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I was in a clinical trial for this drug. I was 65 yrs. old at the time. I had had psoriasis for about 40 years. It progressed from mild to severe and had been severe for about twenty years. At the time of trial it covered more than 25% of my body. I had been treated with most steroidal applications, UVA and UVB treatments, baths containing various treatments etc. with little success. At first the shots had no effect (I assume I was in the placebo sample) after the original period ( I assume I was then put on the real drug) my Psoriasis cleared up almost completely within two weeks of my shot and remained clear for about six months. At this time I was diagnosed with colon cancer and was pulled off the study. I underwent surgery, chemo and radiation successfully and have not had a recurrence in three years. I have had small polyps removed during the course of regular colonoscopies to ensure that the cancer was not returning. My doctors still don't want me to resume taking the drug because it works on the immune system and could make me more susceptible to cancer. My psoriasis has returned with a vengeance and I would like to use the drug again. My question is this. Is colon cancer a fast growing malignancy? Would it be safe to use the drug if I was being monitored with annual colonoscopies to ensure that I was not developing cancer as a result of the use? The drug was so effective when I was using it , I think I have been as traumatized by not being able to use it and the attendant return of my psoriasis as I was by the colon cancer itself.


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