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Within the first 15 days on Ranexa, I began to have visual disturbances. I d/c'd the drug by order of another cardiologist and by day 20 my vision was 20/3600, legally blind bilaterally, and had quot;corneal chunksquot;. I remained this way while on heavy steroids and antibiotics. Vision now corrected to 20/50 at the best, I have lacrimal plugs to help with the drying, and cannot cry because Ranexa dried all of my tear glands and lubricating glands. Now, 1 year out, all of my dental fillings are falling out. Not sure if this is related or not. By the way, I am 46 years old and thought to be in perfect healt, and at the time had had 1 cardiac stent placed and complained of returning jaw pain. Placed on Ranexa for the jaw pain, not quot;last resort angina treatmentquot; as indicated. Was also placed on diltiazem. (contraindicated)


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I take both and have for several years. Ask your doctor.

I was on Isisorbide and switched to Ranexa a couple of weeks ago. I have began having angina pain again and want to ask

56 yr old female - 2 heart attacks.  I am having numerous bouts of dry throat/choking since starting Ranexa. 

68 year old female experienced tremors and tics after taking Ranexa, resulting in several falls and 2 hospitalizations.  Once the medication

sensation at the back of my tongue, slight throat swelling, flushing of the ears, a slight decrease in sexual drive, unpleasant

I was on Isisorbide and switched to Ranexa a couple of weeks ago. I have began having angina pain again and want to ask

Started Ranexa in Dec 2010. Within 2 weeks had honey colored urine in the AM and must force urine out. Also,

Started Renexa a week now, noticed a dry deep cough, slight nasal drip, darker honey colored urine and oddly my body had

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