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I am 37 years old with 2 children. I have been experiencing lower pelvic pain that is not cramping but dull burning amp; aching. It worstens at night and I feel awful by morning but as I get up and walk around it subsides some. The pain also Can be in my lower rear when sitting for prolonged time. I've had a normal CT scan and ultrasound. Blood amp; urine work clear as well. I have been on flagyl for infections but that did not help. So the diagnosis is possible ibs but in general my stool habits are normal. I've had a normal colonoscopy as well. My GI doc has put me on Bentyl amp; Zantac and restricted diet but they do not relieve the night pain. Can ibs worsten at night? Any suggestions for relief would be a big help!


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I think that from now on I will not bombard you with emails. Your spells seems to be working in the most powerful way.

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just try to relax and put your mind on what is about to happen and enjoy yourself, i know is not easy but try

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hi im 29 yrs. still virgin.when i tired to have sex for the first boyfriend can`t put his penis

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Hi.... I am hoping someone can help me .... had a hysterectomy about 10 mos ago..

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Started 150mg, 2/day, year ago. Severe Pelvic Pain, gastric distress  blood in urine were primary side effects. Discovered eating high

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