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I don't care what a doctor says ..if your on this drug for any more than 6 weeks it is not being prescribed properly should be used as a taper from full agonists ..NOT as a maintenence drug like methadone..after 6 weeks you should be in some type of support group like NA or something of that nature ..also you should never need anymore than 8mgs a day , even thats too much, I was taking 400mgs of oxycontin per day and during my induction to suboxone I was stable at 3mg . This is a powerfull medication and doctors overprescribe it evry day.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

My experience thus far has been extraordinary. The hardest part was getting clean before the firsdt shot, my doctor had me take my


While being treated for a chronic pain syndrome (severe burning pain from spasms of the muscles of the pelvic floor), I was prescribed Suboxone

thats not the opana, its the withdrawal, you either took Suboxone prior to the opana, or u were off the opana for

Ive been on subutex for 1 yr and i too suffer from insomnia but thanks to 6 mgs of subutex a day i am

I have been addicted to solpadeine for years and have taken 8 per day. My blood pressure is through the roof and the

Dont know if i have one .just wanna avoid the situation... I injected cocaine, (or was it crystalmeth, you

Suboxone helped me get rid of the opiate cravings. I stopped using it for awhile, and about three weeks later decided to start

My side effects are swelling hands feet and legs anxiety.. Also having itching really bad and everywhere I itch I swell ridiculously..

I am having the same symptoms and my doctor put me on a diuretic and it made it go away but sometimes it comes back

Dull headache and pulse rate is around 50 instead of 65. Otherwise not to bad,but I am early in treatment

Here are some pictures of what Suboxone did to my legs. You'll notice the normal pictures. I was so scared and had know

I have experienced many side effects that my doctor said had nothing to do with Suboxone.I've been taking it for 5 months. I

i was on Suboxone for a 1yr and 8 mos. i was only taking about 1 mg a day. i had 5-6 pain

they can perscribe anything they would usually give for pain. they dont like to perscribe to Suboxone patients because they tend to abuse but

I have been having kidney trouble, glomerulonephritis to be specific, it was an effect from remicade infusions but i am worried the Suboxone

Ok so basically I've been taking Suboxone about 3 months and it has helped me a lot but I started getting very bad migraines on

what happens if you get hurt badly. your on 2 strips per day. and you need more to control your pain? what can

Yes .I have been on it for 6 days only and my knees cramp so bad i cant stand it .i'm not sure

I had extreme swelling to my legs and abdomen. Not just a weight gain issue because it was pitting pedal edema up to mid

yea it will but what are you talking about weed withdrawals ? Suboxone is for opioid withdrawal of course you will be sick duh

does it mean my mild acne that i'm starting to get could be from Suboxone?

I am taking Suboxone and have had constipation, fatigue and very bad chills and sweats at night. Even during the da

sick as hell .. i will never take another pill again! i just want off of everything!

This is in addition to the previous post. It looks like the makers of the drug are saying that Suboxone does NOT

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