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Reporting Your Simvistatin Side Effect can play a very important role by raising awareness for other simvistatin users and can help identify an unknown side effect and inform other users and health care professionals. If you think you may have a medical emergency due to a serious side effect, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

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Mustle And Leg Pains (11)
Mustle (11)
Bloating (11)
Leg Pains (9)
Muscle Cramps (6)
Muscle Pain (5)
Loose Bowels (5)
Shoulder Pain (4)
Feeling Tired After Exercise (4)
Mustle Leg Pains (4)
Vision (3)
Shoulder Pain,feeling Tired After Exercise,muscle Pain, (2)
Throat Spasms – Chocking (1)
Sweating (1)
Itching (1)
Rising Bilurubin (1)

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