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I've been using Sensodyne for about a month, and my top gums feel like they're on fire.


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Near on tooth my gum looks like its been eaten away and now apears to have a canker sore near it.  My

am using melalite 15 from last 2 months... i had an average colour only, but not black. aftr using melalite

i have been using triole combination skin lite crem for  about m1 mont and my skin got fairer but after i mised using

i used eukroma for lyk more than 3 years,and fr last 2 years m not using it nd m facing hypperpigmentation prblem...

I used a cosmetic over the counter 2% hydroquiNone cream earlier this week, just once, and have experienced a severe reaction incuding redness,

even i had the problem,applied to my forehead and it had darkned there after discontinuation of hydroquiNone ? what to do .

dude, investigate in google: hydroquiNone cancer?, youll see, if u stop using or not, read that man, and stop using

after using HydroquiNone (which is precribed by doctor to remove discoloraton on my neck) become very darker and I don't know How to reverse 

i'm using one of cosmetic product for nearly 1 year. Now my skin become better. But if i stop using the night

I'm 15 and I'm planning to buy a whitening powder for my underarms. The seller said that the powder contains 2% of hydroqiNone.

My mom was using hydroquiNone for a while, but after reading about the side effects of the product she stopped using it. &

hello. I apply hydroquiNone and tretinoin lotion in hope of treating my pimples and to lighten my skin from acne scars, and I

I used it last night, put it on and let it dry, washed me face with just water, and woke up the

well first we need to know the percentage of HydroquiNone. It is never recommended to use hydroquinone over a period of 3 months.

hi..i am ablack female with medium/dark complexion and i've used hydroquiNone 4% with sunscreen for about 2 weeks and it made my

hi..i've been using hydroquiNone , tretinoin and mometasone furoate cream (melalite xl) as i have been suffering from hyperpigmentation....

Hiii I am 20 year old girl..I have been using HydroquiNone since 1 my skin has become darker &

Try Olay Definity products.

I am Dark in colour,but slightly light in complexion and I stay in Africa were there is lots of sun which I avoid,

My husband died of severe occlusive atherosclerosis and cardiomegaly.  He had been taken to the hospital and had a chest xray and

Starting taking ambien 10mg 4-5 years ago for insomnia. One yr later burning tongue started. Two yrs later burning pins &

I took Miralax for 2 weeks without any side effects. It softened my stool beautifully and I was regular. Then I switched to

<span style="">The above comment is too stupid, I actually LOLed at you Pete... lol you gave it 2 days

I started getting periods at the age of 13, it was always regular and would last for 5 days. However in

Hello to everyone s Above all do not want to scare or anything like that, but this is my story, and perhaps others

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