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Spiriva worked wonders for my breathing but, after about 4 months of increasing leg and bone pain, terrible muscle cramps I decided to check on the side effects of it. Well guess what all of these and more were considered side effects of the drug. Wish one of the Dr. I saw in the 4 months had figured it out and maybe I would have been spared the pain and money it cost me during the last few months. I also had cataract surgury during this time and was very surprised that that was a problem since I have regular eye dr. visits and had been to get new glasses within the last 1 1/2 years. I stopped using the drug 7 days ago and am already having less and less pain in my legs daily. I am afraid to try any of the newer drugs now for fear of same results.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

copd the more i used it the more blood i coughed up.

have taken Spiriva for 18 months -have gain 20 lbs-always bloated-tired-hair loss-retain fluid so on,so on, doc said my choice was to breathe

Went to the pumonary doctor and he put me on Spriva. First he gave me a 10 day sample box. I'm

Spiriva has really helped my asthma and COPD. Unfortunately, my BUN creatinine level is 1.3 which is borderline kidney function

judy, feel your pain. i tried Spiriva twice in 1 month and my breathing was worse. now, i've been off for

Have been on Spiriva for 7 years. Have always dry eyes, mild urinary issues etc. Three years ago developed neuropathy, Dr.

Skin burning that lasted for a couple of months, comes back occasionally, some burning when urinating, severe reflux, and,

I've been on Spiriva for 5 months now. It has helped my shortness of breath, but I've gained 13 lbs and I

C.onstipation terribly. Agitation, depression. It may be opening my lungs for better breathing (not sure), oh!, and

On it for 5 days and now have a raging UTI. Doesn't seem to be helping my breathing either.

Hi Cindy, What I've found is that I need to rinse my mouth with warm water after using either Symbicort or Spiriva. You

I've been on Spiriva several years and not sure if it helps. I mainly have asthma (as a part of emphysema and copd,

difficulty urinating.  Doctor did not mention this as a possible side effect.  I got a uti 

Well I have only been taking sprivia for around 3 days now and my skin in normally darker than most people because I come from

Noticing a cough since I started Spiriva.  Has anyone else had this experience?

A crusty rash appeared on the back calves or both legs. This was after the second dose of Spiriva.

I was told the same thing even tho my chest xray was normal and commenced on the same meds as you. I now have

I was diagnosed with COPD in November of  2010. Was a smoker for over 50 years. Quit smoking the same day

I have only taken Spiriva for 6 months but i already have side effects.  My eyes are  always itching,

I would be very interested in "how" the Spiriva killed your mom. I'm afraid it might kill me. I am having severe side

Now that you mention it... my hair has thinned quite much since I have been on Spiriva. I didn't make a

I am experiencing same  problem as CarolAnn (I have not saved the "duds"), but I do think the Company should reimburse users

I have taken Spiriva for about 2 years and recently had an increase in leg pain, muscle spasms, chronic dry eye, diarrhea,

Took Advair and Spiriva for six months.  Got symptoms of bladder infection so went to the clinic and had test. 

Has anyone experienced hair thinning while on Spiriva?

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