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Cervicogenic Headache research study

What is the primary objective of this study?

This study will investigate the effect of chiropractic treatment with and without the use of an acupressure pillow for cervical headaches. Subjects will be randomly allocated to groups with and without the pillow and will be followed for five weeks. The primary outcome measure will be headache frequency. The investigators predict that the group using the pillow on a daily basis will demonstrate significantly greater decrease in headache frequency over a 5-week interval.

Who is eligible to participate?

Inclusion Criteria: - males and females - ages 21-60 - recurrent headaches - sub-occipital tenderness - a minimum of 4 headaches per month Exclusion Criteria: - migraine with aura - sinus headache - any other organic pathology - any contraindications to cervical manipulation

Which medical condition, disease, disorder, syndrome, illness, or injury is researched?

Cervicogenic Headache

Tension-type Headache

Migraine Headache

Study Interventions

Interventions can include giving participants drugs, medical devices, procedures, vaccines, and other products that are either investigational or already available or noninvasive approaches such as surveys, education, and interviews.

Other:chiropractic treatment12 sessions over 4 weeks

Device:Dr. Zaxx pillowDaily use of an acupressure pillow

Study Arms

Research studies and clinical trials typically have two or more research arms. An arm is a group of people who receive the same treatment in the study.

Chiropracticspinal manipulation, mobilization, massage, advice, exercises

Chiropractic PLUS pillowspinal manipulation, mobilization, massage, advice, exercises, pillow

Study Status

Unknown status

Start Date: January 2012

Completed Date: November 2012

Phase: Phase 2/Phase 3

Type: Interventional


Primary Outcome: Headache frequency from a Headache Diary

Secondary Outcome: Headache disability

Study sponsors, principal investigator, and references

Principal Investigator:

Lead Sponsor: Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Collaborator: Dr. Zaxx Co.

More information:

Vernon H, Jansz G, Goldsmith CH, McDermaid C. A randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial of chiropractic and medical prophylactic treatment of adults with tension-type headache: results from a stopped trial. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2009 Jun;32(5):344-51. doi: 10.1016/j.jmpt.2009.04.004. Erratum in: J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2009 Nov-Dec;32(9):804.

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