Dementia With Lewy Bodies | Imaging of Vesicular Acetylcholine and Dopamine Transporters in Dementia With Lewy Bodies

Dementia With Lewy Bodies research study

What is the primary objective of this study?

The general aim of this research project is to determine the relationships between alterations of central cholinergic (ACh) and dopaminergic (DA) systems and neurobehavioral features of dementias with Lewy bodies (DLB). Both clinical and neurochemical data support the view that DLB is not a homogeneous entity and it can be hypothesized that differential alterations of central ACh systems (i.e. anterior vs posterior vs striatal interneurons) in association or not with a DA nigrostriatal dysfunction could partly support the clinical heterogeneity observed in this disease. ACh in vivo imaging has been relatively underutilized to date and to our knowledge only on the postsynaptic side. Furthermore, ACh/DA interactions and their relationships with the symptomatology of DLB and related pathologies (PDD) had never been investigated.

Who is eligible to participate?

Inclusion Criteria: - Patients: man or woman probable DLB, with and without extrapyramida syndrome - Healthy subjects: man or woman with no neuropsychiatric disorders Exclusion Criteria: - Diagnostic or therapeutic irradiation during the 12 months before SPECT imaging - Age less than 18 and more than 90 - Iodine sensibility - Brain-vascular disease, severe brain injury, type I and II diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction, chronic alcoholism - Pregnant and breast feeding women, women in age to procreate - Impossibility to undergo MRI study (pace-maker, claustrophobia) - Persons under guardianship, outside state to express their assent or in emergency situation - Healthy subjects: cognitive impairment, dementia

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Dementia With Lewy Bodies

Study Interventions

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Other:Imaging with IBVMin vivo molecular imaging of presynaptic molecular target of cholinergic systems with [123I]-iodobenzovesamicol

Other:Imaging with DATSCANin vivo molecular imaging of presynaptic molecular target of dopaminergic systems (DAT) with DATSCAN

Behavioral:neuropsychological evaluationneuropsychological evaluation using neuropsychological tests

Study Arms

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DLB with extrapyramidal syndromepatients dementia with Lewy bodies with extrapyramidal syndrome

DLB without extrapyramidal syndromepatients dementia with Lewy bodies without extrapyramidal syndrome

healthy volunteershealthy volunteers

Study Status


Start Date: May 2009

Completed Date: October 2013

Phase: N/A

Type: Interventional


Primary Outcome: Binding Potential (BP) quantification of each radioligand

Secondary Outcome: Ratio dopaminergic system/cholinergic system Binding Potential

Study sponsors, principal investigator, and references

Principal Investigator: Michèle ALLARD, Pr

Lead Sponsor: University Hospital, Bordeaux


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