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It would help if you guys stated if you're taking Plus or Max. I think you all know that both of those medications contain Codeine. Codeine is also known as 3 Methyl Morphine. About 10% of Codeine gets transformed to Morphine in vivo (inside your body). That is the reason some of you appear to be addicted, especially the ones who exceed the recommended dose, and do not discontinue Solpadeine after a period of 3 days. Although Codeine isn't THAT addictive, your addiction (jojo) may stem from what I have mentioned (taking it for too long/exceeding the recommended dose). As for anne, I assure you that you are, to a certain degree, addicted. You should NOT be afraid to seek medical attention. I implore you to do that. Go to a nearby emergency center or clinic, tell them about your habit, what you've done, and seek help immediately. You know that Solpadeine contains Paracetamol, and taking more than the recommended dose of Paracetamol (also known as Acetaminophen) carries a high risk of liver damage. Acetaminophen liver damage has the highest percentage of liver damage in America. Terry54, although this isn't my field by any means, I do not believe Solpadeine can cause nerve damage that severe. Anyway, didn't you say that your condition is heriditary? Regardless, seek help lest I be wrong, and because I think your case requires immediate attention. Everyone, I will reiterate. Frequent abuse of Acetaminophen, and Codeine can cause serious problems, one of which is dependance and seeking harder drugs (since Codeine is an opiate, you would seek Morphine, Methadone, Heroin..etc. I implore you to seek help before reaching this ungodly state). Liver damage is another absolute concern (Acetaminophen). This is just the tip of the iceberg, especially since Codein abuse is a real reason for concern. Please take what I said with some amount of seriousness. Regards.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

i was addictied to Solpadeine since i was eighteen and taking 8 a day till 4 months ago im 31 know i have given my

Just wondering could it cause misscarriage? Have 3 kids trying for a girl . Now i see blood even though i tested pregnant a

i am 18 and i take 6 to 8 tables of Solpadeine once per month for the period this dose can

heyyy.. i i currently taking 2 tablets per day for my headache and i have been feeling that my heart is racing and it

I have been addicted to Solpadeine for years and have taken 8 per day. My blood pressure is through the roof and the

;) been on Solpadeine years takeing 12 a day ,i get pins and needles,back pain ,i think im going to die

hi, im kath. and im 15. and i 'got' some Solpadeine pills/tablets. and i was wondering. yenno the powder inside

Addicted too taking 10 max at once sometimes!

i took an overdose of Solpadeine (capsules) 2 nights ago, went into hospital 3 hours after taking them as i vomited, felt really

I took Solpadeine last night for a headache and I had nightmares all night..side effect?

  from jeddah 30 yrs  old,i take Solpadeine  last few month, because  i can 't

<em>can Solpadeine cause chest tightness and sweating of palms took 4 in 3 hrs</em>

i stopped taking them then i started again now i want to stop again

Im still of them its the 1st of nov '2010, if i can do it anyone can. I still miss the habit of

hey im eight days off them, feeling ok, so there is hope! stomach a bit worse for wear but hey i'll get there.

I lowered my dose until three days ago, im off them now 3 days. Feel like shite pain in my head all day

There's no "coming off" Solpadeine "safely" since the Codein dosage is low and has little chance of getting you addicted if you used it as

Ive being taken Solpadeine for 4 yrs now cant get off them. Now in ireland u cant get them over the counter. Im

i have been taking solpadiene for about 25 years on a daily basis, sometimes more than the maximum dose. i went to my

i no the story strung out about 3 years ,i no alot of people to ,my ex boss.i gave

I have benn taking Solpadeine for many years for headaches, back pain and as a crutch. I have been treated for high blood

i felt slugish but this wonder drug really brought me back from the brink, the only problem is im know an addict my name

Got pain relief, I will monitor situation closer, I am taking cardura and emcor for blood pressure. I forgot to ask locum

felt very cold ns dizzy abt 1hr after taken them had the shakes

I take two solapdeine each night and don't exceed this. i do not have side effects and find it is the only painkiller that

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