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I've been on it for 9 months. I weighed at the beginning 125 and had a body fat of 24. I now weigh 130 I have the same body fat percentage. While I have increased muscle mass, I eat well work out, have increased cardio amp; workouts, I'm sad that the only way that I can decrease my body fat is to eat less amp; be hungry always. So of course I can get leaner but cannot stay there. Too painful. It has increased my recovery time from workouts but I'm thinking of going off of it since I am able to control my weight the same as with it or without it.. I am wondering if others do not get leaned out on his product.. I started it because I was so deficient that I had to recover for weeks most time between workouts and had trouble functioning in my. Life. So that is superior now. I thought it would help with fat loss but it does not for me


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