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I've had a bad cold for a week and saw doctor, the expectorant he prescribed was out of stock so the pharmacist gave me Mucinex. I felt awful all day today and hadn't eaten anything. I took a pill on an empty stomach with water and felt good pretty quickly. About 3 hours later I came down with uncontrollable diarrhea. It was so bad I decided to take a shower, while in the shower I lost control 2 more times, I managed to get out in time the 3rd time. I lost so much fluid so quickly I felt faint and got a headache. I just went again a few minutes ago and when I wiped, there was no color. I have felt no pain, and there is no smell; I'm dumping water at this point. I'm also urinating during these episodes and that burns. If my reaction were any more severe, I think it would be life threatening. Then again, I'm in currently in the middle of the reaction, I may be Mucinex's first official fatality. Do these companies even test this stuff?


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

After given the Hepatitis B vaccine- I had sore throat, chills, body aches, fever, congestion, and was bedridden and couldn't

I've been getting real bad congestion like cold/flu around the time of my period for an unusual 3 months now. Never had that before.

I took mucinix dm almost a month ago..i now suffer severe nervousness anxiety.and also at 32 went from perfect

Is it safe to take Mucinex long-term? I've been taking it twice daily for over a year for Fibrmyalgia as recommended by Dr. St.

I took this pill Mucinex DM only 3 or 4 time for my sickness and one time i really had to pee nothing came out

I also needed to add the definite 'jittery' feeling was there, and some anxiety. But the MOST unpleasant aspect was not being able

I took Mucinex D (about four pills so far) and while the breathing was a little better, I mostly notice that I still have

Took Mucinex Fast-Max liquid cold and sinus. It immediately helped clear out my sinus problem, but I started to see blood in

I took Mucinex max strenght for cold and cough for at least 3 days: then I started having headache, dizziness , palpitations and

I took Mucinex DM maximum strenth. BIG Mistake! About 10 hours later I felt like I was going to pass out. I was

Also, if you have found any solutions, PLEASE don't hesitate to share them.. I would so appreciate it.

Is there anybody out there that hasn't felt the same since they took Mucinex DM?? Like for months afterward? What symptoms do you

I don't know of any way to help you, but what other side effects did you have? Is it still going on?

disoriented, dilated pupils, blurred vision, drooped left eye lid and swelling, numbness all left side of face, loss of

my pulse is still elevated! I can't believe this med can do this. I just about called ems too...I was that

After reading the reviews online, I will be returning the Mucinex DMV I just bought. I'm glad I read the reviews before

Took two Mucinex before going to bed. Woke up three hours later and rose to go the restroom. I didn't make it very

I have trouble urinating after taking Mucinex D. Other than that it works very well for me.

I had a terrible night. Very similar to the others posted here. I took the 12 hour pill around 7:30 last

Oh and if you guys are getting dizzy and what not I would reccomend taking a smaler dosage....common sense

All I have to say is works quite efficiently for what I need it to do thank you Mucinex, for helping me breathe like

I took Mucinex and about an hour later got really dizzy and it makes my pupils dilate. I also have the same reactions to

I had the same experience and I still feed odd after 3 weeks from taking it. I think we should file a class action

This medicine works wonders for chest congestion but I have had to adjust to only taking it during the day even though it does no

NEVER WILL I EVER AGAIN TAKE Mucinex. I woke up one morning to a little congestion and decided to take Mucinex for the

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