

I took Mucinex D this morning, at around 2am because of not being able to sleep due to my congestion. &nbsp;I

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