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Hi Sandra~ Did stopping Seretide reduce your anxiety and panic? I also feel anxious on this, kinda shaky, and am SO thirsty and dehydrated all the time, and have only taken it for just over a week... I think I have also put on a few lb of weight this week!


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

used Seretide for 1 week severe tooth sensitivty experienced 38 years old no other medications stopping immediately was using medication once a day only and

Seretide Diskus has steroids. And thats what my mind buzz. Because it has steroids, i had stopped using it. So i

Can Flixonase nasal spray, or Seretide oral spray -  Increase pottasium level, What action should i take.


taking Seretide sue to severe reciurring flu etc. extreme bad hoarse throat resulting in being hardly able to speak. I am flushing my

mine ive been using Seretide for just one week now...because of suspicious also hyperthyroid...but in my

I had teenage onset asthma and had to use Seretide back then; in my early 20s (I am now 30) I literally stopped using

i had suffering asthma since abaut 15 years. but since use Seretide inhaler i am feeling more better. bu

I still get chest infections eventhough I inhale Seretide diskus 250 twice daily

i gained weight taking cipralex but now that I have stopped have not lost weight-I also used Seretide diskus twice a day-does that cause weight gain or

After use of Seretide 5 months I get myocardii infarct. I am 63 old man, and I never be ill in past.

I think I have too high a dose (500) - esp as this is the first medication I have had for what is presumed to

Been on Seretide for 4 years 125mg 1 puff per day just before bed. For 2.5 years I've been suffering with pain just

I have chest pain. I use Seretide 3 monts 2x daily a 500 mcg. What can I do

It makes brathing easier, but about a month ago i wke to a awful sensation ive never known before panic which passed quickly,

i have been taking seritide since December and am convinced it is cause me to have panic attacks /anxiety I have stopped taking Seritide since

After taking Seretide, 9 yr old also complains of stuff stuck in the throat and finding it hard to breath. (As well as

9 yr old son put on Seretide. Psychotic nightmares from day 2. Waking up very distressed. Shakes. fits. Saying "Help

Took myself off Seretide for 3 weeks. Back on 48 hours ago - 2 lots of nose-bleeds & hoarse voice again.

severe panic attacks: i took Seretide 250 for 2 years and during that period i started having panic attacks. first these were mild,

breathing easier but acid indigestion and reflux. Cramp. I stopped taking the Seretide evohaler and the terrible acid continued but got easier.

Hi, I replied previously but accidentally deleted it when I tried to edit. So here goes a second time. Vitamin A with

i know that doctors knows best but most of the time they treat for immediate relief. especially in kids steriods should not be recommended

hi peter, yes i have experienced everything u mentioned. i am presently on symbicort and have felt the negative effects of this drug.

Hi, Has anyone else had these side effects? I have tried Becotide, Seretide and one other. Every time I only lasted approximately

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