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I've been taking Zeldox apporox 2 months.Ihave terribble ainsomnia, which makes it difficult to keep working 12 hour days.If l stop taing ia l have the most horredous feeling of trembling or shaking and just feel like l'm about to explode with anxiety and aggression and aggitation.l hate it.l will drop back from 80mg,to 60,then to 40.Then speak to my Psychiatrist about Lamictal,which can also cause insomnia so l'm told.Lucky me.Not


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I've been on Zeldox for 9 months and about a month ago I started get severe panic attacks for no reason that I could see

Anxiety and panic attacks are so bad I don't want to see anyone - just staying home - This is unbearable.

I've been taking Zeldox for about a month now, so it might be a little early for me to be experiencing some of the

I've been getting severe anxiety attacks after being on Zeldox. Anybody witnessing this, too?

I've been on Zeldox for over a month now and at first, it was working great. My moods were leveled and I was

I look at these meds and their side effects like being on chemotheropy...You get the nausea,vomiting,diarea,dizzy spells and

i am taking it with parnate. i feel tired and sleepy all the time. also noticed a craving for sweets so some weight

nOTHING GOOD HAS COME FROM MY TAKING zALDOX -- i HAVE been on it for over 6 months and I have fainted, threw-up,

I had a massive reaction to the Zeldox medication I actually had a Dystonia which I nearly choked from not breathing and that was last

Seems like Hank is bitter that Zeldox isn't helping him :-D

I've been taking Zeldox foe 2 weeks and had symton of severe itching ,getting bruises for no reason, and it bothrerd my heart,

it's always a pleasure to bitch about medication. It helps but it's expensive, sometimes I think it's too strong too. It depends

Hello, I am updating my review. Ive been on Zeldox for two months now and I prefer it much more than Zyprexa.

hello im taking 80mg Zeldox in the evening and lithium recently i have trouble speaking and when i do speak its like a child im

4 showers a day is not good for your skin or health, only shower once a day or twice if you really need to.

A good medication for anxiety is xanax. It works on you're brain and not so much on you're body. ;)

24 started it 2 weeks ago, and it seems really good...

tell your doctor youve got akathisia...he'll fix that

I read all the comments and I feel like you peoples are all a bunch of cry-baby... No medication is perfect,

was believing my neighboors were trying to kill me not help me.

I take 200mg daily ! I was smoking pot before and had toxic psychosis. I was believing my neighboors were trying to help me.

Yeah I definitely had that side-effect when taking the drug. Usually happened 1-2 hours after taking one of my two 60mg daily doses,

Ever since I've been on Zeldox, I've been doing absolutely nothing. That seems to be the problem. I have been taking 4

i take 80 mg of Zeldox 2 times a day. i have these episodes where i am so tired it feels like i am

 Thankyou for witing out this article I have been on 120mgs of Zeldox since November 2010 at first it seemed to work and

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