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Found this website after looking at Mayo clinic first. Wasn't satisfied there. Have been on pravastatin and lisinopril for approximately 3 months now. Being treated for high blood pressure. My skin itches every day and I can't stand my clothing touching me. I keep losing my train of thought and my muscles feel like I have been doing strenuous work and I'm so tired. Am also taking synthroid adjusted low dose because doctor said my thyroid might be causing my blood cholesterol to be high. I felt good until I started taking prescriptions for cholesterol. I tested blood pressure two days ago at Osco pharmacy machine after a hectic morning and it was 101 over 60.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Pravastatin caused an old injury to flare up.  my eye has swollen up, continuously drains and i'm unable to see much

been on Pravastatin for 3 weeks, and now have hives

I have allergies, food and environmental, so I didn't notice when it 1st started. The 20 mg wasn't working, so

I have been on Pravastatin 40 mg since June 2011. It started off ok but now I feel like I dont have any

I have been on 40mg for about 3 wks now, and I have been extremely tired and ache all over. I also

Having same problems while taking Louvistatin ... Doc said stop taking it and then put me on Pravistatin 10 mg...

Been on all statins. Same muscle pain side effects. Before I started Pravastatin, my doctor recommended take 100mg COQ-10 a few hours

That is how my problems started with this medication.

I was taking it and my left leg started having sever pain. I was hospitalized. Nothing help to take the pain away.

I started Pravastatin 1 month ago and just started having severe heel pain, more on the left side than the right, but on

I have been on Pravastatin for 6 weeks. I have severe abdominal pain, muscles ache, headache,joints ache,dizziness,fatigue,constipation and

I switched from Crestor to Pravastatin in order to save costs. Pravastatin kept my cholesterol count down, but I have developed minor muscle

Been taking this for a while now, suffering from Sleep Disturbance, Weakness when lifting things, Sexual problems and joint pain in the

<b>Describe Your Pravastatin Experience Here:</b> I have been on 20 mg since Jan. And have been having muscle pain

I've put up with horrible symptoms for the last five weeks including joint and muscle pain, bowel disturbances, bad sleep, weekness etc.

i have been taking Pravastatin 40 mg for years , it has lowered my cholestrol and i have not had any side effects ,

Did stopping the drug help? I am having the same issues after taking for only one month.

I have been taking it for only 10 days. The problems started on day 7. My body aches, very bad cramps in

I have been taking it for 1 year and have had no adverse effects.&nbsp; It has not lowered my LDL as much

Just started taking Prevastatin 1/18/11 and have began to feel really weak and also having sharp pain in my left wrist.&nbsp; I'm

pain in my left wrist. i am on 80 mg. i started out on 40 mg and had the same problem but didnt

I have terrible hand pain which is diagnosed as arthritis now and bursitis - both with rheumotoid basis.&nbsp; Have stopped the Pravatin

taking Pravastatin 6 weeks, and I am sick. Stomach pain heartburn diarreah, sore and weak mussles.. I am stopping today.

I am suffering from loss of memory and inability to draw out words in a conversation.&nbsp; Has any other person had these

I have been on Pravastatin for about 9 month.&nbsp; First at 20mg and the past 2months at 40 mg.&nbsp;

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