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My 30% of gum erosion causes from Sensodyne. I had never ever gum problem before. Last four years, I have been using the Sensodyne with out any worry. That cause a big impact on my teeth. Four of my teeth got more than 50% gum erosion. Two teeth are extracted. Don't try sensodyne, Don't get experience like as me. Please use plan tooth paste, no more sensodyne.


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I've been using Sensodyne for about a month, and my top gums feel like they're on fire.

I used the toothpaste for 3 days end of the day i was at the er with the right side of my face num still

Been using Sensodyne for years for sensitive teeth. Occasionally switched brands. New tube of Sensodyne Full Pro Protection plus Whitening 3 weeks ago.

Sore patches on both sides of my tongue. Thought Sensodyne was sls free? Seeing specialist mon. Now using natural toothpaste.

I have been on blood pressure medication for years. A few months after beginning to use Sensodyne, I began having fainting spells.

I have been using Pronamel for about a year now.  Recently I have noticed that every time I brush my teeth my

I have used Sensodyne for the past 4 months and have switched toothpaste as of 2 weeks ago. Since then I have been experiencing

I've been using Sensodyne whitening for about 3 weeks now. The second day of use I developed pain and bleeding of the gum

My third day using Sensodyne was already a nightmare. Headache, gum sensitivity, teet sensitivity, tong irritation, actually a mouth ulcer.

I used this product for about a week and a half after being given small tubes by my dentist. Almost immediately I got

I had a very bad experience....I now have a dry, numb mouth, teeth and lips...I stopped

also interesting is that I've been adding more sugar to my coffee/tea over the last year. I couldn't understand why I am not

Hmmm.. this is all very interesting. I've been using Sensodyne moreso over the last 2 years whereas before I used to

I had scaling and planing and several cavities filled over two weeks and 5 appointments. Fillings included 5 on the lower left and 1

I've used Sensodyne toothpaste for approximately a month on the recommendation of my dentist. I first noticed swelling of my lips and tongue and a

My wife and I have been using Sensodyne toothpaste for over 10 years. it works great in desensitizing the sensitive areas of our teeth.

I am also experiencing problems with gum and possibly tooth sensitivity since using this product. Before using the product I did not have sensitive

I used Sensodyne one time when I took the sample-size tube my dentist gave me on an overnight trip. I don't have sensitive

I used Pronamel only once and had tingly/ numbness in cheeks, chin and lips, as well as tongue. Have noticed loss

I had been using Sensodyne for over a year bought from Costco. I had experienced dry mouth for about nine months. I had

A few years ago I started having heart flutters, underwent 8 months of hospital tests and no cause, stopped taken Sensodyne and two

i was using colgate before and never had a problem.... when i started using Sensodyne.... my teeth

The first thing one must do is look up the ingredients of the products you are using. Sensodyne F contains Potassium nitrate (5%)

The life of the 60 years old product has ended on august 2011, damn it! Try Tom's toothpastes or your dentist for a 20

I have been using Sensodyne original for years. I haven't noticed any side effects. My question is where can I buy the original

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