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I am curious if anyone knows if your eye color can become more deep or change slightly? I have only been using it for about three weeks and it seems my green eyes are a different shade now


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I was prescribed Prilosec after I  an endoscopy that showed that I had a gastritis which was caused by Advil. I was

I was treated with Azasite for having congentivitis, Used the product for two weeks . No inprovement probably even worse. Tried it

Could you please cite exactly where you found the throat/swallowing side effect noted online. I cannot find it on the website for Restatis.

I have had horrible side effects from Restasis. not only do I feel nausea and have headaches---yesterday my BP went through the roof

I tiried Restasis one time, one drop in each eye..about An hour later I start experiencing eye blurring. Headache.stomach pain

Very disappointed in the fact that people will do almost anything for money...when you have a minor situation with a particular part

I have taken Restasis for about 7 weeks for watery eyes. About 4 weeks ago, I noticed a feeling of something in

I'vebeen using Restasis and have headaches in both eyes and top of my head. I get migraines, but this headache is unlike migraines

I used Restasis for a few weeks and developed hypertension, fatigue, as well as myalgia and arthralgia. Doctor did not think

i used Restasis for 1 month and i have pockets in my gums ...idid not know why since i'm going very

I 'm using Restasis for 1 month and i am experiencing anxiety since .Thank God for your comments ...this

Opthomologists deny they've heard of headache being a symptom of Restatis. I have been using it for a year and still get headaches.

I have hair loss and wonder if it could be related to my 2 year use of Restasis.

I've been using restatsis for about 3 weeks. I'm 48, wear contacts, and my dry eyes make it difficult to see

I usually never have headaches and started getting them 2 days after I started using Restasis. So far my eyes are still dry but

I've been using restatsis about 6 weeks and have had a migraine every day for 10 days. I just called my doctor and got

After increasing the dose to twice daly in both eyes, I experienced a persistent "headache" in my right temple that was much worse when

I've been on Restasis for about five years. I had a EKG done in 2005 and everything was cool, the EKG I had

I've been on Restasis for about 2 months and during this time have had constant stomach problems...similar to acid reflux.

Forgot to add, Freshkote is an eye drop. I can't say enough about this miracle drop. You'll notice a huge

Absolutely! Try Freshkote, it is a prescription, costs about $30 but worth every penny. I used Restasis with very little

After 2 months of headaches, sinus pressure, and fatigue, I'm calling it quits! SOOOO disappointed!

I just started using Restasis a week ago and have noticed that my blood pressure is rising. Today I could not stand the

I tried it and the first time I used it about ! hour later I felt nauseated and then vomited. I waited a day or

My husband started using Restasis several weeks ago and the past week he has been concerned because his heart is skipping every other beat.

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