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Extreme heartburn and abdominal pain.Even hurts to swallow salava.Strong odor when urinate.Angina ocassionally,and swelling of feet and legs.


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I have had diahrea, but i am on a lot of other medicine and didn't know if it was from Pradaxa or something else.

i've been on Pradaxa, 150 mg 2x daily, for a month. been having increased urinary frequency the past few days with less

Angela I had the painful heart burn too and it was unbearable. I have been on Pradaxa for about 45 days and was

<b>Describe Your Pradaxa Experience Here:</b>itching that last five minutes and goes away i have swelled knee pain also

yes, my father has sudden mental problems after taking Pradaxa, said he was seeing things and thought it was the pradaxa and his

I been taking Pradaxa for 14 days and have a severe rash, doctor to start warfarin again.

I have had almost continuous breathing difficulty since starting Pradaxa a few months ago. Asthma medication is ineffective, I am

I am going into my second week of taking the drug in the morning and at night around 10:30 am pm. I noticed in

Only been on Pradaxa one month, feel sick and nauseous with heartburn but been having problems passing urine(also burning feeling)and want to know if

started on Pradaxa about 3 weeks ago--after 1 week or so experienced rather severe pain in shoulder blades and muscle/joint pain all over--stopped for 2

I'm with you.....overnight, I developed gas as well!! Never had that problem before and now it's ongoing!

Have only been on Pradaxa for a few weeks -- felt terrible at first, ended up having projectile vomiting from 11:00 until 6:00 but

My Mother had rectal bleeding . told dr and was told to have colenospy.Did that and no sign of colen problems. I

My Mother was given Praxda and mutec for a-vib on aug 29, 2011 and she past away on Oct 28, 2011

Went from extremely firm stool in AM to point of hemrhoids to loose stools in PM daily. Had blood in urine and gums bleeding

i have been on Pradaxa for 2 months and feel warm all the time with coumadin was cool all the time is

How long does Pradaxa stay in your system after you stop taking it? I've experienced excessive coughing my dr. says is from indegstion,

I am the opposite. I have been on Pradax for 6 wks now (I am 44) due to pulmonary embolisms and I have gained

Just found out that to lessen this side effect its best to take Pradaxa in middle of morning and night meals! Keeping fingers and

My mum has been switched form Warfarin to Pradaxa and has severe heat burn. ( Been on it a month.) Never had

What's on your mind...can't sleep, tired a lot fuid retention

I am experiencing severe heartburn may i take tums ? i take Pradaxa 110 twice a day. asked by shosh-

I was on Pradaxa for five days and had a similar experience, very severe heartburn. I was afraid of having damaged my

Exactly whats happened to my Grandmother in Sacramento February! 7 months now after she nearly had zero blood left 2 times requiring intensive care

Wow I am amazed at the identical stories of elderly dying or being near death! they sound exactly as what has happened to my Grandmother (91) She

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