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Dehydration research study

What is the primary objective of this study?

The purpose of this study is to examine and compare the rehydration effect of Essentia Water, an electrolyzed high-pH bottled water, with industry-standard bottled water purified by reverse osmosis with minerals added, on (1) whole blood viscosity, (2) plasma osmolality, (3) bioelectrical impedance analysis, and (4) body mass change, using serial measurements in apparently healthy adults following exercise-induced dehydration in a controlled environment.

Who is eligible to participate?

Inclusion Criteria: - Free from any medication for at least 1 week prior to the study Exclusion Criteria: - Any chronic condition requiring regular treatment or medical follow-up - Bleeding disorder or susceptible to prolonged or uncontrolled bleeding - Active infection - Current smoker - Subject has a BMI equal or greater than 30 - Use of oral contraceptives in the previous 3 months - Subject is pregnant or breast-feeding - Currently menstruating

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Study Interventions

Interventions can include giving participants drugs, medical devices, procedures, vaccines, and other products that are either investigational or already available or noninvasive approaches such as surveys, education, and interviews.

Other:Essentia Water

Other:Bottled water

Study Arms

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Essentia WaterEssentia Water, electrolyzed high-pH water

Bottled WaterPurified bottle water

Study Status


Start Date: April 2014

Completed Date: July 2014

Phase: N/A

Type: Interventional


Primary Outcome: Change in whole blood viscosity from dehydrated state

Secondary Outcome: Change in whole blood viscosity from dehydrated state

Study sponsors, principal investigator, and references

Principal Investigator: Gregory Fridman, PhD

Lead Sponsor: Essentia Water, LLC

Collaborator: Health Onvector Inc.

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