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I took yesterday seroxat cr 12.5 mg the reason was mild depression and anxiety.. now I feel nausia and I vomit I cant eat and there is difficulty in sleeping..


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Hi, my name is Tracy I was on Seroxat for over 10yrs and after having suicidal thoughts eventually ended up in hospital. Realising

Patient was treated with Seroxat up to 80mg per 24 hours in conjunction with Zopiclone up to 7.5 mg 24 hrs for 5 months.

I was taking saroxat for 10 years and had to stop taking them because I got achalasia and it was burning my throat.Sinse I

I became depressed but wasnt suicidal , but after taking Seroxat I started to become enraged and confused ,had constant thoughts of killing

<b>Describe Your Seroxat Experience Here:</b>Stomach and wierd vision and feeling tired

Hi doctor , good morning My aunt is taking a Seroxat 20 mg now being 25 days and she is asking if

if one is on diet ...then still do u gain weight while taking this tablet?

taking the the tablets no problems ,if i missed one no after effects felt great. now the doc has taken me off them

Hi Linda I know how your mam feels Have had my dose increased and the side effects are arwful.

I have had my dose increased from 20mg to 30mg and am feeling restless and very uneasy. This was done three weeks ago. My partner

My mom is on Seroxat 20 mg per day in the morning since 2 weeks. In the mornign she feels very bad, restless,

I just had my first dose of Seroxat this morning (8am), and until now (9pm) i'm still dizzy and i have this feeling that

I've been on  Seroxat 20 mg for years and I seem to have the same symptoms as you apart from the thought of

I have been using Seroxate from last three years and find it as a medicine of life supporting. I have been feeling well to

i wish i could get off Seroxate ,i feel like my head is going to explode most of the time and if i miss

am linzi  from west yorkshire aged 42 av been on them 5 years reason was depression and anxiety attacks. they did give

i started soeroxat lastnight i fealt sick dizzy unbalenced went to bed early and didnt sleep all night and woke with a poorly tummy.

I feel tired all the time and i dream weird dreams ,feel sleepy all the day.

I have been on Seroxat for 10 years, trying to come off but the dizziness is bad. Gong from 10mg to 9.5mg.

i am on saroxat for 6 years and i find i talk fast and shout more i feel i want to do everything at once

<span style="">Is it true that a good medicine to treat the problem of premature ejaculation??</span>

I took Seroxat for three years. The drug made me suicidal, violent and I did'nt care who I hurt. Coming off the

I've been on Seroxat for 14yrs, It saved my life, but now I want to come off it and I'm really scared,

I also agree with Adrian regarding violence. I became violent too. This never happened before or after I stopped taking the drug.

I took Seroxat for about 12 months in 2003-2004 for panic attacks and depression. Seroxat stopped me feeling any sort of emmotion whatsoever.

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