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Side Effect ReportDate Submitted
Muscle, ligament, and tendon pain, not bone2228-11-11
Severe muscle and bone pain in my back. Headache f2209-05-24
pretty severe nausea2209-04-13
Within one week, I began to experience mild/dull p2209-01-18
Rise in blood sugar count2110-08-21
Fatigue Change in Mentrual Cycle (30 days straigh2102-03-01
metallic taste in mouth same afternoon and followi2100-06-20
Dizziness Nausea Lack of Coordination2090-11-07
sever acne localized in the back2023-06-18
Muscular pain, headache2023-01-17
copd exacerbation, minor ear infection and minor u2018-08-11
A hangover effect with thick head, vague muscular 2017-02-24
Sore Throat2016-11-19
nausea, rashes, can\'t sleep, skin braking out lik2016-09-05
Sores on the inside of both lips, sores under eith2016-08-18
Extreme anxiety and reverting to old symptoms and 2016-08-16
Used Kanka for a canker sore for 1.5 days and noti2016-06-02
Painful swollen lips that has been chronic up to t2016-05-25
Nausia Ulcer Headaches2016-05-16
Sleeplessness, serious dizziness(even fainting) an2016-05-12
Nausea, Vomitting, face goes red in colour and fee2016-04-12
sleeplessness, nausea, abdominal pain, disorientat2016-01-26
Osteoporosis, and pain in joints and back2016-01-26
Vomiting, hiccups lasting over an hour. Had to go 2016-01-17
nasal buring, sinus pain2016-01-14
Diarrhea 2016-01-11
Diarrhea 2016-01-06
Increased heart rate (144bpm at highest), sleeples2016-01-01
Extreme fatigue, swollen tongue and inside of chee2015-12-26
severe burning in vagina, swollen itchy eyes, lid2015-11-26
headache and tiredness2015-11-22
headache and tiredness2015-11-22
Urinary Tract Infections2015-11-15
aggression, anxiety, difficulty making decisions2015-11-09
nasty upset burning stomach pains diahrheia2015-11-03
Crohn's disease inflammatory pain in lower pelvic 2015-10-28
Nausea, vomiting2015-10-22
Neuropathic pain in feet, Burning and numbness2015-10-15
Diarrhea very severe, pain in intestines and vagin2015-10-08
Sleeplessness, Nausea, indigestion and little pain2015-10-01
Sleeplessness, Nausea, indigestion and little pain2015-10-01
Sudden mood change, irritability, crying or gettin2015-09-29
Loss of taste for three days after using toothpast2015-09-22
Fainting, drowsiness, chest tightness, difficultly2015-09-18
feeling very dizzy and almost blacking out when st2015-09-02
Fatigue, trouble sleeping, chest pains2015-09-02
dry mouth & chaped lips.2015-09-01
Blood in stool required colonoscopy to investigate2015-08-31
weakness\tiredness faint potential lost of consc2015-08-28
began having episodes of severe dizziness2015-08-27
Burning, stinging, itching, extreme sensitivity, w2015-08-10
Severe fatigue to point of being immobile, nausea2015-08-03
I have been using the Colgate Total and for the la2015-08-01
fever,sleeplessness, burns on my surgical prep sit2015-07-31
Extreme echoing in right ear following TB skin tes2015-07-31
Dystonia (muscle spasms in face, tongue, throat, e2015-07-10
sleeplessness, loss of appetite, nausea, muscle ac2015-06-23
Lip swelling 2015-06-01
Grotesque skin rash on neck under left armpit down2015-05-20
Orthostatic hypotension & dizziness2015-05-05
deep muscle pain-very painful, nausea, feel dizzy,2015-05-03
lower back pain, upper shoulder and neck pain.2015-05-01
Extreme tremors, tiredness, numbness in fingers, i2015-04-15
Nausea, diarrhea, dizziness.2015-04-01
Severe hypertension, fatigue,sleeplessness, diarea2015-03-30
filling week entire body pain filling gases2015-03-29
Severe nausea, vomiting and weight loss of 4 lbs. 2015-03-09
Had eye pressure exam with eye numbing drops. Appr2015-03-03
pain at injection site and numbness around area of2015-03-01
tremor, rise of blood pressure, cold sweat, halluc2015-02-23
Swollen knees2015-02-19
I swallowed 12 squirts of Triclosan, can't and don2015-02-16
swollen ankles and legs, severe pain in legs2015-01-28
Fever, vomiting, insomnia, itching of the nose and2015-01-15
miosis, nausea, disorientation, fainting, anxiety2015-01-14
Uterine hyperstimulation2014-12-28
General weight loss, lethargy, vomiting, beginning2014-12-23
Thermal burn of the mouth, pain to gums and teeth,2014-12-01
First day of INFLUENZA (FLUZONE) and first time va2014-11-19
Vertigo, fatigue, depression.2014-11-10
abdominal pain, upset stomach, acid reflux, diarrh2014-11-01
teeth pain2014-09-17
Muscle Fatigue losing wieght2014-06-25
severe abdominal pain and cramps sweating nausea2014-05-02
Started developing a rash in my groin area while t2014-04-22
Fatigue Sweating neuropathy2014-04-08
After I take this medication, I have severe pain i2014-04-02
Insomnia, dizziness, dry mouth 2014-03-29
headache ,feeling cold,dizzy sick 2014-03-27
severe headache total sleeplessness sweaty palms2014-03-25
Dilated pupils, eyes sensitive to light, sleepines2014-03-19
Anxiety dizziness weakness in legs. Heart pounding2014-03-16
Gums peeled red swollen lips, feels like my mouth 2014-03-08
Cold and congestion, cough, runny nose, sore throa2014-02-24
Headaches, nausea, fatigue, swelling and pain at i2014-02-21
Dystonia ( muscle spasms in face, tongue, throat, 2014-02-21
Constant Hunger. 2014-02-13
swelling in face,weight gain2014-02-13
Fatigue, terrible skin (heat) rashes, Acne, hot sp2014-02-07
Feeling nausious, cramps, metalic taste in mouth, 2014-02-05
severe burning sensation2014-02-03
Refuse food. Labor breathing rapid heart rate. Die2014-02-01
Nausea, diaherria , gramps, feaver2014-01-21
Nausea -Itchy blurry eyes-depression-dizziness2014-01-20
Faint during anaphylaxis episode2014-01-16
Faint during anaphylaxis episode2014-01-16
constant sinus drainage, ankle/foot edema, serious2014-01-15
nausea,tiredness,racing heart,watery mouth,joint p2014-01-08
Mucinex DM after two days I have no sense of smell2014-01-06
Very sore top of tongue in various places on the t2014-01-03
Severe headache for 24 hours2014-01-03
dizziness, extreme nausea, abdominal cramps especi2014-01-01
burning and numbness around edges of tongue2013-12-30
Itchy red rash all over body -covers scalp down yo2013-12-29
Terribly heavy bleeding with clots. Lasting many w2013-12-23
mouth ulcers, raw tongue, sensitive teeth, tooth a2013-12-20
Started using Sensodyne toothpaste and Colgate Pro2013-12-16
severe itching all over body2013-12-12
Had sinusitis caused by a lousy dental work (root 2013-12-10
Extremely hot, red face, irregular heartbeat, biza2013-12-06
Friday night had chills, head ache and swollen gla2013-12-06
fatigue, anxiety, malaise, chest pain, shoulder pa2013-11-25
Period for 3 weeks now and it's showing no signs o2013-11-25
pustules break out on face mainly on both sides of2013-11-24
Tongue burns and loss of taste2013-11-23
constant perception of moving blackspot, left eye,2013-11-22
Hives Swallowing Rectal ulcer2013-11-22
Very hungry, tired, stomach cramps, awful headache2013-11-09
Headache, rash/hives all over back, on buttocks, a2013-11-07
Insomnia, feeling of unfullness and stomach emptin2013-11-06
fatigue, weakness stif neck, Headache blurred visi2013-11-04
I notice my sweat has a terrible odor when I take 2013-11-01
My ankles start swelling and my eyesight got quite2013-10-21
Urine retention, diarrhea, facial pain fatigue, di2013-10-18
Blurred vision ,headaches,tired 2013-10-14
sore muscles/tendons. soreness in scalp. lumps in 2013-10-07
hair loss 2013-09-29
depression, fatigue, sleeplessness.2013-09-21
Night sweats2013-09-17
headache, sweating when I stand or do any activity2013-09-14
Fatique, nausea, tired, 2013-09-14
nausea, bitter taste, possible anal fissure, blood2013-09-12
Extreme tendonitis in left elbow joint causing alm2013-09-05
SEVERE HEADACHE, tired in the mornings, SEVERE joi2013-09-01
Nightmares, Hallucinations, Desperation and pain.2013-08-31
shortness of breath, consistent dry cough, post na2013-08-30
Continous bleeding2013-08-19
Face has fallen, sunk eyes, wrinkles in places I n2013-08-09
Somnolence, REM sleep immediately upon closing eye2013-08-01
Severe dizziness, vision changes, headaches, migra2013-07-19
Pain right groin area only subsides when prostate 2013-07-09
swollen lips and face2013-07-08
deafness in one ear, ear discomfort, ear pain, red2013-07-07
Severe stomach cramping (as knife stabbing pains) 2013-07-06
prickly heat type rash 3 days after surgery redne2013-06-28
tired, eyes, arms and neak ach, feeling sick and d2013-06-20
distended stomach, stomach pain, constipation, inc2013-06-18
diahrea, bowel incontinence, chronic gas, flatulen2013-06-16
Fatigue, aching bones and muscles, menstrual cycle2013-06-12
Nausea and diahrrea 2013-06-08
Nausea, irregular periods, got it twice in a month2013-06-08
Neck muscle tightness with lower lip tingling, spa2013-06-07
15 min after 400mg infusion given over 2 hours I 2013-06-06
15 min after 400mg infusion given over 2 hours I 2013-06-06
Fever, vomitting, diarrhea, irritable, sleepless. 2013-06-05
fatigue, hair loss, acne, constant lightheadedness2013-06-01
Severe joint and body pains.2013-05-25
angina, diarrhea, lower back pain, palpitations2013-05-21
At sleeping : CHEST PAIN IN THE RIGHT THORAX , MOR2013-05-15
Ulcer on left vocal cord and white thickness on ri2013-05-15
Extreme low back pain, Nausea, horrible taste in m2013-05-14
digession less stomach fire 2013-05-11
Bad taste in mouth sore mouth weak feeling2013-05-05
stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, recurrent migraines2013-05-04
fatigue and dry cough2013-05-01
Pain,tingling in feet very sensitive feet2013-04-29
Fatigue, racing heart, heart skipping beat, insomn2013-04-28
Tight throat causing difficulty when speaking2013-04-26
sneezing, nasal congestion, running/drippy nose, w2013-04-25
Nausea and stomach paina2013-04-25
Nausea , heavy bleeding, stomachache at the left s2013-04-22
swelling on face and body2013-04-19
pain with some swelling in left feet.2013-04-19
loss of consciousness, nausea2013-04-16
Nausea, strong stomach gas and cramping. Diarrhea 2013-04-07
stomach ache, confusion, suicidal thought2013-04-07
fatigue. pruritus, diarrhea, 2013-03-25
numbness in the mouth gum and tongue, shedding of 2013-03-24
Sudden, complete loss of all taste. No difference 2013-03-23
Blackened tongue2013-03-22
Day 4 on half tablet that's 5mg had headaches all 2013-03-21
loss taste and smell2013-03-13
hallucination, confussed, mental2013-03-12
Stabbing pain under rib cage, goes away but very s2013-03-10
Dizzy, hot flash, nausea, intense vomiting, white 2013-03-08
headache, tingling in finers and face, pain in sto2013-03-04
Shortness of Breath (Like needing extra breath) F2013-03-02
Burning sore tongue and loss of taste2013-02-27
trombocytopenia, icter, liver failure2013-02-18
fatigue, heartburn, headache, High blood pressure2013-02-17
awful metalic taste in mouth.. still present 2 wee2013-02-16
violet coloured urine2013-02-16
excesse stomach acid- decreased blood pressure2013-02-12
severe leg cramps, can;t bend leg to go up and dow2013-02-08
fatigue, headache, severe eczema on my cheeks2013-02-04
Overwhelming and continuous metallic taste and dry2013-02-04
Severe headache, Dizziness, Bad taste in mouth, Pe2013-02-03
Severe acne2013-02-02
tightness in the chest. feels like an ache all th2013-01-30
After taking pravastatin (for 3 wks)I suffered ext2013-01-29
Serve stomach pains, temperature and diarrhea and 2013-01-29
Site of injection itched, became evident ( was imp2013-01-24
drug administered 3.00pm Next day of mental impair2013-01-21
Received flu shot last night and now I have severe2013-01-18
Lost breath in cold2013-01-18
benadryl through IV made my heartrate out through 2013-01-16
Congestion, watery eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing2013-01-14
Shakiness 2013-01-13
Nausea & vomiting, sleeplessness, hallucinations, 2013-01-10
mood changes, rage 2013-01-09
Severe nausea and vomiting after taking 3 doses of2013-01-08
Severe constant headache in right occipital area s2013-01-05
Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lack of appetite, ins2013-01-03
Pain from polymyalgia rhematica sleeplessness, dep2013-01-01
Im on microval for 5 months I picked up 10 kgs!i 2012-12-29
Severe leg pain from hip to knee2012-12-28
diarrhoea 2012-12-26
Chest pain, fatigue2012-12-24
vertigo. Moving from a prone to vertical positio2012-12-23
Narcolepsy, cataplexy and/or sleep paralysis (I'm 2012-12-23
Nausea, loss of appetite, confusion, hallucination2012-12-22
Sore inside mouth - blisters inside lower lip, che2012-12-18
Skin rash 2012-12-18
Insomnia, heart palpitations, restlessness, jitter2012-12-16
EXTREME hunger with no sense of being full.2012-12-14
fatigue, low blood pressure, night sweats2012-12-13
stomach pain, nausea, diareha 2012-12-12
bhometing tendency.2012-12-10
weight gain & high blood pressure2012-12-10
Ever since being injected with Dysport, I have thi2012-12-06
nausea off and on seems like its gradually getting2012-12-05
I have itching burning lips...little bumps all ove2012-12-05
Extremely dry mouth and throat2012-12-04
Heart pounding, dangerous increase in blood pressu2012-12-03
Terrible bitter metallic taste in mouth, nausea, a2012-12-01
Chemical burn2012-11-30
Nausea itchy patch sites 2012-11-28
Very sore throat2012-11-25
very sore gums and bleeding gums2012-11-19
irregular heart beat, heart rate went up to 157 be2012-11-17
acute hepatitis2012-11-16
Dose felt unclean. Anxiety, nervous, jittery. Na2012-11-15
Coughing all day2012-11-15
Painful head aches blurry vision abdominal cramps2012-11-11
headache, fatigue, slight vaginal burning sensatio2012-11-08
fatigue, nausea, severe muscle spams lower back an2012-11-05
Leg swelling2012-11-02
Got a bout of the flu, mucus when coughing and blo2012-11-01
Got a bout of the flu, mucus when coughing and blo2012-11-01
Severe rash over body, itching. Body over heatin2012-10-31
Swollen lips, tongue, problems breathing. trip tp 2012-10-31
pink spots and itching, about2weeks of starting va2012-10-29
Severe spreading rash2012-10-29
tendon rupture and severe2012-10-29
severe swollen ankles,feet and knees together with2012-10-27
Loss of libido2012-10-26
weakness, extreme flu like symptoms, malaise2012-10-26
headache and stiff neck2012-10-25
Blistering rash on lips, swollen lips2012-10-22
I had a baby at age 19 and I got implanon put in t2012-10-20
Nausea, can't poop, headache, dizziness,can't conc2012-10-20
Heartburn, Bleeding Gums2012-10-20
Throat, esophagus, mouth, and tongue spasms. Thoug2012-10-19
Coughing profusely! the coughing started yesterday2012-10-17
Cough like in bronchitus, hurts throat when coughi2012-10-17
pain in hip2012-10-15
jitters, twitches, stuttering violently and uncont2012-10-15
It started with hot flushes and dizziness.Its been2012-10-15
If this is the one that turns yellow in the eye be2012-10-15
Severe gastric pain2012-10-15
Constant whooshing noise in ears2012-10-14
Burning after eating and pain, severe muscle spams2012-10-13
I woke up at 4am feeling off after taking Mucinex 2012-10-11
shortness of breath and leg cramps2012-10-10
I just started taking Bystolic 5mg 1 time a day an2012-10-09
Depression, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, panic attack, 2012-10-09
Four days ago, I awoke in the morning with a tongu2012-10-08
Severe Headache Dizziness Neck Pain/Stiffness N2012-10-04
Nausea, violent vomiting & dry heaving to the poin2012-10-03
severe muscle pain, with redness and selling at in2012-10-03
Acid reflux, chest pain, back pain, joint aches, f2012-10-02
i woke up and the room was spinning .. i became na2012-10-01
Partial seizure and loss of consciousness, headach2012-10-01
Constant coughing2012-09-30
fatigue,white marble like lumps under skin on arms2012-09-25
Chest pain a burning stabbing pain. Upset stomach 2012-09-25
fatigue,sleepy,restlessness,dull & very much tired2012-09-25
Immediately after gall bladder surgery I shivered 2012-09-22
serious nausea and vomiting, severe headache, fati2012-09-22
rapid heart beat,chest pain,sudden increase in hun2012-09-22
I have been taking 5 grams of Andro Gel(1 packet d2012-09-21
Dizziness, unable to sleep, feeling of a high, dia2012-09-21
Took levothyroxine 50 mgs for a week then had to d2012-09-18
Irregular hearbeat diagnosed as Arterila Fibrillat2012-09-17
after 2 days had painful swollen tongue and ulce2012-09-16
lung spasms that last up to eight hours and feel 2012-09-14
Fatigue, mood swings, anger/aggression, hot flashe2012-09-13
Muscle Atrophy at injection site, leaving me with 2012-09-13
Dizzines Unbalanced, feeling like I am being pulle2012-09-12
Blood in urine2012-09-12
Rapid pulse > 150. Palpitations, jittery, anxiety2012-09-12
I have been on Champix now for 2 weeks. I have suf2012-09-10
sleeplessness, eleveated blood sugar, high blood p2012-09-07
staph infection in eyelid2012-09-07
extreme anxiety2012-09-07
Migraine and nausea2012-09-06
I gave my 4 year old son a 1/2 tsp. of Delsym last2012-09-06
hives, not too itchy but raised and with a red dot2012-09-05
Dizziness, Nausea, diarrhea2012-09-03
Depression, Fatigue, memory loss etc2012-09-01
itching, diarrhea2012-09-01
my husband was given chantix to help him quit smok2012-09-01
Personality change, paranoia, irritability, anger,2012-09-01
Insomnia, heart beating very fast, extreme anxiety2012-09-01
back of legs stiffened, weak arms,blurred vision +2012-08-31
I have peeling skin on the webs of my hands and on2012-08-31
redness of eye, nasal congestion, headache,dizzine2012-08-30
extreme sexual increase in sensitivity. nausea, an2012-08-30
mild stroke clumsy hand on right affecting only 2012-08-28
I have started getting horrible stomach pains and 2012-08-27
Had surgery at RI Hospital Providence RI on 8/24/12012-08-25
Had surgery at RI Hospital Providence RI on 8/24/12012-08-25
fever, fatigue, stomachache and pancytopenia2012-08-23
watery diahrehea2012-08-23
Nausea, depression, compulsive behavior, mania, ob2012-08-20
high blood pressure, increased about 20. my norma2012-08-20
high blood pressure, increased about 20. my norma2012-08-20
Severe muscle pain, leg weakness2012-08-20
-tension -irritability -aggressiveness -trembli2012-08-18
My daughter was born with Pulmonary Valve Stenosis2012-08-17
Dizzy, fainting, nausea, weakness2012-08-16
Gallbladder trouble needed emergency surgery. They2012-08-15
hallucination and restless2012-08-14
nausea, sleepy, fatiuge2012-08-14
flu-like for 3 days, overall soreness than day 5 s2012-08-12
fatigue and painful gas2012-08-10
Worst side effect is severe pain in right wrist an2012-08-08
sleeplessness, nightmare, light headed, diarrhoea2012-08-08
severe dizziness, nausea, vomiting, panic attack, 2012-08-07
Horrendous cramping muscles woke up about 8 times 2012-08-07
severe shoulder and neck pain2012-08-03
Red, bumpy, itchy, burning rash2012-08-03
Tierd all the time Belly pain Right leg pain 2012-08-01
fatigue, diziness, depression, hair loss2012-08-01
Hair loss and. Itchy scalp2012-08-01
violentes douleurs dans le haut du dos qui sont te2012-07-28
transient global amnesia2012-07-27
Constipation for 5 days2012-07-25
Extreme anxiety, could not sleep, inability to con2012-07-24
Rash and abcesses2012-07-24
headache,high fever, pain joints and bones, flu l2012-07-23
eyesight very bad..heart burn all the time.2012-07-23
headaches, bleeding/spotting, weight gain, mood sw2012-07-22
numbness, tingling left side2012-07-21
night sweats, nausea, muscle twitching, vivid drea2012-07-19
Completed suicide of father after taking primidone2012-07-18
SEVERE STOMACH pain (not higher or lower) 2-3 hour2012-07-16
very cold and burning toes and feet2012-07-12
Burning sensation in Vagina/ interaction with emer2012-07-10
At first sickness. this passed after a few days. v2012-07-08
extreme fatigue-restless legs-blurred vision2012-07-07
Breathing and swallowing problems, red in the face2012-07-04
Pain in right side of throat, pain in joints, head2012-07-02
Blood pressure spiked to 188/100 prior to treadmil2012-07-02
miracle- end of back pain that has affected me for2012-07-01
Hair loss2012-06-30
Vomiting, stomach discomfort2012-06-28
Cervical lymph node enlargement 2012-06-27
High fever, aching bones, sleeplessness2012-06-25
Severe Constipation2012-06-24
Panic Attack, Anxiety, Shaking, Rapid Heart Rate, 2012-06-24
I felt very anxious after taking it last night, I 2012-06-24
erythematous papules and plaques over photoexposed2012-06-20
Irritation and burning at the site of application.2012-06-20
I had implanon put in myI am arm after having my 2012-06-17
Chest Pain2012-06-15
I was bite by something on bottom of my butt cheek2012-06-15
dry persistent cough2012-06-14
headaches, dizziness, fast heartbeat2012-06-14
Chest infection2012-06-14
Restlessness, fatigue, numbness in arm with IUD im2012-06-08
heavy head especially on one side, then hot ear an2012-06-08
bleeding gums, sore in corner of mouth, dry mouth,2012-06-08
Sulfur smell in urine, fatigue, memory loss, joint2012-06-08
Fatigue and the bad taste of penicillin in my mout2012-06-08
Urinary tract infection2012-06-06
Abrupt sleep disturbance2012-06-06
Fatigue, constipation, foggy thinking, low back pa2012-06-05
fatigue, vivid dreams, paranoia, mood swings and e2012-06-05
Extreme fatigue, uti that spread to kidneys, 3 kid2012-06-01
Skin rash under the medication sire of the patch 2012-05-30
heart palpitations and shortness of breath (anxiet2012-05-29
tachycardia (resting heart rate 119)2012-05-28
the bottoms of my feet hurt the day after using my2012-05-23
Severe headache, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue2012-05-20
Headaches , lack of wanting to eat , crazy mood sw2012-05-19
fatigue, pains in my left arm, heart fatigue, irre2012-05-18
acid reflux required surgery hemangioma T8 requir2012-05-17
rash on face2012-05-16
extreme drooling,fatigue, feeling high, decreased2012-05-15
fatigue, rapid heart palpitations, sinus headache2012-05-14
fatigue, insomnia, back pain, muscle spasms, nause2012-05-14
severe lower back pain, fatigue.2012-05-13
Pain, weight loss, irregular bowels2012-05-12
fatigue, on and off headache,cold symptoms and dry2012-05-12
vomiting 4-05 times two hours after taking. Still2012-05-12
Red, bumpy rash. Blistering and swelling.2012-05-12
Just really fast heart beats, and bad anxiety.2012-05-12
I took a 15mg dose only four times with some side 2012-05-11
Suicidal thoughts, depression, dizziness, fatigue2012-05-09
With in an hour of taking midol I started having b2012-05-08
Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism2012-05-06
Sharp stabbing pain in left side of chest and in l2012-05-06
Numbness of mostly hands and feet2012-05-06
Severe anxiety, crying, mild depression, changes i2012-05-05
Severe neuropathy, including muscle cramps with jo2012-05-05
swelling of feet and lower legs, Muscel weakness a2012-05-03
Developed "tennis elbow" 2 weeks ago without any e2012-05-03
Too many! Initially the horrible taste in my mout2012-05-02
Finger joint pain few days elbow pain started the 2012-05-01
cognitive impairment, confusion2012-04-30
Second clear episode of 1 day depression following2012-04-29
Profound and severe chills, fever, general aches, 2012-04-26
depression, trouble sleeping, 2012-04-26
Aching sensation mid spine to shoulder blades (aff2012-04-25
arthralgias, flu-like symptoms2012-04-25
lethargy nausea panic attacks drowsness hot then c2012-04-25
severe Ischemic Colitis, profuse amount of diarrhe2012-04-25
fatigue, weakness and spinning sensation2012-04-24
Insomnia (being jolted out of sleep at the point o2012-04-21
First I noticed an excess of oil in my face, almos2012-04-20
tummy cramps...relieved by flatulence2012-04-20
Shaking, feeling weak, light headed. heavy breathi2012-04-20
pain in stomach blod in urine2012-04-19
extreme withdrawal2012-04-19
loss of sense of taste2012-04-18
sleeplessness, fatigue lack of appetite paronia lo2012-04-18
extreme lows in blood sugar- stayed way too low ev2012-04-15
I experienced queaziness 20 minutes after taking 2012-04-15
I had a head cold that had gone to my chest. I hav2012-04-13
After 3 weeks of taking 2 mg of Livalo. I began 2012-04-13
muscle spasms in stomache and in back, feels like 2012-04-12
Headaches , shoulder pain , nausea Can't go to sl2012-04-12
rash, itching2012-04-11
Nausea, Vomiting (can't even keep down water), all2012-04-10
Nausea and vomiting2012-04-09
extreme paranoia, hallucinations, aggression2012-04-09
Fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea, fanting, the surro2012-04-06
Very LONG menstrual cycleds2012-04-05
Hypertension, palpitations, emotional instability2012-04-05
Dizziness, then fatigue, sleeplessness. As dosage2012-04-05
Application of Coppertone sunscreen on the face. 2012-04-05
Vaginal bleeding2012-03-31
Hyperactivity,trembling,sleeplessness,crazy feelin2012-03-30
agitation aggression refual to follow post op care2012-03-29
red patch on face that went away, anxiety, overrea2012-03-29
Pit-of-the-Stomach Nausea, severe vomiting, dizzin2012-03-29
Weight gain, irregular periods. 2012-03-28
Headache, extreme drowsiness, unsteady on feet2012-03-27
Third degree heart block: dizziness, shortness of 2012-03-25
I never had laryngitis before using Advair. Now I 2012-03-25
severe depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety2012-03-24
,anxiety,feeling unwell,nausea,tired all the time2012-03-23
I experienced extreme constipation to the point wh2012-03-22
sleeplessness, asthma2012-03-22
severe lower abdominal pain, and my period is abou2012-03-21
fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, chills, short breath2012-03-20
Cronic dry cough every few seconds2012-03-20
Cronic dry cough every few seconds2012-03-20
severe anaphylaxis2012-03-19
Woke up about 6.5 hours after the epipen injection2012-03-17
Sunburned feeling dry lips, thirsty, dry mouth, bl2012-03-17
I am on 25mg Euthyrox third day now... I thought s2012-03-15
took 1 25mg tablet only prescribed for difficulty 2012-03-14
Heartburn approx 5 min after taking drug - lasts f2012-03-11
pain in the side of the body,headache2012-03-10
I have been on Restasis for two weeks. I experien2012-03-09
My bone aches especially my spinal and hips2012-03-08
Mood Swings, irritability, fatigue, weakness, ring2012-03-08
exhaustion, funny feeling at night in lower legs a2012-03-08
extreme diarrhea, stomach cramping 10 hours after 2012-03-07
Swollen lips, raw inter mouth and numb tongue2012-03-07
I have tinnitus for almost a decade now. 2012-03-06
hallucinations aggitagstrtion pyschosis 2012-03-05
I have a really bad headache that won't go away ev2012-03-04
seve pruritis, and nausea 2012-03-04
metallic taste in my mouth, tingling in my tongue,2012-03-03
Pressure in chest in afternoon and early evening. 2012-03-03
tightness in throat2012-03-03
I just know that ever since I have been put on Lat2012-03-03
high blood pressure, light headness2012-03-02
Tingling and burning of left leg and foot....neuro2012-03-01
Pancreatitis, pain in back and upper abdomen2012-03-01
Knee pain and swelling2012-03-01
Extremely dry mouth, dry and itchy skin from just 2012-03-01
Insomnia, sleeplessness, memory loss, dis-associat2012-03-01
itchy skin all over the body2012-03-01
Dry cough, shortness of breath while walking and d2012-03-01
extreme weakness2012-02-27
incontinence when sleeping2012-02-26
nausea, insomnia, dizziness, arrhythmia, balance d2012-02-25
Mouth sores, nauseous, puffy lips, white spots on 2012-02-25
swelling face, bruises, sleeplessness, muscle weak2012-02-23
numb lips, high blood pressure, fatigue, drowsines2012-02-23
Paranoia, delusion, night sweats, anxiety, sleeple2012-02-22
extreme diahria, abdominal pain, nausea2012-02-20
feeling of seasickness, nausea2012-02-18
Dysphagia, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing2012-02-18
Very bad metallic taste + large blister in roof of2012-02-17
Extreme Pelvic/Back pain. Three full blown menstr2012-02-15
Fatigue, nausea, vomiting, weakness 2012-02-15
red spots on legs and developing on stomach2012-02-14
Shortness of breath and palpitations2012-02-14
vertigo, tinnitus, nausea2012-02-14
fatigue, sleepyness, mild diarhea2012-02-13
Started the Focalin yesterday 8 year old male now 2012-02-12
Tendonitis in my knee...cannot walk any distance w2012-02-11
Sever acute continuous epigastric pain2012-02-11
clumsiness; constipation; diarrhea; dizziness; dro2012-02-11
Ileus, Cirrhosis (end stage liver disease - Child 2012-02-11
tired no sexual desire (no orgasms as previously 2012-02-10
high bloodpressure, fast resting heart rate 130 bp2012-02-09
I took Livalo 2 mg. for 4 weeks, and I was so fati2012-02-08
No relief from pain at all, I took two pills after2012-02-07
increase blood suga2012-02-07
seems to cause significant fatigue with me. ???2012-02-06
dry mouth, metallic taste, queasiness, buzzing sen2012-02-04
Flu symptoms, deep cough2012-02-04
1. Severe muscle pain in upper body ribcage and ba2012-02-04
nausea bloating sometimes heartburn2012-02-03
Worsening of acne rather than improving,used to ge2012-02-02
Massive hair loss! Scalp feels sandy (no dandruff2012-02-01
Headachs, joint pains, palpitations2012-02-01
i got implanon put in my arm about four months ago2012-02-01
Muscles cramping up, head stuck to one side, neck 2012-01-31
I been on Implanon for 4 months and my period stay2012-01-30
je n arrive pas a dormir 2012-01-30
extreme leg cramps up to thighs constantly2012-01-29
Severe irritability....hostile, nearly aggressive 2012-01-26
Moderate abdominal pain, nausea2012-01-24
I was experiencing sleepless night due to work pro2012-01-24
dizziness, sensetivity to light - slight color eye2012-01-23
After my first re last 4 years ago, I experienced 2012-01-21
Elevated Heart Rate, Headache, some tightness in c2012-01-19
Bitter taste, fatigue, activity in intestines. 2012-01-17
Muscle pain, Joint pain, vertigo, skin problems, H2012-01-16
I slept more the wk of taking med than I have in a2012-01-16
No symptoms. I am a physician reporting elevated t2012-01-15
postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, autonom2012-01-15
Anxiety / panic / depression2012-01-13
dry eye2012-01-11
Pain on the top of my head for 3 weeks - moved to 2012-01-09
Suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety2012-01-09
swelling of foot after having taking tilcotil2012-01-08
Very bad tasting, almost metallic, loss of taste o2012-01-07
abdominal pain (extreme, upper quadrant), cold swe2012-01-07
I started taking one pill a day by the 3rd day I h2012-01-07
Heart palpitations2012-01-06
swollen feet and eyes2012-01-05
Had rotator cuff surgery endoscopy.2012-01-05
trouble maintaining balance when sitting, feeling 2012-01-05
Extreme right upper abdominal pain.2012-01-05
occipital crainiotomy,1st pop2012-01-04
Nausea,vomiting,sweats,cough,weakness,joint pain,m2012-01-03
BAD headache at injection site (all over forehead 2012-01-02
Burning at the stomach, bad breath, strong urine o2012-01-02
Pain in calves and thighs, feet, sleeplessness2012-01-02
phlem, obesity, prostate inflamation2012-01-01
mouth sores with gooey , hot paste coming out.2012-01-01
Went to the dentist two weeks ago, no fillings, ju2012-01-01
urinary retention2012-01-01
coughing with green sputum2012-01-01
On Livalo for 11 weeks now-experienced symptoms mu2011-12-31
vivid dreams2011-12-29
sore throat, no energy, tired, tightness in chest2011-12-29
Extreme fatigue, shortness of breath2011-12-27
starting of a cold2011-12-26
Sleeplessness,night sweats, hot flashes, ankle swe2011-12-26
Headache, muscle spasms 2011-12-24
Vertigo - dizziness, blurred vision2011-12-22
Immediate pain, redness, and swelling... but just 2011-12-22
never had gout until I used zicam for 8 days strai2011-12-21
Abdominal pain, cause unknown2011-12-21
Both knees feel swollen and in pain. Legs are "woo2011-12-21
Bad anxiety, bad mood swings, depression, random p2011-12-20
Red, Hot, Rash over entire area of foot and top of2011-12-20
Extreme fatigue followed by muscle jerks and colla2011-12-16
On more than one occasion, but first logged experi2011-12-16
Weight Loss, Loss in apetite, Irritability, Emotio2011-12-16
Bleeding, burning, itching2011-12-16
I put one small dollop of cream on my stomach and 2011-12-12
Depression, fatigue2011-12-11
joint pain, chest pain, swollen gums, muscle pain,2011-12-10
anxious, agitated2011-12-09
Tingling in face and hands. Extreme fatigue,inabil2011-12-09
Light flu, black out, dry retching. Then heavy flu2011-12-08
Leg cramps2011-12-08
Initially experienced some gas, mild nausea and in2011-12-08
After my second day taking Pradaxa 150 mg 2x daily2011-12-08
right side back ache and also on side part of spin2011-12-07
sleeplessness, funny taste in mouth, and dry mouth2011-12-06
irritable bowel, increased urination, increased bo2011-12-05
Bad rash over arms and top of legs and chest also2011-12-02
Shortness of breath, congestion, phlegm, heartburn2011-12-02
extreme fatigue, breast tenderness, headache, musc2011-12-01
Fatigue, whiteheads, itchy body and face, sore mus2011-12-01
Restlessness, experience the strong desire to get 2011-11-30
Big Blood lump under my tongue, mucocele.2011-11-30
Burning skin, get really hot at night, muscle twit2011-11-28
fatigue, lack of any energy nausea with a bad tas2011-11-26
My daughter complained immediatly after using list2011-11-25
chapped lips, headache, breakout, tiredness, muscl2011-11-25
I have been taking Mylan Diltiazem HCL (ER) 240mg 2011-11-25
suicidal thoughts, excess sleeping,head fog, emoti2011-11-25
severe stomach pain2011-11-24
I am suffering from loose stool since i started us2011-11-23
sore throat, uncontrollable cough, severe GERD, an2011-11-22
Tightness in chest2011-11-21
Fatigue, restlessness, dizziness nausea feeling ou2011-11-21
gastritis!!! is a hell... also drowsiness, constip2011-11-21
Temperature, mood swings, diarrhoea feeling sick, 2011-11-20
Slight fatigue.. Heart races sleeplessness 2011-11-20
Tinnitus, fatigue,heladache.2011-11-20
Increasing amounts of migraines.2011-11-19
Fatigue , Pain ( Abdominal Pain , Breast Pain , Ar2011-11-15
fatigue, muscular skeletal pain and stiffness espe2011-11-15
extreme abdominal pain and lower back pain2011-11-15
Chronic pain and fibromyalgia, 2 bulging discs in 2011-11-14
Burning Chest,2011-11-13
Vomiting after taking Zentel 400 mg tablet taken o2011-11-13
Burning in stomach, nausea, headache2011-11-12
On pradaxia about 5 days.Heartburn w every meal an2011-11-11
Fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, joint pain, sore throat2011-11-10
Dear Sir My Mother has been taking the above m2011-11-10
No health symptoms.2011-11-08
After taking Klaricid for 7 days my face was half 2011-11-07
headache, sleeplessness, anxiety2011-11-07
Pain in left eye, numbness in eye lid and pain dow2011-11-07
Pain in left eye, numbness in eye lid and pain dow2011-11-07
Angioedema, sweeping of the tongue, throat and lip2011-11-06
Hot Flash, Anxiety, panic attack, fear, emotional 2011-11-06
numbness in left arm, chest pain and jaw pain2011-11-06
Dizziness, rapid pulse, heart publications, head a2011-11-05
Fatigue, Sleepyness 2011-11-04
I had a very bad cold a few years back and after s2011-11-03
Can't stop sneezing and tons and tons of snot keep2011-11-03
Face swelled up, very fast and very puffy. right 2011-11-03
Leg pain no motor skills no rang of motion.2011-11-01
hair loss2011-11-01
sores and blisters on the upper left corner/side o2011-11-01
Achilles tendonitis2011-11-01
Achilles tendonitis2011-11-01
HAIR LOSS, weight loss, continuous period2011-11-01
arrrhythmia (which went away after a few months), 2011-11-01
extremely loose stool, dark and vile smelling urin2011-10-30
Severe agitation and really morbid thoughts2011-10-29
insomnia, tachyardia2011-10-28
headace, shakes 2011-10-27
Severe indegestion, burning like a hot poker being2011-10-26
Complained of stomach ache, syncope2011-10-25
sleeplessness, intense anxiety, constant panic, tr2011-10-21
liliputian hallucinations(minor), lack of tirednes2011-10-21
Echymosis on both upper limb and lower limb. Blood2011-10-19
iv been takeing champix now for 6 days still smoke2011-10-18
Tinnitus, headaches, GERD2011-10-15
Tremors - nystagmus - involuntary ankle rolling2011-10-15
puffy and tired eyes2011-10-15
Severe depression (with suicidal thoughts), fatigu2011-10-13
Extremely sore tongue and roof of my mouth. 2011-10-12
Bruising and extreme muscle tighness at epipen inj2011-10-12
Hi all, First of all, the bad taste comes from 2011-10-11
night sweats2011-10-10
I took Stilnox for the 1st time on Thursday 7 Oct 2011-10-10
Cellutlitus, Stye, Anxiety2011-10-10
Cramps Tired Dark urine Low back pain Heart by2011-10-10
Severe abdominal cramps, foul taste in mouth2011-10-08
sleeplessness nausea2011-10-06
29 year old female being treated for mastitis. 4x 2011-10-04
SWOLLEN FACE2011-10-03
I have been having bad diarrhea and pain in my sto2011-10-02
taking pravastitin for about 2 months have started2011-10-01
fatique.sleeplesness, weight loss, blurred vision2011-10-01
hair loss, itchin skin and rush 2011-10-01
Mouth Ulceration, swelling of lips, eyes, irriatio2011-09-29
Nausea, severe headache, vomiting, dizziness, feel2011-09-29
mussel pine2011-09-28
Very deep sleep, approaching coma in 94 year old f2011-09-27
Hot flushes and sleep distrubance2011-09-27
severe hip joint ache Severe bronchitis-type chest2011-09-27
Tachycardia of 140+ BPM while lying down lasting a2011-09-26
sleeplessness, depression2011-09-25
Dry cough exaggerated gagging reflex2011-09-25
Painful/burning urination. 2011-09-24
Very bloodshot to the point that part of white of 2011-09-23
Rash covering arms,neck and legs. Severe itching2011-09-23
swelling of penis head with peeling of the skin on2011-09-23
extreeme fatigue, pain in body especially in hand 2011-09-23
Sore wrists, sore ankles sore neck. Itchy hands, 2011-09-22
Deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolus2011-09-22
Severe corneal dryness, blurred vision, sensitivit2011-09-21
Insomnia, bizarre dreams, constipation, depression2011-09-21
pulmonary embolism blood clot in both lungs, Short2011-09-20
Burning of skin, mouth and legs, Nausea nervousne2011-09-20
Dry red peeling chapped lower lip.2011-09-20
After taking Advil for almost 2 weeks, I've develo2011-09-19
nausea, sweating, clammy feeling,and sinus bradyca2011-09-18
I am on CLEXANE 40 mg injections - after 6 days of2011-09-16
mouth and toung ulcer2011-09-16
large welt-like itching hives on lower extremities2011-09-16
Hair Loss, Cysts, Heavy Bleeding, Cramps, Urinary 2011-09-15
excesive pain in my knees and feet2011-09-15
Heart beat in rest: 76. 400 meter running without 2011-09-15
Cough!! A little chest congestion.2011-09-15
severe anemia, gastric mucosal erosion, gastric bl2011-09-15
double vision with severe pain around right eye2011-09-14
The worst symptoms have been extreme fatigue and b2011-09-12
orthstitic hypotenion eye riddness fatique naus2011-09-11
Acute urine retention2011-09-11
Depression, tearfulness, weak, tired2011-09-11
feel infalated in the upper abdominal part after a2011-09-10
Throat tightness, unwell feeling, vaginal discharg2011-09-09
Drowsiness, dizzy, swollen tongue, licking lips, p2011-09-07
On August 18th, I got a shot of Kenalog for sun po2011-09-05
left kidney shrinked2011-09-05
My ankles are swollen2011-09-05
bright red skin on neck and top half of torso both2011-09-04
bilateral peripheral neuropathy - numbness in ball2011-09-04
received 50 units of Dysport for glabellar lines a2011-09-01
frequent diarhea after eating2011-09-01
insomnia, palpitations, vertigo, attacks of coldne2011-09-01
overdose, 50mgx15 or so no less, purposely taken, 2011-08-31
possible blood clot... pain in both calf's of my l2011-08-31
Headache and Diahrea 2011-08-31
itching all over entire body nausea vomiting,I was2011-08-31
arthritis pain in left shoulder and arm 2011-08-31
fatigue, chronic neck arm pain2011-08-30
Flu like symptoms, visible redness, swelling and p2011-08-29
I had tremendous jaw pain as a result of using Sen2011-08-28
Severe urinary incontinence. I've wet my bed...hav2011-08-27
Dry , itchy , flakey skin on my cheeks , chin , un2011-08-26
Sore neck ,lethargy,headache,muscle spasms in back2011-08-25
NAUSEA? STOMACH PAIN? .....2011-08-25
long term dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, ha2011-08-23
left hand pain, left hand spasm, ventricular fib2011-08-23
Fluid retention poor venous flow2011-08-23
Deep Vein Thrombosis in Upper Arm2011-08-23
Lost vision in left eye for 8 days. Headache on le2011-08-22
mental fog, detachment, anxiety, trouble seeing, t2011-08-20
erectile dysfunction2011-08-20
muscle pain2011-08-19
weakness, hypotension and loss of consciousness2011-08-18
abortion espontaneus abdominal pain high2011-08-18
After wearing the Menostar patch for one and a hal2011-08-17
Chest pains2011-08-17
Fatigue, dry mouth2011-08-17
24 year old male with Down syndrome who was starte2011-08-17
Facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy)2011-08-16
undiagnosed Transient ischemic attack, increased h2011-08-15
hair lost, chest pain,coughing,muscle pain, joint 2011-08-15
chest pain, right in the middle of my chest, like 2011-08-14
Somnolence, fatigue, bad stomach2011-08-14
I had two strokes within 30 mins of taking Maxalt.2011-08-12
I will be fatigued and sleep all day, but then som2011-08-12
Heartbeat in ears2011-08-12
Heartbeat in ears2011-08-12
High BP 170/1002011-08-12
Rash - burning feeling - on eyelids, temples, on c2011-08-10
Cough, trouble breathing, weezing.2011-08-10
I can't even give this 1 star. I'm from Australia,2011-08-10
extreme back pain2011-08-10
Fatigue, swelling of hands and feet, constipation(2011-08-10
profuse generalised uticaria, angioedema, wheezing2011-08-09
intestinal pain2011-08-09
Metalic taste in mouth and no food actually can be2011-08-09
Nausea,fever,hot and cold sweats, yellow eyes, har2011-08-08
Yellow eyes2011-08-08
extreme paranoia2011-08-08
moderate depression, healthy otherwise2011-08-07
fatigue, bone pain, dental problems2011-08-06
i have insomnia , stiff muscles , and recently hav2011-08-06
constricting headache (band-like) followed by pain2011-08-06
feeling tired, headache2011-08-06
Severe Joint/Muscle Pain,Fatigue, Bone Pain, heada2011-08-04
Severe itching all over,Bad skin rash, fatigue, fl2011-08-04
Eczema, thrush2011-08-04
allergies - ear pressure, headache, stuffy nose2011-08-04
Burning joints and muscles. Cramping and inflexibl2011-08-04
Flu-like symptoms (chills, fever), headache, diarr2011-08-02
Lack of sweating, prickly itching when hot or expo2011-08-01
fatigue, severe back pain, mood swings, HAIR LOSS2011-08-01
drowsiness, slowing of cognition, hallucinations, 2011-08-01
Fatigue, bad taste in mouth, dizzy, breathing prob2011-07-31
fatigue, dizziness, gastro-intestinal/acid reflux2011-07-31
Posterior Vitreous Detachment 2011-07-29
chills nausea2011-07-29
Insomnia and aggitation2011-07-28
About one hour after test was completed, feel fati2011-07-28
sleepnessness, heart rate beats 100 x a minute. 2011-07-27
allergic reaction, itching- armpits, hands, feet, 2011-07-25
Facial rash2011-07-25
nausea, sleeplessness, fatique, burning in stomach2011-07-24
Brother committed suicide by hanging.2011-07-24
slight fever, abdominal cramps, urticaria, swollen2011-07-22
wrist in injury = pain and swelling after injury2011-07-22
sleeplessness 2011-07-21, euphoric/"medicine head"2011-07-22
Nausea, extreme dizziness, my eyes won't focus, jo2011-07-22
Acute Renal Failure, 2+ Pitting Edema2011-07-21
nausea, memory loss, chest pains2011-07-20
Atrial Fibrillation2011-07-20
fatigue 2011-07-20
Back ache, muscle pain in legs, exacerbation of os2011-07-20
Dry mouth, depressed, tired, hot flushes, heart mu2011-07-20
Week 3 of CHAMPIX, smoke free for 14 days :) Side 2011-07-20
I was switched to film from tabs several months ag2011-07-20
I went ENT doctor because i had ear popping for th2011-07-20
diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, orthostatic hypotension2011-07-19
Child using this medication. Nervouse twitching in2011-07-19
burning pain on lower gums, lower lip doubled in s2011-07-17
upper abdominal pain (sharp, intermittent), severe2011-07-16
nausea vomiting liver failure death2011-07-16
Severe dyspnea. Heart palpitations. Completely di2011-07-15
pitting pedal edema to mid thigh, exhaustion and s2011-07-15
Severe constipation, whenever I take aleve. Alway2011-07-15
bloating, excess gas,2011-07-15
Heavy nausea during first trimester of pregnancy.2011-07-13
extreme tiredness fatigue2011-07-13
sneezing fits runny nose and eyes2011-07-13
Nonstop crying, psychomotor retardation (difficult2011-07-12
Extreme jaw pain on right side of mouth 2011-07-12
Dementia, gait disturbance, loss of bladder contro2011-07-12
Swollen Lymph Nodes in throat, loss of taste (seve2011-07-11
I started using sensodyne a few months ago. I have2011-07-10
Hair fall big belly puffy eyes low sex drive T2011-07-10
Heavy fatigue, cfs, ebstein barr syndrome, knee jo2011-07-10
Narcolepsy, cardiac arrythmia 2011-07-08
short-term memory loss, delirium2011-07-08
swollen eyes, hives, bumps, itching, watery eyes, 2011-07-08
pain shoulders neck2011-07-07
Gas, bloating, headaches, increased sex drive2011-07-07
Confusion and falling down2011-07-07
Soreness, intense itching, discharge, skin loss2011-07-07
Sore that appeared to start under my skin at injec2011-07-05
sleeplessness nausea restlessness, severe acidity 2011-07-05
My face and lip swelled up. I only slept 18 minut2011-07-05
fatique. sleeplessness, anxiety2011-07-04
Big dark red spots around my genital are and speci2011-07-04
chest pains2011-07-03
dizziness, a sense of confusion, dilated pupils, s2011-07-02
silver dollar sized pressure on left side of head2011-07-01
fatigue muscle aches nausea gas severe bloody 2011-07-01
erectile dysfunction2011-07-01
immediate and lasting headache; hot flashes & ligh2011-07-01
Nausea, burping, abdominal pain in upper left quad2011-07-01
Can't taste a thing2011-06-30
Erectile Dystunctional2011-06-30
Anal fisssure2011-06-30
Had my injection on a Thursday afternoon, when I a2011-06-27
Severe flu like symptom, fever, chills, aches, and2011-06-27
lip numbness 2011-06-26
It made me very nervous and jittery, I was not abl2011-06-25
Allergic Reaction - Anaphylatic Shock2011-06-24
Rash on chin and surrounding area, then inside of 2011-06-24
Abdominal pains2011-06-24
I have been diagnoised with Carpel Tunnel in both 2011-06-23
bleeding and spotting when peeing in the morning o2011-06-22
Severe huge blisters (#6 - 3x4" blisters) and many2011-06-21
Ears and head pressure2011-06-21
Extreme depression. Sleeping 15 hours per day, no 2011-06-20
fatigue, sleplessness, dry mouth, red injection si2011-06-20
watery stool after 3 or 4 hours of taking the medi2011-06-20
unusual gate, shaky hands unable to focus on objec2011-06-19
Change in circadian rhythm2011-06-18
asthma, chest infection2011-06-18
orthostatic hypotension2011-06-17
insomia,stomack pain,bomiting2011-06-16
involuntary facial muscle movement,tongue swelling2011-06-15
Joint pain, back aches, carpal tunnel, Raynauds, f2011-06-15
blurred vision,dizziness,anxiety,fast heartbeat,ch2011-06-15
Fatigue-tiredness, Finger hand arm pain, Leg pain.2011-06-15
Agitation, agression, depression, inability to sle2011-06-12
burning eyes 2011-06-12
drousy, sleepy,2011-06-12
I had my infusion on June 10. On June 11 I was ver2011-06-11
After only 3 pills had severe fatigue, vomiting, d2011-06-11
nausea and stomach pain2011-06-10
Took Remifemin for hot flashes and anxiety. Been 2011-06-10
Extreme fatique, suicidal, sleeplessness, withdraw2011-06-10
headache, chills, left upper arm started hurting t2011-06-09
sensitivity to light-eyes bloodshot after using dr2011-06-09
fatigue,sleepliness,leg pain,mouth pain, red sting2011-06-09
I cut the 1200mg. extra strength tablet into 2 par2011-06-09
burning rash and hives whenever in contact with co2011-06-08
I was prescribed Restasis for dry eye. Literally 2011-06-05
H-Pillory taking Prevpac, and same thing here, I s2011-06-03
i was injected for a dental cleaning. in short tim2011-06-03
Felt "drunk" and waves of nauseau. Legs itched ter2011-06-03
Itching all over esp my face2011-06-03
fatigue and joint pain in right hip and leg2011-06-02
Extreme fatigue, heavy and frequent menstrual cycl2011-06-02
Acute alergic dermititus2011-06-02
Anxiety, Panic, Sleeplessness, nausea, aggression2011-06-02
excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, fatigue2011-06-01
dry bloodshot eyes2011-06-01
deafness,fatigue, more neuropathic pain now has fe2011-06-01
I had terrible back pain, muscle and joint pain. W2011-06-01
Very sore, raw tongue. Feels as if I have serious2011-06-01
vertigo, headache2011-06-01
severe stomache pains ,voiming ,bloated ,breathles2011-06-01
neck and shoulder pain resulting in tension headac2011-06-01
I smell a disgusting smell (similar to cat food or2011-06-01
Weight gain that I can't shake even with a 1,200 c2011-06-01
no appetite, taste changes, no thirst, decrease ur2011-05-31
Extreme nausea, continuous and excessive of hot sw2011-05-29
Gastro- vomiting, diarrhea 2011-05-28
last year when i was prescribed to flixotide i beg2011-05-28
I have moderate RA which, according to my health c2011-05-26
Swelling and pressure at injection sites, asthma, 2011-05-24
sleepy, lightheaded, dizzy, diarrhea,weak, headach2011-05-24
I was taking about 2/3 tablets a day for a few wee2011-05-23
severe stomach cramps, pain between sternum, lower2011-05-22
Three separate occasions of blood clots in my ur2011-05-20
leg pain and burning2011-05-20
yellow vaginal discharge, US-fibroids and abnormal2011-05-19
seeing things that are not there2011-05-19
Fatigue, body aches, dizzyness, mild nausea, heada2011-05-15
Dizzy...spouse said I was actually walking at an 2011-05-15
High fever, severe bone pain, severe headache, diz2011-05-12
heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath2011-05-12
Nausea, rapid heart beat, sleeplessness, constant 2011-05-12
Ferrlecit infusions 1x week for 8 weeks. Fever, se2011-05-11
heat on feet and hands and on sleep at night 2011-05-11
severe head-ache, severe body muscle spasms, pain 2011-05-11
fatigue, nausea2011-05-11
mild fatigue, gynecomasty and increase of ALT2011-05-11
Nausea and sickness and light headeness2011-05-10
Severe bone pain, fatigue, depression, migraines, 2011-05-10
severe red,blisters,that burn bad2011-05-09
Feeling Shaky, anxious, stomach hurts, disorientat2011-05-09
severe itching, restlessness, sleeplessness2011-05-09
goose bumps2011-05-08
Weakness, fatigue, difficulty with movement, coma2011-05-08
stomach pain severe and diarrhea2011-05-06
sudden high fever2011-05-05
cough.runny nose,whezzing2011-05-03
high total cholesterol and LDL, easy to get fatigu2011-05-02
Loss of taste and smell2011-05-02
sleeplessness, hallucinations, hearing voices, hot2011-05-02
Bloated, gas, bitterness in mouth, increased heart2011-05-02
Lack of sweating, prickly itching when hot or expo2011-05-01
Headache, lightheadedness, lassitude, depression, 2011-05-01
fatigue, abdominal bloating.2011-05-01
both thumbs have stabbing pain,upper thoracic pain2011-05-01
Lining of mouth peeling.2011-05-01
A continuous weird sensation on my tongue. Feels 2011-05-01
increased urination, night sweats2011-04-29
Vomiting, drowsy, dry mouth, constipation2011-04-28
Severe Depression and suicidal thoughts2011-04-28
Extremely bloodshot eyes and headache2011-04-27
Swelling of eyelid, hives over eyelid, shortness o2011-04-26
severe panic attacks for 3 days after d/c2011-04-26
Jaw pain, numbness in legs and hands, joint pain, 2011-04-25
Severe redness, itching, burning, pain, blisters, 2011-04-25
I received reclast in April of 2011. I am 43 year2011-04-25
Sever and constant burning in chest. Painful to sw2011-04-24
fatigue, light-headedness, nausea, sluggish, anemi2011-04-23
change in depth perception2011-04-23
Excessive Bruising, very rapidly with little cause2011-04-23
sleeplesness (never a problem before), apathy, slo2011-04-23
intense fatigue and headache2011-04-22
Fatigue and blood pressure is 75/43 pulse 63. whe2011-04-21
Nases, vomiting, liver failiure, kidney failure, a2011-04-20
Depression Funny thoughts Fatigue2011-04-20
dizziness, fainting, stomach and abdominal pains, 2011-04-20
extreme nausea and vomiting, ringing in the ears, 2011-04-19
jerking body, double vision2011-04-16
fatigue,impotence,arthralgias,sleep apnea, depress2011-04-15
Loss of appetite, unintenional anorexia2011-04-15
Extremely tired immediately after injection. same2011-04-14
After taking ciprolet, bynozyt and flagyl I notice2011-04-13
tongue NUMBNESS2011-04-11
nausea, severe abdominal pain, sleeplessness, dizz2011-04-11
fatigue, nausea, mild abdominal pain and back ache2011-04-11
i cant sleep iam having nightmares when id now aia2011-04-10
fatigue,drowsiness,totally lifeless2011-04-10
haematuria, peri anal and vulva and urthra irritat2011-04-09
blisters on lip2011-04-09
moderate body itching, severe itching and hives of2011-04-08
Itchy red bumps. Red skin.2011-04-08
vomiting, nausea in THAT order2011-04-07
restlessness, extreme dizziness, tremors, vomiting2011-04-07
high ever, headache,2011-04-07
Severe nausea, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, di2011-04-07
I take about 25 every night. I take them 5 at a ti2011-04-07
mood swing, teary , not coping with stress, metall2011-04-06
Increase in BP2011-04-06
I re-introduced some hydralazine (25 mg tablets) a2011-04-05
I am a choral soprano and have been on Seretide fu2011-04-04
emotional, sad, depressed, moody, mad, cramps , an2011-04-03
Severe heartburn, tightness of skin problem, bruis2011-04-03
heaviness feel in stomach and unsettle, lump in th2011-04-01
my body was absolutely covered in massive hives 102011-04-01
Lethargy, sleeplessness, abdominal pain, constipat2011-04-01
Two weeks after the infusion I woke up feverish an2011-04-01
Bradycardia, low blood pressure, weight loss2011-04-01
sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, loss of appeti2011-04-01
is it possible to feel the cold? i'm taking adartr2011-03-31
Extreme short-term memory loss (for 8 months today2011-03-30
sleepy, stomach problems, no appetite, anxiety2011-03-30
I had fever, chills, severe pain in my joints, vom2011-03-29
severe headache,Vomiting2011-03-29
severe headache,Vomiting2011-03-29
dizziness, ringing in ear, muffled hearing, stabbi2011-03-28
Nausea, vomiting, very bad headaches, back pain, n2011-03-26
cramping in legs of 10 month old baby - extreme pa2011-03-25
exsteme fatigue/sleepy 2011-03-25
Nausea, headach, whole body tremor so bad i couldn2011-03-25
extreme fatigue, nausea,headaches2011-03-25
fatigue,sleeplessness,constapation,irreggular hear2011-03-24
eyelids drooped, speech impairment (lisp),insomnia2011-03-24
Experience serve muscle pain in arms and back acr2011-03-23
Sleeplessness (due to mental stimulation similar t2011-03-22
extreme fatigue, nausea, heartburn and just feelin2011-03-22
redness, oozing, on 2"x2" area of bottom of foot; 2011-03-22
Daughter is hearing voices at night. Familiar voic2011-03-20
itchy rash, after the rash went away, dry flaky sk2011-03-20
nausea and dizzyness2011-03-18
Persisting severe joint and bone pain2011-03-18
fatigue 2011-03-17
peeling, sore inide of cheeks nearest to my teeth,2011-03-17
unable to speak without lisping, headaches, diffic2011-03-17
1 mg mylan a1 don't help me sleep. But .5 mg G G 22011-03-16
Extreme body aches, mostly in knees, hips, back an2011-03-16
Extreme hunger, loose stool, headaches2011-03-15
My husband has short bouts of unconciousness,which2011-03-14
Reclast about 2:00pm felt very tired after this. 2011-03-14
Light-headed, weak muscles, feeling strange2011-03-12
Headache, sweating, weight gain and decreased Libi2011-03-12
Muscle cramps and muscle pain 2011-03-12
2 1/2 lesion on left side. Appeared to have come f2011-03-12
Night Sweats2011-03-11
Bleeding . Nausea. Headaches. Anxiety. Mood s2011-03-11
During first 5 weeks of medication i experienced d2011-03-11
muscular weakness2011-03-11
headaches, diarfhea and constipation, neck pain2011-03-10
bone ache2011-03-10
sleeplessness,sounds and voices when sleeping, wei2011-03-10
numbness left side, fast heart rate and shaking2011-03-08
Had been fighting a sinus infection for two months2011-03-06
fatigue,going to the bathroom all the time. anal a2011-03-06
Severe Back Pain2011-03-05
Swollen stomach, feeling sick and headache. Hooe 2011-03-05
vomiting, severe nausea2011-03-03
Red rash on wrist where ChloroPrep was not cleaned2011-03-03
severe legm pains tremors jerking noding2011-03-02
feeling sleepy,gaining weight,joint pains2011-03-02
Since beginning this drug for seizures, (it is the2011-03-01
productive cough with purulentrust coloured sputum2011-03-01
erectile disfunction2011-03-01
fatique,joint pain,muscle weakness,stomach upsets,2011-03-01
Large atrophy in Left buttock at injection site. a2011-03-01
Severe Nasal irritation and blockage, causing mode2011-03-01
Muscle weakness leading to temporary paralysis in 2011-02-28
Lower back & hip pain, stiff joints w/pain, fatigu2011-02-28
Tightness in chest causing extreme discomfort and 2011-02-28
dizziness, weakness,bone/join pain,increased urina2011-02-28
fatigue,muscles in legs feel weak, muscle pain in 2011-02-28
sleeplessness, nausea2011-02-27
Nausea,cough neckpain,headache,sweting2011-02-27
fatigue headache dizzyness spaced out2011-02-26
confusion, abnormal behavior2011-02-25
swollen red rash on hands and swelling to left sid2011-02-25
Sore on bottom lip, sore swollen gum in rear of my2011-02-25
chest pressure, heart flutters, raised blood press2011-02-24
fatigue, nausea, headache2011-02-24
Voice hoarse,,fatigue,flare-up of arthritis, low W2011-02-24
severe hemorrage2011-02-23
began with waking up in the morning with dark brow2011-02-22
increased heart beat2011-02-21
I am on peritoneal Dialysis and the night after ca2011-02-20
Severe abdominal pain, slight difficulty breathing2011-02-20
a rash on my arms and chest, doesn't itch. gonna c2011-02-20
Rectal bleeding2011-02-20
headache indigestion2011-02-20
fatigue, besoin de dormir, palpitaioons cardiaque 2011-02-20
After taking Zicam I experienced severe bladder cr2011-02-18
Flu symptoms: aches, joint pain and fever. Felt lo2011-02-18
Akathisia; dyskinesia; tremor of the hands and arm2011-02-18
fatigue, joint and leg pain, especially in joints2011-02-17
Hi, i had the implant done 2weeks ago and i'm star2011-02-17
Cannot sleep, dry mouth and have to drink lots of 2011-02-17
increased heartrate, anxiety, swollen throat, dizz2011-02-16
major swelling, hands, face, neck, tongue, abdomen2011-02-16
Burning stomach2011-02-15
I have never had a reaction with Botox, but three 2011-02-15
Dry painful mouth, dizzy, heart racing,nausous,met2011-02-14
fatigue , diarrea ,headache,body pain2011-02-13
some nightly coughing2011-02-13
fatique, swollen and red eyes external (skin react2011-02-12
Anal bleeding (bright) not accompanied by pain.2011-02-12
Extreme dizziness, vertigo, nausea, diarrhea, feel2011-02-11
chronic dry cough, throat tickle, fatigue, no ener2011-02-10
gas, diarrhea2011-02-10
foot cramp2011-02-10
throat pain neck pain lung pain, sleeplessness, he2011-02-10
Sleeplessness, fatigue,going to bathroom every two2011-02-10
Immediately after dental anaesthetic of Articaine,2011-02-10
shakiness of the body, especially hands. I still 2011-02-10
stomach cramps, diarrhea,gas, bloating2011-02-09
nausea, vomiting, dizziness, foggy head, cant eat,2011-02-09
Massive tooth / gum pain, abscess.2011-02-09
anafalactic shock due to allergic reaction2011-02-08
urinary tract infection2011-02-08
Severe joint pain described by 10 year old as "lik2011-02-08
nausea, sleeplessness(extreme), abdominal and low 2011-02-05
twitching on one side of the face night sweats mo2011-02-05
Restless legs, side effect of Crestor2011-02-05
very bad hives, itchy skin, throat a little tight,2011-02-03
Dry Heaves 1 hour later; Vomiting 6 hours later; D2011-02-03
insomina i took diprophos 5mg injection only this2011-02-02
muscle weakness, insomnia, depression, fatigue, he2011-02-02
feels like flem is in my throat but when i take a 2011-02-02
extreme mania2011-02-02
nausea, lethargy, headaches,2011-02-01
fatigued, sleeplessness, nausea, diarrhea, headach2011-02-01
Constant gaseous feeling2011-02-01
cooridation problem, confusion, walking real probl2011-02-01
lumpy tongue, lump in throat, burn blisters2011-02-01
vertigo, encephalopaty, speech problems, eating pr2011-02-01
headache and right sided TMJ pain2011-01-31
very sore back at the bottom round the kidneys ,ha2011-01-30
I started using my husbands sensodyne and my gums 2011-01-28
4 stomach ulcers! I had a sinus infection off and 2011-01-28
drooping eyelid, especially left2011-01-27
epipericardial fat necrosis2011-01-27
Bright flashing light at night from peripheral si2011-01-25
chest palpitations, headaches, lethargy2011-01-25
Middle of night body redness, prickly feeling, ver2011-01-24
lower leg pain, twinkling toes, gum blisters2011-01-24
weekness,sleeplessness,lack of appetite2011-01-21
dizziness and diorreaha2011-01-21
Some sleepiness however most concerning horrible e2011-01-20
thick tongue, fatigue, nummness, cannot use hands,2011-01-20
Cough, throat irritation, tiredness, sick feeling2011-01-20
heartburn and stomach pain2011-01-20
Heart palpitations2011-01-20
My son is 14 years old. He has been on Concerta si2011-01-19
just a few hours after i took my first bonviva inj2011-01-19
Severe mood disturbance: aggitation, screaming, re2011-01-18
Eyelid swelling within hours. I too the medicine 2011-01-18
The day after my injection I had a terrible sore t2011-01-18
dimentia, fatigue, sleeplessness, confusion,memory2011-01-17
Extreme stomache ache vomiting2011-01-16
stomach cramps, diarrhoe2011-01-14
Severe diarehea and sounds coming from stomach2011-01-14
Severe headache, at night, woke me up. I rarely ha2011-01-14
Extreme drowsiness and sleepiness. Feel very tired2011-01-14
swollen right ankle2011-01-14
more abdominal pain due to gastrointerytis, lack o2011-01-13
Nausea, intestinal cramps2011-01-12
I was hearing music and voices when there was none2011-01-12
I meant to say my blood pressure was 154/93 when t2011-01-12
nausea, diahhrea, excitability, decreased libido, 2011-01-12
fatigue very bad gait disturbance on left side res2011-01-11
very very severe vertigo on withdrawl of champix2011-01-10
aches pains muscular2011-01-10
Nausea, fatigue, confusion, heart palpitations, mi2011-01-09
Cramps, sharp paind, headaches, mood swings2011-01-08
stomach pain2011-01-07
Hallucinations. 2011-01-07
sleepless, nervous, muscle pain, chills elevated b2011-01-06
Shortness of breath, tightening of chest, tighteni2011-01-06
upper extremities very sore, painful to move, ting2011-01-05
Weight gain diarrhea memory problems2011-01-05
abdominal pain2011-01-05
rash,vomiting, sleeplessness, 2011-01-04
thigh,knee and feet pain, increasing nausea and vo2011-01-03
rash - welps2011-01-03
Nausea, Anxiety Attacks, Increased Nervousness, vo2011-01-03
drowsy all day sleepy2011-01-03
muscle weakness2011-01-03
bone pain in legs2011-01-03
insomnia, skin rash, dry skin, itchy skin, loss of2011-01-01
Fatigue and ack of motivation2011-01-01
Nausea, chest cramps, heavy cheast find it very di2011-01-01
coughing chest pain tightness in chest shortness o2011-01-01
fatigue, sweating,2011-01-01
Eyes feeling heavy and tired with a constant achin2011-01-01
heavy sweating fatigue sleeplessness.2011-01-01
tiredness,headache after distance walking,after wa2011-01-01
Parasthesia, myalgia, fatigue. Tingling in finger2011-01-01
I notice a big difference in effect from this gene2011-01-01
Always tired. And i cant even have sex because eve2011-01-01
My 24 year old son took this without a prescriptio2010-12-31
large red spots all over body2010-12-30
enlarged liver, itching, 2010-12-30
burning heart burn2010-12-28
extreme heart burn2010-12-28
Recurrence of kidney stones2010-12-26
Vertigo x one week, getting worse. 2010-12-26
extensive rash 2010-12-25
Body acksm fatigue, head ack, 2010-12-25
For 3 years I experienced abnormal monthly spottin2010-12-24
Extreme nausea, fatigue, daily diarrhea, loss of 2010-12-23
rash all over my body2010-12-23
Extreme headache especially down the side of my he2010-12-22
burn with blisters, hot skin. where applied2010-12-22
Extreme muscle and joint pain, inability to fight 2010-12-22
Increased blood glucose by an average of 20 points2010-12-21
welts, burns &pain on medecation site. very sore..2010-12-21
Breast cancer2010-12-20
two small bald patches on my head where the hair j2010-12-20
Stopped taking for severe headaches and loss of l2010-12-19
I used flurouracil cream for 4-5 days for precance2010-12-18
After administering eye drops, sustain broken bloo2010-12-17
Medicine (take 25mg metoprolol 2X daily and 50mg w2010-12-17
Respiratory depression, fatigue, low blood pressur2010-12-17
Dull aching constent pain in pelvic area and down 2010-12-16
severe contact dermatitis or area washed surroundi2010-12-16
The worst symptoms is pain in joints all over. I f2010-12-15
drowsiness ,dizzy 2010-12-14
drowziness,dizziness, back n shoulder to elbow lef2010-12-14
extreme shoulder arm back pain2010-12-14
kidney infection2010-12-13
Severe ptosis of left eyelid for two weeks. Very l2010-12-13
My Boyfriend takes Deplin, his only taken it for a2010-12-12
depression, fatigue, loss of appeaite, weapingness2010-12-12
depression, anxiety2010-12-12
erythema antecubital regions (circular and large) 2010-12-11
depression, anger, confusion, sleepy, mostly anger2010-12-10
Mania, mental status changes, inconsolable crying,2010-12-08
Swollen tongue, difficulty swallowing and breathin2010-12-07
ringing in ears (like mic to speacker feed back)2010-12-07
The last 2 days i have been curled up in a ball so2010-12-05
battle to fall asleep at night yet tired during th2010-12-05
bad burn from patch welts and redness very painfu2010-12-05
psoriasis,diabetic mellitus2010-12-04
Stomach pains, bloating, hives, itchiness and swel2010-12-04
Horrible methane type gas and cramps with the 550 2010-12-03
body aches,itchy,light headedness, dizzy, red rash2010-12-03
muscles in both legs are very sore and it hurts to2010-12-01
abdominal pain, diahorrea2010-12-01
Nausea, diarrhea, gi upset, tingling in toes, ligh2010-12-01
First I was extremely tired and lethargic, Severe 2010-12-01
Vertigo and profound hearing loss 2010-12-01
fatigue,sleeplessness,eye irritation,numbness,ches2010-11-30
erectile dysfuntion2010-11-30
Swelling, rash & ishiness2010-11-30
black outs, hearing music, confusion, severe numbn2010-11-30
fatigue,dizziness, nausea, vomiting2010-11-27
Acne, transformed into abcess/boil. Then in May 202010-11-26
Vile smelling urine & bowel movements. Diarrhea &2010-11-25
sleeplessness, crawly sensation on skin2010-11-24
fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, dizziness, anxiety,2010-11-24
Spondititis/back pain2010-11-23
Inserted September 2007, I've experienced constant2010-11-22
After 1 year of using Baraclude, I experienced the2010-11-22
urinal bleding2010-11-21
swelling of face and legs2010-11-20
Muscle aches2010-11-20
Hair Loss2010-11-19
chronic dry cough, difficulty breathing, left ear 2010-11-19
insomnia, queasiness and increased appetite.2010-11-18
100.4 fever, red spots on left side, same side as 2010-11-18
Dilated pupils2010-11-17
Moderate Dizziness, vertigo two hours after taking2010-11-16
Abnormal dreams and fatigue2010-11-16
fatigue,fever,chills,bone pain,spine pain,swollen 2010-11-16
Violent vomiting & chest pain2010-11-15
Swelling in the top left part of the jaw and gums2010-11-15
Stomach Pains, Diarrhea, extremely tired Dizziness2010-11-14
Extreme constipation, fatigue, weight gain, short 2010-11-12
off-on fever,headache ,nausea. drop in temp-95-96%2010-11-12
formation of salivary glandular cyst2010-11-12
weight gain, stomach pains,tired, mood swings and 2010-11-12
fatigue & slight dizziness occasionally2010-11-12
Gout in the large toe, right foot2010-11-11
Implanon. I started on Implanon in November of 202010-11-11
Severe headache2010-11-10
sleeplessness, sleepy, fatigue, headaches2010-11-10
Fatigue, sleeplessness,blurred vision,2010-11-10
Fatigue, muscle and joint pain, like that of arthr2010-11-10
severe headache,fast heart beat,breathless (pantin2010-11-09
Head pain...base of skull, upper shoulders, top of2010-11-09
Extreme flatulence, explosive diarrhea, extreme am2010-11-08
bad headache2010-11-07
Dizziness, blurred vision and felt unbalanced. Wen2010-11-06
Numbness and tingling of hands. Worst pain ever f2010-11-06
swollen ankles 2010-11-05
increased heart rate, atrial fibrilation, head and2010-11-05
vivid grotesque nightmares and scratches and bite 2010-11-05
muscle weakness, legs,shoulder,neck.cramping2010-11-04
Neuropathy in neck, shoulders, arms and hands!2010-11-04
Efectin. Huge tremor and anxiety2010-11-04
stomach upset coughing and recently severe sore t2010-11-04
sudden down fall of the Blood Pressure2010-11-03
heartburn, shooting gas pains throught my chest an2010-11-03
headache stomach pain hallucinations blurred visio2010-11-02
Elevated heart rate when exercising. Normal heart 2010-11-01
fatigue,panic attacks despite being in general goo2010-11-01
cough---shortness of breath2010-11-01
severe constipation,increased blood sugars2010-11-01
Burning of my eyes2010-11-01
shoulder and arm pain loss of muscle tone cordina2010-11-01
lethargy, skin rash on neck and face, vivid dreams2010-10-31
Double vision, fatigue, restlessness, confusion, s2010-10-30
out of control heartrate2010-10-30
abnormal sensation in eye... eye pressure, redness2010-10-28
Severe muscle spasms in my legs at night, and my b2010-10-28
crying alot,feeling low and very negative,depresse2010-10-28
slight blindness, fatigue, nausea, depression2010-10-28
DVT, increased LDL cholestrol2010-10-27
severe pelvic and leg pain, insomnia, could not sl2010-10-26
diarrhea, back ache.2010-10-26
feeling burning inside the body and after that dif2010-10-26
extream weakness2010-10-26
Nausea, fatigue, sleeplessness, mood swings, rage,2010-10-26
Fatigue, sleepy, very low blood pressure, spinning2010-10-23
Severe diarrhoea2010-10-23
Low Hb i.e 4.6gm2010-10-23
Severe diaharrea, loss of apetite, rapid heartbeat2010-10-22
Standard Poodle was prescribed Systane Ultra for a2010-10-22
Itchy, welping skin.2010-10-22
groin pain.2010-10-22
severe arthralgia 2nd day after taking levofloxaci2010-10-21
used mixted around 21.00 in 18 units and Actropi2010-10-20
dry eyes2010-10-20
leg and foot cramps.2010-10-20
sever fatigue ,myopathy,loss of weight ,dysphagia,2010-10-20
inflammation of the iris 2010-10-20
excessive sweating lower libido and excrusiatin2010-10-20
sleeplessness, nausea, diarrhea, hallucination, vi2010-10-19
Vast array of symptoms. Including weight gain, "mo2010-10-19
unilateral ear pain (left side only)2010-10-19
extreme blood shot eyes, tender head to the touch.2010-10-19
Fatigue, muscle cramps, disturbed sleep, depressio2010-10-18
swelling feet2010-10-17
blood sugar still high2010-10-15
tremendous gas2010-10-15
sleeplessness, sweating, low sex drive2010-10-15
Sonce taking 100 mg epilim my husband start talkin2010-10-14
I wishdI\'d read this site before I took Reclast y2010-10-14
increased heart rate over 2x, did not subside with2010-10-13
extreme fatigue, delerium, inadequate analgesia2010-10-12
Muscle pain top of foot and slight in r hip2010-10-12
sleepy all day that night itched from head to toe2010-10-12
Oedema, incontinence, dizzy spell, momentary disor2010-10-11
fatigue, high blood pressure, and blurred vision.2010-10-11
Sleepyness in the first months. Contipation, dry m2010-10-10
insomnia, higher blood pressure, bounding pulse, m2010-10-10
hot flashes2010-10-10
Fatigue, extreme bone pain, swelling in joints, li2010-10-10
difficult urination2010-10-10
Frequent urination, very tired, nausea, sudden dia2010-10-10
rapid heartbeat after 1 dose2010-10-08
vomiting, headache, burning/reduced volume when ur2010-10-08
drooping eyelid/face2010-10-08
nausea,fatigue.genital cystals2010-10-08
sleeplessness,slight heart pains,floating feeling.2010-10-07
terrible dizziness headache and tiredness2010-10-06
My 16 yo son took several doses of Axert within th2010-10-06
Extreme dizziness2010-10-05
headache from 10 05 20102010-10-05
I took half a Dormicum and had a complete loss of 2010-10-05
fatigue, dizziness, nausea, weight gain, headaches2010-10-05
joint pain, fatigue, frequent urination, paranoid 2010-10-05
Fatigue, headache, dizziness, joint and muscle ach2010-10-04
disorientation, vomiting, sweating, dizziness, 2010-10-04
Fatigue, metallic taste in mouth, swollen eyes, dr2010-10-03
aches, pains., very itchy scalp,2010-10-01
short breath2010-10-01
constant need to go to the toilet to pee2010-10-01
bad taste in mouth, dizziness, tightening in chest2010-10-01
frequent night urination(every hour), interferes w2010-10-01
fatigue, dizziness, nausea, mental confusion, trou2010-10-01
Arrythmia, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Permane2010-10-01
Nauseau, abdominal cramping, vomiting2010-10-01
fatigue,insomnia,out of breathe continually,weak2010-10-01
Bone and joint pain, fatigue, visual disturbance (2010-10-01
sleepiness mood swings. feeling of not sound min2010-10-01
High Blood Pressure, Rash, Muscle on both upper ar2010-10-01
Hashimoto's Disease Hair Loss Fatigue2010-10-01
fatigue, suppressed immune system, pulmonary edema2010-09-30
breathlessness nfatigue2010-09-29
Sleeplessness, dreams that haunt you.2010-09-28
abdominal pain white coated tongue loss of apettit2010-09-28
Metallic taste in mouth and throat, very shortly a2010-09-27
dizzy nausea shaking panic attacks2010-09-25
severe mood swings, suicidal ideation... almost ha2010-09-25
stomache pain,chest pain and nausea2010-09-24
Taking Keppra and have low bloodplatlets. Doctor 2010-09-24
fatigue, nausea, spots on the shoulders2010-09-23
Parkinson with low blood pressure,fatigue, sleeple2010-09-23
Burning in throat 2010-09-22
Severe headache/migraine with some nausea2010-09-22
Blurred vision, eye irritaion2010-09-22
constipation,polyuria with urinary frequency, anxi2010-09-22
tingling sensation on facial skin Guddiness2010-09-20
itchy rash in abdominal area and back.2010-09-18
Tinnitus and Hearing damage ongoing,2010-09-18
tinnitus, audicion disminuida, oido tapado2010-09-18
tired all the time yawning feeling sick increased 2010-09-16
Brain confusion, feeling abnormal, hyperactive, au2010-09-15
fatigue,severe weakness,heavy head,back pain,weakn2010-09-15
Severe atrophy at injection sites..loss of muscle 2010-09-15
Swelling of lips, swelling of tongue, pain in mout2010-09-13
hyperactivity, muscle twitches, sleeplessness, ang2010-09-13
weakness, bad breathing, sleeplessness2010-09-12
Significant blurred vision2010-09-12
Red whelts on back right hand side of body, increa2010-09-12
restlessness, nausea, stomach pain, upset stomach,2010-09-11
stomach ache, headache, nausea, 2010-09-10
Insomnia, muscle spasms, restless legs, nausea, sh2010-09-10
anxiety, vertigo, tinnitus2010-09-10
Vertigo Bruxism Hypo-mania Hyper-sexuality Beg2010-09-10
Thought disorder, general psychosis2010-09-10
tingling sensation in hands and feet, weight loss,2010-09-10
very painful ear head jaw2010-09-09
chills, sleeplessness & fatigue for a little over 2010-09-09
sciatica - buldging disc L52010-09-09
central chest pain [like heartburn]2010-09-09
nausea anxiety being nervous2010-09-09
weight gain and decreased appetite2010-09-08
Peeling and irritation inside the entire mouth aro2010-09-08
Nausea, Sleeplessness, Headaches, Dizzyness, Often2010-09-05
lower abdominal pain with flatus(gas)2010-09-05
Pain in arm joints, left arm aching constantly, an2010-09-03
Nasea, yello Urine, Yellowing of the eyes. 2010-09-03
hIGH BLOOD PRESSURE145-138/89-78,72 ETC ETC AND AL2010-09-02
Fatigue, nausea, terrible taste in mouth, unable t2010-09-02
Chronic cramping, severe diarrhoea, headache, neck2010-09-01
nausea, anxiety, hives2010-09-01
lower back pain2010-09-01
severe rashes and burning, all over body , dizzine2010-09-01
Started out with a real sore neck. thenthe heada2010-09-01
experienzing upper arm, shoulder and neck pain, al2010-09-01
Abdominal distention, lower abdominal pain, weight2010-09-01
Bone and joint pain2010-09-01
fatigue, abnormal heart rate (higher than normal),2010-08-31
heart palpitaions, severe headaches, pink urine, c2010-08-31
chest pains 2010-08-30
severe swelling of hands and arms , very hot, and 2010-08-30
renal failure, elevated bun and creatinine,extreme2010-08-30
tightness of chest, angina, abdominal distention, 2010-08-29
abdomenal, pains, fever2010-08-27
agitation including aggressive behavior towards he2010-08-27
extreme fatique, dizziness, sleeplessness. 2010-08-26
Sharp pain on the right side of my head 2010-08-26
vomiting,diarhoea,shaky tremors,stomach pains2010-08-25
nausea, diarrhea,increased anxiety, early waking, 2010-08-24
migraine headache2010-08-23
Urticaria rash2010-08-23
muscle aches in my arms and hips2010-08-22
pain in all my joints. unbearable pain in right e2010-08-22
Nausea, Skin Rash2010-08-22
The day after my once in 3 month dose of boniva I 2010-08-20
Perioddic palpitaions during the day and also whe2010-08-18
pulpatations tiredness restless aches and pains mo2010-08-18
palpitations occurred, then i experienced panting,2010-08-16
Severe heart palpitations, increase in heart beat 2010-08-16
memory loss confusion depression bad eyesight and 2010-08-16
vaginal odor2010-08-15
fatigue. sudden onset of joint pain (both knees at2010-08-15
depression, anxiety, stomach pain, nausea2010-08-15
I had H-Pylori and had to take the 14 days of the 2010-08-15
Tender breast, sleeplessness, excessive bleeding, 2010-08-15
Menstruated for three years very heavily without h2010-08-15
Acute Restlessness. Heart Palpatations. Overactive2010-08-14
Insomnia, rapid heart rate, anxiety, pulse ppoundi2010-08-14
blackouts, red face ,2010-08-14
shallow breathing, rapid heart beat, jerking of ex2010-08-14
nausea tired2010-08-13
swelling red skin2010-08-13
insomnia, bitter taste in mouth2010-08-12
dry mouth - headaches- tiedness2010-08-12
Weight gain2010-08-11
Drowsiness, Giddiness, knee and leg pain, irregula2010-08-11
fever,fatigue, and sleelessness2010-08-10
Rash on neck, blurred vision,body ache, loss of ap2010-08-10
fatigue++, irritability, weakness, nausea+++, mood2010-08-10
My mother had high blood pressure, some incontinen2010-08-10
diaria, stomach cramps, headache, light headed2010-08-09
High blood sugar results2010-08-08
My urine smells like the mucinex and I haven\'t ta2010-08-08
nausea, slight headache2010-08-08
Lower back pain, abdominal pain2010-08-08
headaches - fatigue2010-08-07
Hospitalization. X-ray shows cloudy areas in both 2010-08-05
fatigue. sleeplessness,diarohea2010-08-04
nausea, loose stools, stomach cramping, pins/needl2010-08-03
migraine, diarrhea2010-08-02
Drooping eye (Ptosis), flu-like symptoms, severe a2010-08-01
Weight loss , anxiety, depression2010-08-01
Loss of coordination, inability to react while dri2010-08-01
i have a problem from throat to anus and feel inf2010-08-01
belching, chest hurts, bones ache, throwing up2010-08-01
Stomach pain ... gas ... sour stomach2010-08-01
joint paid and numbness in right arm2010-08-01
carcinoma in situ2010-08-01
Experienced some pruritus, extreme fatigue (althou2010-07-30
Low Blood Pressure Fatique2010-07-30
nausea, vomiting. abdominal pain2010-07-29
chest discomfort, vertigo, palpitations with momen2010-07-29
palpitations and heartburn 2010-07-28
Severe back pain when I lay down. I wake up with 2010-07-27
Nausea,less concentration2010-07-26
inability to sleep in the evenings (i take the med2010-07-26
I started taking Centrum (again) on Sunday, July 22010-07-25
fatigue, bleeding nose, bad cough, tightness of ch2010-07-25
For two weeks I have been having vertigo, have had2010-07-23
Explosive diarrhea one to two days after increasin2010-07-22
taste alteration of sodas2010-07-20
depressed feelings2010-07-20
weight loss (60 Kg reduced to 54 Kg),hair loss, tr2010-07-20
I am on ativan for panic and anxiety attacks and w2010-07-19
Hot flushes2010-07-18
fatigue,nause feels sick2010-07-18
Nausea,vommiting,Sleepiness,fatique,change in tast2010-07-18
Severe ear pain.2010-07-17
discharge, sore nipples, itchy stomach,dry mouth2010-07-15
20 Mins after taing my pill on day 14, I fell unco2010-07-15
Knees pain. Trouble walking. Swollen knee.2010-07-15
very low blood pressure, low pulse rate fatigue.se2010-07-12
Blood in bowels, wretching, vomiting, muscus, dizz2010-07-12
elevated alkaline phosphatase, elevated aspartate 2010-07-12
Sudden onset extreme anxiety, heart palpitations, 2010-07-12
Dizziness,fast heart beat rate, sweating, itchy.2010-07-11
fatigue, muscle weakness2010-07-10
Extreme fatique. Nausea. Dizziness. Hair brittle. 2010-07-10
erectal malfunction2010-07-09
imbalance, light headedness2010-07-09
4 year old boy-Small bumps on lips that spread aro2010-07-09
sleeplessness,severe headache,nausea2010-07-08
I am glad to read that others are experiencing the2010-07-08
insomnia, abdominal discomfort, headache, constipa2010-07-07
Rumbling stomach...sometimes quite loud. Regular 2010-07-07
Rec-runt diarrhoea, vomiting desire,pain in stomac2010-07-07
Nausea, headaches, nightmares, night sweats, dry m2010-07-06
Kidneys stones in both kidneys. Will be having li2010-07-06
I've had implanon since June of 2010. At first it 2010-07-06
Spongiotic dermatitis2010-07-06
Rheumatoid 2010-07-05
insomnia....depression....weak legs....anxiety....2010-07-05
Anxiety, self consciousness, hyper aware2010-07-04
hallucinations, severe tremors, ataxia, diplopia2010-07-03
abnormal dreams, disturbed sleep, head and neck ac2010-07-03
Lower back pain, slip disc2010-07-03
ON BEHALF OF MY MOTHER - Extreme, excrutiating, un2010-07-02
Decrease in cognotive function, aggresion,depressi2010-07-02
My breasts are growing and i\'m picking up weight2010-07-01
I am a 64 year old male who has been taking Avodar2010-07-01
Nauseated within 10-15 minutes of taking2010-06-30
fatigue-nausea feeling cold,painfull legs around h2010-06-30
Application site burning, redness, pain, discolora2010-06-29
Myalgias and overall weakness2010-06-29
dizzyness, feeling hot and faint, sleepyness, blur2010-06-29
mild fever, blistered lip2010-06-28
Tiredness, nausea, weakness, fatigue, bitter taste2010-06-28
stomach upset2010-06-27
Nausea, abdominal pain, cramps, spotting, break th2010-06-27
toxic shock syndrome2010-06-27
burning sensation while urinating2010-06-25
fatigue, sleepy2010-06-24
blue finger nails2010-06-24
Amenorrhea or delayed menstrution2010-06-23
Very severe headache, very severe nausea, upset st2010-06-23
Chronic side pain, fatigue high liver enzymes, oth2010-06-22
Dilated pupils, dizziness, confusion, altered cons2010-06-21
blurry vision, being edgy/hyper, random thoughts, 2010-06-20
fits of sneezing, watery eyes, sinus complaints2010-06-19
extreme agitation,uncontrollable crying,anger,frus2010-06-18
stuffed nose, dry mouth, headache, photophobia, ey2010-06-16
Red bumps/rash all over abdomen and all areas wher2010-06-16
fatigue, sleeplessness, dry skin, chills in extrem2010-06-16
fatigue, less muscle building at gym, eyes swellin2010-06-16
severe red eyes and pain around ankle2010-06-15
sleeplessness tremor effect his speech tounge s2010-06-15
fatigue, muscle spasms, kidney damage,lack of orga2010-06-14
sore throat, congestion, cough, joint pain2010-06-14
I have been experiencing severe and sharp back and2010-06-13
Fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea, dizziness. Feelin2010-06-12
extensive rash2010-06-10
involuntary muscle twitching and jerking2010-06-10
My biggest issue with the Mirena is ringing in my 2010-06-10
took Boniva 150 monthly dose. Vomitting and extre2010-06-08
Eyes: 1. swollen eyelids. 2. White of eyes blu2010-06-08
cervical dystonia2010-06-07
fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea, restlessness, conf2010-06-06
do not have erection some times i do have but in 2010-06-06
sleeplessness,fatigue,asthma with copd., pnuemonia2010-06-05
gastroenteritis;flatulence urine retention low b2010-06-05
Swollen tongue and lips. 2010-06-04
Severe chest, back and arm pain, had to pant to br2010-06-04
site rash2010-06-03
Severe constipation2010-06-03
Restlesness, agitation, metal taste in mouth, more2010-06-02
40lb weight gain and sever acne breakout from jawl2010-06-01
spidery skin Rash arms and legs. swollen and extr2010-06-01
Benefit of using Champix is that I have no desire 2010-06-01
Eye pain2010-06-01
sleeplessness, excessive irritability, arching of 2010-06-01
Dark, coarse peach fuzz on face and neck2010-06-01
nocturnal epilepsy2010-06-01
Leukopenia, peripheral nerve damage, fatigue, mild2010-06-01
fatigue, chest pain, swelling, tachycardia, dizzin2010-06-01
very dry cough from consistent to severe. The coug2010-05-30
My son who is 7 is on allegra twice a day and sinc2010-05-29
dizziness, faint, severe shortness of breath, not 2010-05-29
developed rashes, breathlessness, swollen mouth an2010-05-28
sleeplessness, screaming, aggitation and change of2010-05-28
facial swelling,pain in both legs,vision blureness2010-05-28
Hives, tightness in chest & throat, swelling to fa2010-05-28
Severe projectile vomitting after consuming just a2010-05-27
abnormal behavior, irritability2010-05-27
Disgusting taste in my mouth, insomnia, diahorrea,2010-05-26
different sense of smell : smelling unpleasant sme2010-05-25
itchy all over head, chest, arms, legs..redness on2010-05-25
Breast enlargement2010-05-25
bleeding on and off with some pain,but,this week b2010-05-25
throat blockage ,muscle cramps general tiredness2010-05-25
Developed a dry cough about 2 week after start of 2010-05-25
Fatigue, soreness (felt like I\'d been run over, e2010-05-23
bad insomnia, depression , massive anxiety attacks2010-05-23
Nasal bleeding and general discomfort.2010-05-22
pain behind all toes.possibily gout?2010-05-22
Nausea,can't swallow,vomit,worry about eating. Can2010-05-22
pain toes and behind toes.Gout?2010-05-21
Aching legs, knees, shins, ankles2010-05-20
Taken for one week due to chronic pain prior to ha2010-05-19
facial swelling - lasting longer than 1 week, tong2010-05-18
Stabbing pain in right flank, liver, gall bladder 2010-05-17
dry skin on back and fore head,hard skin on soles 2010-05-16
Itching, dark urine, fatigue, jaundice2010-05-15
Occasional upset stomach. No other obvious symptom2010-05-15
pains in stomach2010-05-14
Severe fatigue, exhaustion, facial movements, rest2010-05-14
Fatigue acute head ache weeping feel smoke in nos2010-05-12
After taking augmentin at 8am, I felt dizziness an2010-05-10
musculo skeletal pains in the chest ,two years aft2010-05-10
Increase in blood sugar level fasting 270 mg/dL a2010-05-09
i have problim bulid suger what need medisen now i2010-05-08
Extreme burning red rash from neck to mid thigh on2010-05-07
redness in eye 2010-05-06
Got a fever of 103 and had to leave work to go hom2010-05-06
Jumpiness, irratiblity and drowsiness-all at the s2010-05-05
muscle ache in right thigh plus waking up in the 2010-05-05
Rash, swelling of tongue and lips. itching2010-05-05
every varicose vein in my legs became inflamed. Re2010-05-05
I had my first Reclast infusion on 5-4. Unfortuna2010-05-04
Blisters underneath my tongue, redness of the gums2010-05-03
Constipation, strong urine, bloated, really bad pa2010-05-03
facial hair growth (coarse black hair), acne on fa2010-05-02
Swollen painful joints, making walking difficult, 2010-05-02
Lower abdominal cramps and inability to BM.2010-05-01
Amnesia, suicide attempt, suicidal ideation, visio2010-05-01
Developed Sjogrens symptoms over a three month per2010-05-01
Itching and rash2010-05-01
Extreme fatigue, nausea, stomach pains, weight gai2010-05-01
Drooling 2010-04-30
cramps and darting pain in lower abdomen followed 2010-04-28
pain in legs, the speech is slow , i am walking li2010-04-28
Joint pain in left knee and hip.2010-04-28
hypertension for 1 week, spikes randomly,headache 2010-04-27
sleeplessness, burning in throat, horrible taste i2010-04-27
muscle spasm;weakness;bone pain2010-04-27
dry pharynx, unproductive cough, sore bilateral sh2010-04-25
restlessness non sleepy etc2010-04-25
Immediately after administering panadol blue 2 tab2010-04-24
bed wetting was the reason we were prescribed the 2010-04-24
Rash, increased heart rate.2010-04-23
my husband has been taking champix since dec 2009 2010-04-22
now gone: diarrhea, extreme ear pain, extreme eye 2010-04-22
I have addisons discease and during the 14 days th2010-04-22
swollen penis, but not erect2010-04-22
Intermittent lancing pain deep in left ear. Scalp 2010-04-22
I would say chest discomfort. Looking down at my c2010-04-21
30 minutes after dysport injections I got very sic2010-04-21
Insomnia, concentration problems.2010-04-20
Whole body rash. Itching. Worse from baking soda b2010-04-19
severe chills lasting 2 hours2010-04-19
Urinary retention and constipation - I only took t2010-04-19
Burning stomach, dizziness, trouble breathing2010-04-19
Sleeplessness sweating2010-04-18
Increased my meds 2 months ago because I felt suic2010-04-17
following cild birth ( LSCS) severe chest pain, 2010-04-17
feet feel dead and lame after one week very painfu2010-04-16
irritability, mood swings, abdominal pain, headach2010-04-15
I had the implanon implanted on april 15. its now 2010-04-15
extreme fatigue , bone ( hip especially) , mus2010-04-15
depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness, rash,2010-04-15
hair loss2010-04-15
unusual dreams, brain zaps2010-04-15
Difficuly to swallow food first and then liquids2010-04-15
Alopecia in head and beard2010-04-14
Hearing voices and seeing people that were not the2010-04-14
2 retinal tears on 2 different occasions.2010-04-14
buring on the site where my implanon was placed. h2010-04-13
Insomnia, anxiety, depression, weeping, heart palp2010-04-13
Loud Ringing in ears , Tinnitus2010-04-13
convulsion , headache .2010-04-12
thirsty, fatigue, nausea 2010-04-12
Extreme joint pain and swelling. It started in my 2010-04-12
Neutropenia, anemia, headaches, thrush, Meningitis2010-04-10
fatigue, diverticulitis, gas and bloating2010-04-10
Horrible taste in mouth!!!2010-04-09
hives, rash, diarrhea, now bloody looking2010-04-09
mood swings and rise in anger levels , short tem2010-04-09
Constant bleeding. It seems my menstruation didnt 2010-04-08
mouth tongu with black colour!fatigue, sleeplessne2010-04-07
Severe watery diarrohea, stomach cramps.2010-04-07
red itchy bumps covered entire skin area where chl2010-04-07
debilitating chronic constipation, excessive bloat2010-04-06
debilitating chronic constipation, excessive bloat2010-04-06
debilitating chronic constipation, excessive bloat2010-04-06
On April 6, I took one Solodyn tablet. (I have suf2010-04-06
very tired. 2010-04-05
day before I was supposed to complete my 7 day cou2010-04-05
sleeplessness 2010-04-04
Syncope, loss of consciousness (and consequent fac2010-04-04
ataxia - balance and coordination problems affecti2010-04-03
dilusional, dyphoria,shaking,strange sensations al2010-04-02
Extremely painful joints, muscular pains, hematomi2010-04-02
Extreme fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, weight gai2010-04-02
I could write a book on the bad side effects after2010-04-02
Everything that is mentioned in the previous revie2010-04-02
Distrust, betrayal, anger, mild depression, extrem2010-04-01
yeast infection2010-04-01
tingling in neck and extremities, dizziness while 2010-04-01
sleepy muddled2010-04-01
pins and needles, forgetfulness, concentration pro2010-04-01
enlarged breast,thighs and stomach.2010-04-01
violent throwing up- weight loss-sleeplessness2010-03-31
confusion,seizure,auditory hallucinations..2010-03-31
anaphylactic reaction, exanthem, hypotension, ill2010-03-30
The skin on my face started to break out badly2010-03-30
I had very bad stomach upset, crampyness ,dizzynes2010-03-30
severe shoulder pain after only one dose of levaqu2010-03-29
muscle pain, sleeplessness,pin and needles2010-03-28
light headedness, intoxicated feeling, fatigue, ba2010-03-27
back pain, abdominal pain, chest heaviness2010-03-24
Femail patient reporting the following side effect2010-03-24
severe nausea, vomiting,weakness and inability to 2010-03-22
Extreme restless legs, pain in arms and legs, agit2010-03-20
nose bleed2010-03-19
Loss of energy, loss of appetite, nausea, sleeples2010-03-19
vomiting, violent shaking2010-03-19
fatigue, chest pain, headache, abdominal cramping,2010-03-19
Within 30 minutes, developed a severe itch to uppe2010-03-18
Deep burning pain in shoulder blades, spine, hips,2010-03-18
Occasional armpit, shoulders and upperarms pain. S2010-03-18
I have posted previously about having difficulty b2010-03-18
I had cough, and chest and sinus congestion. I to2010-03-17
Dizzines nausea and passed out .Extreme sweating. 2010-03-17
My mother started to have red rash on her trunk an2010-03-17
Shoulder/upper arm pain in both arms2010-03-17
97 year old woman with leaking blatter treated wit2010-03-16
Side effect was initial pain, more than usual with2010-03-16
2nd degree chemical burns after surgical prep of a2010-03-16
tears, redness of the skin of the face, insomnia, 2010-03-16
Within moments of using Alvesco inhaler, asthma at2010-03-15
severe depression /crying/loss of appertite / suic2010-03-14
FRom 11pm at night tilll 8.30 am in morning, terri2010-03-14
headaches ,joint pain,muscle pain,lower back pain 2010-03-14
Insomia, ANXIETY like never before, Nausea, Depres2010-03-13
Increased heart-rate, nervousness, confusion, feel2010-03-12
Fainting with mini-seizure, numbness/tingling in 2010-03-12
Initial: dizzy, euphoria, sleepy, tired/exhausted 2010-03-11
bad dreams2010-03-11
high tsh level of 5 (thyriod)2010-03-10
Insomnia, post-truamatic stress and anxiety.2010-03-10
Rash and ichy legs very ichy scratch untill bleed2010-03-09
After 3 hours of post injection with DPT vaccine, 2010-03-09
atrial fibrillation2010-03-09
profound depression, no focus, no appetite... etc2010-03-09
tiredness, bradicardia2010-03-08
loose black stool...anal leakage2010-03-08
Painful and swollen left leg. Deep vein thrombosis2010-03-08
Extreme dry mouth (led to gum infection), extreme 2010-03-08
I started RANEXA last week and after 4-6 days I am2010-03-05
I used Cartia for about 1 1/2 months and felt very2010-03-04
severely red and hot face and ears, red blotches o2010-03-03
Lethargy, over sedation, over eating2010-03-03
nausea, severe cramps, fatigue, chills2010-03-02
It definately helps you sleep, but you have to tak2010-03-02
Skin peeling off the inside of my upper lip. Start2010-03-01
sore nipples2010-03-01
fatigue, sleeplessness , nausea, salty taste in my2010-03-01
feel nurveuse most of the time 2010-03-01
Depression, tearfulness, slight ongoing headache, 2010-03-01
anxiety, paranoia, loss of emotions, muscle twitch2010-03-01
Severe lower back and hip pain, which I take Trama2010-02-28
Fatigue, Bone pain, Headache, Joint pain, Eye pain2010-02-28
took one correctol before going to bed. woke up at2010-02-27
I had my second reclast in February, the next day 2010-02-27
I am never taking Cymbalta again! I and 54 year2010-02-26
Chronic sinus/tooth infection (chicken/egg situati2010-02-25
Constant tremors, heart palpitations, weakness, hi2010-02-25
Perceptive hallucinations2010-02-24
Perceptive hallucinations2010-02-24
severe stomach pain, nausea.2010-02-22
fatigue,nausea,inconfortable rtespiration..2010-02-22
Burning sensation, extreme pain, itchiness.2010-02-22
atrial filibration rapid irregular heart beat.2010-02-22
Allergic conjunctivitis, rash, swelling around the2010-02-22
elevated liver function test results, itchy palms 2010-02-22
axiety, sleeplesnes, tremor, tachycardia, weight l2010-02-20
massive weight gain, severe depression, hair loss,2010-02-20
Dry mouth Constipation Abdominal pain and bloati2010-02-19
chest pain, elevated blood pressure, ringing ears,2010-02-19
tightness in chest, not feeling totally usual self2010-02-19
Swollen throat, anxiety, itching, nightmeres, decr2010-02-17
chest pain2010-02-17
Pruritis $ Severe itching after using 20 months2010-02-16
nose bleed three times. 2010-02-16
Severe headache, visual disturbances, vivid dreams2010-02-16
Extreme stomach pain above belly button shooting o2010-02-16
severe vaginal bleeding2010-02-15
severe stomach pain, exhaustion, nausia, headache,2010-02-15
excruciating thigh nerve pain2010-02-15
Very intense palpitations lasting about 10-15 seco2010-02-13
light sensitivity, anorexia, fast pulse, extreme f2010-02-13
nightmares, headache, dizziness, impaired speech, 2010-02-11
25lb weight gain, increased appetite. I have had 42010-02-10
fatigue, nausea, short breath. purging2010-02-10
tingling of legs, severe nausea, diarhea, dizzines2010-02-09
terrible dry cough day and night,sore swollen eyel2010-02-08
Took first pill in the evening. At 3:00 am felt li2010-02-08
Chest pain, leg and arm pain, left low back pain a2010-02-07
nausea, fainted, fall, head first off toliet, spee2010-02-06
About 11 hrs after taking both flu shots, I began 2010-02-06
Dizzyness, feeling the room spinning2010-02-05
Fatigue, nausea, unsteadiness, tinnitus, severe de2010-02-04
lack of sleep, feeling incredibly hot, mood swings2010-02-03
Lossing balance, very bad headaches, very thirsty,2010-02-02
Sleepiness, gas, mild constipation, mild gastric d2010-02-02
nausea,fatigue,muscle pain,back pain,depression,an2010-02-02
severe throat irriation, coughing, gasping2010-02-01
Depression, tired, fatigue2010-02-01
severe asthma attack2010-02-01
After taking Veramyst for 3 days I started having 2010-02-01
Severe constipation, Stomach pain, Back Pain2010-02-01
visual acuity reduced2010-02-01
hot flashes, feeling of falling while sleeping, le2010-02-01
Restlessness, aggression, paranoia, depression, bl2010-02-01
Erectile dysfunction, muscle cramping2010-02-01
, GI bleeding..........2010-01-31
AT a family physician check up I discovered that A2010-01-29
Weight gain, pain in chest, fluid retention2010-01-29
severe diarrhea2010-01-27
Panic Attack (severe), Pounding Heart, ongoing pin2010-01-27
Agression, anger, after initial dose2010-01-27
Rash, hives2010-01-26
Loss of consciousness (twice); dizziness; severe d2010-01-25
erythema multiforma-mouth, lips, esophagus, headac2010-01-25
fatigue,tired all the time.nausea somtimes and dir2010-01-25
severe facial swelling, burning, irritation, redde2010-01-24
renal failure, anaemic, fatigue, high blood tensio2010-01-24
Profound short term memory loss 2010-01-23
Abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea, fatigue. 2010-01-22
joint pains, sever headaches, hot flashes, general2010-01-22
Vision blured, bad breath, headaches, sleeplesness2010-01-21
muscular pain2010-01-20
Fatigue, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Cramps, Dizziness2010-01-19
Raised Serum Creatinine from 1.2 mg/dl to 3.91 mg/2010-01-19
I have itching in my mouth and throat, stabbing pa2010-01-18
confusion, hallucination, loss of consciousness, a2010-01-18
Began to experience very bad pain in right shoulde2010-01-18
Dizziness, Unable to concetrate, Loss of equilibri2010-01-15
Migraine and sinus headaches with sinus pressure. 2010-01-15
I started having trouble breathing, tightness in m2010-01-15
Tartar like thick flaky film build up on upper and2010-01-15
Severe naseau and vomiting. Severe headache and ch2010-01-14
Ectopic Pregnancy2010-01-14
Felt dizzy on day 2, trouble sleeping from day 1 t2010-01-14
Metallic taste in my mouth since the procedure. 2010-01-11
Acute hunger prangs leading up to severe chest pai2010-01-11
Chest pain and shortness of breath2010-01-10
severe pain radiating from waist to toes2010-01-10
Doc orders to stop acyclovir in jan 2010 after 20m2010-01-10
Persistent, dry, hacking cough2010-01-10
stomach/abdominal pain2010-01-08
shingles (herpes zoster): started with severe inte2010-01-08
diahrea, nause ,dizzinez,mouth bad taste2010-01-07
Severe back pain, severe neck pain, severe leg pai2010-01-07
Severe stomach pain and diarrhea about half a day 2010-01-07
Brady Cardia,fatigue,headache,extream dizziness,ha2010-01-07
hives, itching, burning rash all over chest, neck,2010-01-05
neck stifness pins and needles in both hands on w2010-01-04
arm, neck, shoulder, back pain2010-01-04
redness on the arm growing bigger each day, hot to2010-01-04
fatigue-sleepness-nausea-flu- still staying nausea2010-01-04
minor heart attack. severe pancytopenia.2010-01-03
severe scabbing on face at area of treatment and m2010-01-02
burning in chest and stomach, also severe abdomina2010-01-02
abdominal pain, back pain, nausea, vomiting, fatig2010-01-01
tongue swelling (angioedema)2010-01-01
sore, itchy throat, irritable persistent cough, st2010-01-01
dizziness, confusion extreme blurred vision, heada2010-01-01
erectile dysfuction2010-01-01
irritability, fatigue, blurred-vision, increased p2010-01-01
my mother has sciatica and she is on no medication2010-01-01
feel like my brain is getting electricuted. sleepl2010-01-01
Weight gain; bronchitis2010-01-01
Severe breast cramping and pain2010-01-01
diarrhoea, headaches, naseated feeling2010-01-01
nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, photophobia, night sw2010-01-01
Fatique, Migraine, overtired, lower backpain, weig2010-01-01
fatigue, skin pigmentation, weight gain2010-01-01
tired, vision change, sinus infection, ichy left e2010-01-01
Nausea,dizziness,no appetite2010-01-01
Severe headache2009-12-31
Insomnia, upper arm muscular & joint pains, and sh2009-12-31
High Blood pressure, severe headache , burning ton2009-12-31
throat mucus, leg cramps, burning in the throat, s2009-12-30
A day (approx 26hrs) after dentist visit I had di2009-12-30
increase in glucose levels. 30% increase2009-12-29
Told husband I had a feeling something was severel2009-12-29
I felt nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and sleeplessne2009-12-29
I have found that after having calcium at night (c2009-12-28
4 weeks ago developed red patches on chin, never h2009-12-26
Nausea, extreme fatigue, headache, malaise. 2009-12-25
exopyramidal episode, couldn\'t control my eyes, t2009-12-25
My daughter was prescribed Hyocine patches a few m2009-12-25
disuria and hematuria2009-12-25
Severe hives on chest and arms.2009-12-25
malignant hypertension, hypertension encephalopath2009-12-24
Dizziness, tingling, weakness, fast heartbeat.2009-12-24
Obesity, amnesia, eating while asleep without no m2009-12-23
extreme watery diarrhea for 6 hours and counting; 2009-12-23
I have been on Soriatane in the past. It really di2009-12-23
Weakness,dizziness and depression,falling2009-12-23
diarrhea, vomiting, chills, loss of appetite, naus2009-12-23
increased heart rate episodes, shaking limbs, anxi2009-12-22
ovarian cyst, severe abdominal pain, fainting; deh2009-12-22
Burning skin sensation over entire body. It felt 2009-12-21
I\'d just like to share that when my mother began 2009-12-21
mania leading to psychosis2009-12-20
sleepyness,anger,tender breast,stiff in the mornin2009-12-20
feel Sleep and eruption in face and body 2009-12-19
Terrible, throbbing headache; dizziness; confusion2009-12-19
Severe diarrhea approximately 5 to 6 hours after t2009-12-18
Developed anxiety, agitation/restlessness, sleeple2009-12-18
Had chills and a fever all night after using the n2009-12-18
pain on joints and bone, cramps on legs, headaches2009-12-17
i have been using zeldox for 18 days and i am extr2009-12-17
Some relief of congestion in lungs but overall nas2009-12-17
blurry vision, light headed like about to pass out2009-12-16
Palpatations,insomnia,tingling,numbness in hands a2009-12-16
bad bacl pain and leg pain2009-12-15
I had severe dizziness and fell down unconscious.A2009-12-15
can not urinate little at a time2009-12-15
hives,nausea,passing out,severe sweating and anxie2009-12-15
I have been taking bystolic for about 2 months and2009-12-15
Hair Loss - large amounts of hair easily falling o2009-12-15
weight gain, odema and cramps in legs, getting a \2009-12-14
side effect commom: headache,nasalcongestion. unco2009-12-14
Ear and jaw pain. 2009-12-14
Rash all over entire area where Chloraprep was use2009-12-13
I had been on this drug for 2 days and seemed to b2009-12-13
rosacea, heart palpitations2009-12-13
swelling in the legs particularly the ankles2009-12-13
Severe itching, even eyes were itching, red bumps 2009-12-11
Irratibility Mood changes2009-12-11
Minor dehydration; vivid dreams, with full recolle2009-12-10
Nausea and mild abdominal pain within 10 minutes a2009-12-10
leg cramps drowsiness2009-12-10
dull pain center upper stomach2009-12-10
Hair loss2009-12-10
severe muscle aches throughout the body. Hard tim2009-12-09
fatigue,sleeplessness,nausea,burning,gastric disco2009-12-09
Dry Throat The Shakes Sore Leg Muscles Fa2009-12-09
Swollen lymph nodes in neck, severe pain in muscle2009-12-09
Anxiety, depressiveness, muscle spasms/cramps, eas2009-12-08
It felt like I was biten by something on the lower2009-12-08
Increase of bad dreams2009-12-08
heavy noose bleeding , several times (not just one2009-12-08
Terrible itching,rashes and feeling of burning ski2009-12-07
I have zero tears, I can't cry; I had extreme swel2009-12-07
~ 19 months ago I had dysport injections in my for2009-12-07
depression,difficulty breathing,chest pain2009-12-05
rash under both arms still there after 2 weeks,ups2009-12-05
daylong heartburn, upset stomach2009-12-05
dry mouth, and swollen tongue2009-12-04
I took Boniva on morning of December 4th and by 102009-12-04
I took Boniva on December 2, 2009. Two days later2009-12-04
I had mild aches in the first 12 hours. Then sever2009-12-04
Elevated blood pressure (personally unprecedented)2009-12-03
severe dizziness2009-12-03
Loss of voice, loss of taste.2009-12-02
8 hrs after taking drug, ...loss of appetite, naus2009-12-02
Severe anxiety, insomnia, light-headed, loss of ap2009-12-02
Swollen lip, leading to swollen face after 8 hours2009-12-02
Exreme muscle pain2009-12-02
sleeplessness skin irratation itching2009-12-02
Increased Blood glucose levels2009-12-01
On one 25mg pill-I get sleepy, relieves and clears2009-12-01
Fatigue Nausea after eating Swelling Weight Gai2009-12-01
incredible constipation. No desire to move bowels2009-12-01
Nausea, Fatigue2009-12-01
weight gain --2 inches around waist in 5 months de2009-12-01
Started having trouble breathing, dry mouth, droop2009-12-01
depression, anorexia, suicidal thoughts, anxiety a2009-12-01
hot, red, itchy rash (urticaria) I took pictures2009-11-30
pain in upper stomach, gas, bloating, burping to b2009-11-30
muscular pain mainly in calf muscles. generalised 2009-11-29
Severe rash2009-11-27
nightmares lucid dreams2009-11-27
sever eye allergic imflammation, had to consult ey2009-11-26
severe headache,photophobia, neck stiffness, admit2009-11-26
vomiting & dizzyness, ok when laying down only whe2009-11-25
violent abdominal pain, vomiting, sweats, dizzines2009-11-25
nausea, vomiting, light headed2009-11-25
severe chest pain, discomfort, headache, dizziness2009-11-25
fatigue, headache, dry mouth, dry eyes2009-11-25
Vomiting Vertigo Food Intolerance Nausea2009-11-25
anxiety, fear, insomnia, suicidal ideation, feeli2009-11-23
anxiety, higher blood pressure, headaches, lighthe2009-11-23
inflammed and infected pancreas, bile duct and liv2009-11-23
polymyalgia rheumatica2009-11-23
End stage Renal failure,Edema, fatigue,Nausea, ane2009-11-23
Nausea, diarea2009-11-22
Lower lip tingling and burning, tingling sensation2009-11-21
Dryness in mouth & tongue, tachicardia, tremors, 2009-11-20
Light-headedness, disorientation, loss of appetite2009-11-20
Fever of 102.5, aches, chills, severe vomiting, se2009-11-20
after l took my 3rd capsule, l started to feel tig2009-11-19
itching, liver failure and vomitting black \'gunk\2009-11-19
(1)Not able to eat with ease. (2)Soon after meal 2009-11-19
Fatigue, swelling of legs, ankles, nausea and disc2009-11-18
Extreme breast soreness, slight acne2009-11-18
Severe bone pain in the breast bone, moderate bone2009-11-18
Invasive vaginal fungal infection, athletes foot, 2009-11-17
unconsious after 15 minutes2009-11-17
Red spots and blotches on my right knee. The area 2009-11-16
blood pressure went up instead of down, pulse was 2009-11-16
Serotonin Syndrome (otherwise labeled Overdose/poi2009-11-16
Insomnia Knee pains2009-11-15
fatigue, sleeplessness, chills, peeling skin2009-11-15
tingling numbness in feetlegshandsarms-shortness o2009-11-15
I was prescribed this drug to help me with my with2009-11-15
nerve breakdown into legs2009-11-15
EXTREME dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, blurred 2009-11-14
Burning shin muscles, thigh weakness, painful neur2009-11-13
Drowsiness, nausea, insomnia, feeling of heart rac2009-11-13
Fluid retention, sluggish urine output through out2009-11-13
Severe Headache..all day..all night2009-11-13
Seizure, blindness cardiac arrest twice n death2009-11-13
Olfactory hallucinations about five days a week of2009-11-12
high blood pressure and chest pain 2009-11-12
Chills, very vivid halucinations, sleeplessness, i2009-11-12
Severe Urticaria including swelling of eyes, lips 2009-11-12
Agression and Agitation. Sleeplessness. 2009-11-11
Dizziness, disorientation, loss of appetite, sligh2009-11-11
chemical inbalance2009-11-11
headaches,temporary hearing from the left side,sti2009-11-10
fainting, cramping, sweating, hypokalemia2009-11-10
tingling in front lobe2009-11-10
Numbness of the fingers and hands, dizziness, cons2009-11-09
Following injections of dysport for (horizontal) f2009-11-09
Severe aches to my spine and joints. Severe emo2009-11-08
nausea, difficulty breathing, anxiety, rapid heart2009-11-07
have swelling and itching 2009-11-05
Severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, hospitali2009-11-05
Mood change, Agitation, Anxiety, agrression- I g2009-11-04
cold nose, cold bridge of nose, cold fingers & fee2009-11-04
Vaginal sensitivity2009-11-03
severe headache, nausea, incredible tiredness but 2009-11-03
Been taking carvedilol and tekturna and I had terr2009-11-03
pain in arms, hands, elbows, wrists, shoulders,nec2009-11-03
swelling, severe burning sensation, severe hacking2009-11-02
Hives, severe itching, swell of whole body, diffic2009-11-02
vision problems2009-11-02
numbness in feet and hands, peeling rash on feet a2009-11-02
joint pain2009-11-02
Light-headed, no depth perception, shaky, confused2009-11-01
Medicine gave me wild hard shakes which I could no2009-11-01
Stomach cramping, nausea, head ache2009-11-01
Eye irritation (dryness) treated with artificial t2009-11-01
Started with pneumonia 10-23-2008 then diagnosed w2009-11-01
Atrial Fibrillation2009-11-01
Facial Edema Hand Edema Ankle Edema Painful Jaw2009-10-30
abdominal pain, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, \2009-10-30
edema hives irregular heart beat 2009-10-30
Day of infusion-extreme pain in right shoulder and2009-10-30
Fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, mild depression, he2009-10-30
Very red where applied, with rash & eventual peeli2009-10-30
red patches on chin and cheek2009-10-29
Great weight gain, especially in upper belly (abov2009-10-28
severe throat irritation that was not relieved by 2009-10-28
bad taste in my mouth2009-10-28
Dizziness, vision problems, confusion, fatigue, ve2009-10-28
Eye itch, eye pressure, stuffy feeling in nose, si2009-10-27
chest pressure, shortness of breath, heart burn, b2009-10-27
severe constipation2009-10-27
kidney failure dehydration confusion extream fa2009-10-27
effusion, fluid in knee joint , pain difficulty wa2009-10-27
bitter taste in mouth. depression,blurred vision,c2009-10-26
Somulence, memory loss,hostile, irritable behavior2009-10-26
bi-pedal edema and elevated pulse rate restlessn2009-10-25
Joint pain2009-10-25
Gastrointestinal problems. Loose stool and multipl2009-10-25
after two weeks after contacting th virus,I starte2009-10-25
manic psychosis and confusion2009-10-24
erectile disfunction2009-10-23
Extreme dizzyness, drunk-like feeling, a little di2009-10-23
About 1-2 hours after the stress test I had a slig2009-10-23
headache, moody, back pain, stress2009-10-23
anxiety and panic attacks2009-10-21
feeling sick slightly dizy.2009-10-21
Itchy skin, suicidal ideation, rage, inability to 2009-10-21
hallucinations, seizures, abnormal muscle movement2009-10-21
Extremely dizzy, headaches, etc impacting my abili2009-10-21
Severe head ache, tightness in stomach, temporary 2009-10-20
helped with nasal congestion. some nausea. Also re2009-10-20
dizzy, fatigued, slurred speach, blurry vision2009-10-20
anxiety, headache, dizziness, shakiness2009-10-20
High Cholesterol2009-10-20
Severe hair loss, gall bladder pain, stomach ache,2009-10-20
I am happy with lamictal If I feel funny, in rega2009-10-19
abdominal cramping, diarrhea2009-10-19
shortness of breath, severe chills, near fainting,2009-10-19
Taking cipralex for appr 10 months which matches u2009-10-19
Itching around the body2009-10-19
Increased heart rate Dizziness Swelling in wrist2009-10-19
Weight gain. sleeplessness2009-10-19
Backache, irritability, headache, dizziness, depre2009-10-18
Extreme pain in right knee- which started 1 day af2009-10-18
couldnt stand, walk, talk. seizures. twitching. fo2009-10-18
hair fall heavily 2009-10-18
Main complaint is pain in legs, arms and back. I 2009-10-18
fatigue, severe heartburn, part of leg is numb 2009-10-17
Difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, standing f2009-10-17
redness where capzasin was administered. Painful 2009-10-16
Blurry vision, stinging2009-10-16
Extensive itchy rash2009-10-16
Hot flushes and day -night sweating 2009-10-16
hot flushes and day-night sweating2009-10-16
severe skin rash, all over the body and face as we2009-10-16
breast pain2009-10-15
Major Weight Gain I gain 25lbs in 7 months and fee2009-10-15
Leg Pain - Drop in Potassium -- toes and feet draw2009-10-15
hair loss2009-10-15
severe headache2009-10-15
I started menstrating in the middle of the month w2009-10-15
imobility feet swelling strong smelling urine fat2009-10-15
Bald spots and thinning hair. Erratic blood press2009-10-15
irregular erectile dysfunction2009-10-15
diarrhea, sick feeling, 2009-10-14
dissyness, diarrhea2009-10-14
nausea,vivid dreams,pain in my legs,very moody,fla2009-10-14
lip swelling2009-10-14
not able to sleep2009-10-14
Severe burning, irritation, redness and blistering2009-10-14
Head ache and dizziness some nausea2009-10-14
Severe rash from groin to neck, covering under arm2009-10-14
Headache, joint pain, blury vision, foggy brain.2009-10-13
severe burning pain on contact2009-10-13
Severe Back of the Head Headache radiates violentl2009-10-13
Severe acute gastroenteritis, nausea, vomitting, d2009-10-13
lack of appetite, abnormal behavior, paranoia, psy2009-10-13
Ive had my implanon in 2.5 years and at first i ga2009-10-12
Dizziness,nausea, vomiting, diarrhea2009-10-12
Light headed, somewhat intoxicated feeling. Both c2009-10-12
immediate hoarseness2009-10-11
Felt like electric shocks were occuring on side of2009-10-11
itching and discomfort from ankle to knees in oute2009-10-11
Rash, Inflammation of lungs, Trouble brething, chi2009-10-11
dizzines/ racing heartbeat/ anxiety2009-10-10
errection difficulties, no erection2009-10-10
Constant throbbing in head. Feel pressure in my he2009-10-10
The worst gas I\'ve had in my entire life!2009-10-10
allergic reaction, bumps2009-10-10
Fatigue and sleeplessness2009-10-10
Absence of apettite.2009-10-10
Premature (extra) heart beat about 6-8 times a day2009-10-10
Severe headache for a day after treatment and pain2009-10-10
hair thining2009-10-10
pounding heartbeat increased hypertension2009-10-10
heart palpatations- all night2009-10-10
Redeness, Pain against light & Tears comming2009-10-10
Left arm weakness and left leg2009-10-10
severe stomach pain, nausea feeling for 15min.2009-10-09
heart pain, palpitations, jaw pain like a heart at2009-10-09
Angioedema..severe itching swelling of lips2009-10-09
Severe constipation. Headache. Stress while strain2009-10-09
I have been taking uroxatral for about 2 years. Du2009-10-09
Acute Porphyric attack. suicidal ideation, acute p2009-10-09
Flusing feeling in head, tightness in chest, back 2009-10-09
throat tightening,nausea, chills,muscle weakness, 2009-10-09
My mom had reclat done October 9 and she immediate2009-10-09
tremors, nausea, vomitting, depression2009-10-09
Abdominal cramps, fever, muscle aches, fatigue2009-10-09
Tightness in Face and some swelling, tingling sens2009-10-08
Severe skin rashes all over, extreme dryness, seve2009-10-08
Burning in throat. Urinary problems.2009-10-08
Itching all over my body, but especially on face a2009-10-08
heart pain2009-10-08
restlessness, excitability, insomnia2009-10-08
vomiting,severe headache,cardiac atrial fibrillat2009-10-08
Confusion, disorientation, hallucinations, anxiety2009-10-08
Severe burning chest pain almost immediately after2009-10-08
Loss of ballance2009-10-07
I have been taking maxalt for years. It is effecti2009-10-07
severe abdominal pain, vivid dreams, dry mouth, ch2009-10-07
Rapid heartbeat, dizziness, abdominal cramps, very2009-10-07
I had absolutely no side effects from my first Rec2009-10-06
Excessive tiredness, blurred vision and dry eyes(I2009-10-06
swelling of left side of tongue2009-10-06
Tinnitus Ringing in the ears2009-10-06
I eat well and exercise regularly. I\'ve actually 2009-10-06
Severe diahorrea accompanied by severy cramps, col2009-10-05
Orthostatic Intolerance and Fatigue2009-10-05
sever dibillitating side/back pain2009-10-05
Bloating,constipation, back ache.2009-10-05
hives, red, itchy angry rash that continues to spr2009-10-05
Depression, stiffness,knee joint pain2009-10-04
Talking on the phone fifteen minutes after taking 2009-10-04
after 4 days of taking this medication I have foun2009-10-04
fatigue, nausea, feeeling like im burning up... fl2009-10-04
nausea, vomiting2009-10-04
had to remove dental work-impaired healing at site2009-10-04
awful diahorrea2009-10-03
insomnia, anxiety, heartbeat in my ear2009-10-03
severe nausea,vomiting2009-10-03
Eye Irritation...burning, itching, feeling of swel2009-10-03
Severe nausea. Feeling sick and woozy. But they wo2009-10-02
Extreme agitation and anxiety after taking Mucinex2009-10-02
Cold with cough, runny nose and sneezing2009-10-02
Severe headache, sever vomiting, sweating2009-10-02
severe pain in left side of abdomen2009-10-02
Severe burning of intestinal tract.2009-10-02
severe anxiety, panic attacks2009-10-02
Terrible headache, fatigue, muscle aching, crying,2009-10-02
severe headache,flu like symptom,fever neck pain 2009-10-02
Libido drop, Impotence2009-10-02
cough,sore throat2009-10-01
I administered my shot last Saturday and 2 days ag2009-10-01
Ongoing tendon and joint problems. Treatment was 2009-10-01
dizziness, irritation, crying, depression2009-10-01
mesh of skin closed vaginal and uretha opening. co2009-10-01
Anxiety, agression, depression, bleeding, weight g2009-10-01
Polyneuropathy, sleep disturbance, twitching, \"re2009-10-01
i took avelox with in fifteen miniutes i had to pu2009-10-01
severe rash on shoulders, torso and legs2009-10-01
Dry eye MGD, Blepharitis2009-10-01
Depressive thoughts, crying episodes.2009-09-30
hypotension postdural hypotension headeach dizzne2009-09-30
I have taken Zoaxan 8mg since February 2007 with v2009-09-30
nausea, weight gain, constipation, twitches, unabl2009-09-30
Kidney Infection2009-09-30
cough, short of breath2009-09-29
anger mood swings2009-09-29
irregular heart beat and blood pressure, clammines2009-09-29
GI symptoms: burning tongue, esophagus, stomach, d2009-09-29
Headache, tiredness and upset stomach.2009-09-29
Asthma after taking, mood swings (aggression, anxi2009-09-29
bad headaches, cannot make rational decisions, for2009-09-29
part of anaesthetic2009-09-29
continual bacteria vaginosis 2009-09-28
acute stomach pain, nausea, vomiting2009-09-28
sore throat, post nasal drip, tired feeling like c2009-09-28
Dizziness and insomnia2009-09-28
shortness of breath, chest pain, night sweats, dia2009-09-28
Nausea, intense stomach pain, sweats, dizzy, vomit2009-09-27
Insomnia, joint pain, increased abdominal pain, ho2009-09-27
Dizzy,fatigue,dull,nausea infact m an athlete...bu2009-09-27
joint pain, muscle pain - mainly in the intercosta2009-09-26
spinal myalgia and hip arthralgias2009-09-26
Severe nausea and vomiting. 2009-09-26
Severe migraine headaches2009-09-26
Atrial fibrillation 2009-09-26
Acne, bloating, weight gain2009-09-25
severe facial swelling2009-09-25
Severe nausea2009-09-25
Severe eye swelling, shakey, weak2009-09-25
hypertension, headache, chest pressure, dizzy, l2009-09-25
Extreme all over pain lasting over 24 hrs. felt be2009-09-25
Every time I take Gaviscon for my Acid reflux, I w2009-09-25
Twichting all over my body, Constant sensations so2009-09-25
passed out, pains in different places, legs, tomac2009-09-25
double my chest pressure2009-09-24
Strong burning sensation2009-09-24
Severe Vertigo2009-09-24
unable to pass urine breathlessness constipation2009-09-24
Severe light headedness and minor but constant hea2009-09-23
severe stomach pain, dysgeusia, headache, dizzynes2009-09-23
Labored breathing..hard to catch my breath2009-09-23
Acute ulceration of throat2009-09-23
Severe joint pain, particularly in knees and hips.2009-09-22
palpitations, drowsiness, light headed, fatige2009-09-22
Severe burning pain near my sternum, throwing up, 2009-09-22
tremors, flushing2009-09-22
eczema like rash on scalp when INR levels are abov2009-09-21
after the 4th capsule afeeling of nausea heavy fee2009-09-21
stomach pain; intestinal cramps; bloating; gas; ba2009-09-21
Rash cover the body with severe itching2009-09-21
shortness of breath during exercise2009-09-21
ache in legs especially at night..Numbness in all 2009-09-21
Not remebering words2009-09-21
increased potassium levels2009-09-21
nausea, fainting, diastolic went very high 136 ove2009-09-21
mouth ulceration2009-09-20
Severe Constipation, Dizziness, nausea, fog like s2009-09-20
aggression.short tempered.unreasonable2009-09-19
facial palsy, flu like symptoms2009-09-19
Urinary retention, pelvic floor spasms, leg spasms2009-09-19
Death(heart Failer)2009-09-19
Severe nausea, and stomach upset.2009-09-18
severe itching on the application site2009-09-18
increase in fever - 39.7 at its peak ,blurry visio2009-09-18
nasuea, fatigue2009-09-18
lower back pain (left side), starting 1.5 months a2009-09-18
testicles ascended into inguinal canal allegedly d2009-09-18
mild pain in scrotum and testicles2009-09-17
1. iching redness and swelling severe in the eyes 2009-09-17
Rash acoss stomach, top of legs and rear2009-09-17
Severe flushing and hot flashes. Would last about 2009-09-17
the symptoms are short of breath and severe chest 2009-09-17
Excruciating shoulder and arm pain in shoulder tha2009-09-16
Dry mouth, excessive gas2009-09-16
Irregular menstration2009-09-16
corneal dystrophy in both eyes2009-09-16
Could not get air in lungs. Felt like I was breath2009-09-15
nausea, extreme dizziness, chest discomfort2009-09-15
triggering of sinus2009-09-14
Severe rash with large hives broke out all over th2009-09-14
heart pain, high blood pressure, tingling arm, nau2009-09-14
really bad sinus headache and throat tightness.2009-09-14
Sleeplessness, aggitation, hallucinations2009-09-13
Sweating, Confusion, irritation, joint pain, dizzi2009-09-12
asthma (irreversible),tacycardia2009-09-11
proteinuria, loss of libido, gingival hyperplasia,2009-09-10
salty taste in mouth2009-09-10
multi- organ hypersensitivity reaction, hypotensio2009-09-10
Since taking mucodyne I have had diahoreea2009-09-10
nausea, severe pounding headache, neckache faint, 2009-09-10
I applied Abreva to my cold sore on my lip.It imme2009-09-10
I have noticed tinnitus for 2 days and then today 2009-09-09
nausea one pill was wearing off.2009-09-09
Swollen feet and ankles with burning and tingling,2009-09-09
rought on severe gout2009-09-09
bladder issues... inclduing UTI and 2009-09-09
Major breast tenderness. Slightly bigger,swollen b2009-09-09
fatigue,sleepiness, acid reflux, insomnia, general2009-09-09
Sever migrane. I have never felt pain in my head 2009-09-08
anxiety--depression---avoidance behavior --loss of2009-09-08
heavy menstural bleeding2009-09-07
tremors, confusion, anxiety, difficulty breathing2009-09-07
parasthesia - entire face went numb2009-09-07
Severe Constipation2009-09-07
Have been taking Omeprazole for just over two week2009-09-06
Extreme paranoia. Thought everyone was plotting a2009-09-06
Chest congestion and tickle with productive cough.2009-09-05
I would suggest that the side effect has been arou2009-09-05
Fatigue, tremor, tinitis, anxiety and insomnia2009-09-04
fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, water retention, a2009-09-04
eye puritis-foreign body sensation over the pupil2009-09-03
????? ?????? ???? ??????,??????,???????????,??????2009-09-03
Right and left elbow pain and notice soreness in t2009-09-03
severe acne: have to treat it with oral medication2009-09-03
depression including lack of interest in things th2009-09-02
Severe Gas pains in upper chest, sleeplessness2009-09-02
Runny nose, sinus drainage, painful cough stuffed 2009-09-02
liver pain and pains in both elbows when lifting a2009-09-01
Mild Euphoria, Dizzy Legs, Cotton Mouth, and dehyd2009-09-01
worsening of acne while also using a tretoin topic2009-09-01
Took Actonel for many years. Pain in Jaw. Pressur2009-09-01
after taking i feel like ive been kicked like a fo2009-09-01
stomach cramps2009-09-01
hearing loss, injection site burning2009-09-01
Constant Shortness of Breath, getting worse over t2009-09-01
Hard to achieve erection and ejaculation.2009-09-01
marble sized dent or indentation on the buttock wh2009-09-01
fatigue ,get up and go got up and went . memory p2009-09-01
I have bilateral thoracic outlet syndrome with chr2009-09-01
Severa Gas, Anxiety, drowsiness, dry mouth, headac2009-08-31
ASTHMA brought on by hayfever / allergic reaction 2009-08-31
Weight gain of say 10lbs out of 200lbs.2009-08-30
Burning in throat followed by permanent hoarseness2009-08-30
Severe stomach pain (as if I was dying of posionin2009-08-29
Woke up with swollen tongue. Also have experience2009-08-29
Dry mouth despite drinking lots of water. Bloted /2009-08-28
Kidney Stones, Cataracts, sever eye pain with vari2009-08-28
I have long-term staterrhea associated with bacter2009-08-27
severe depression2009-08-27
Feeling dizzy, blurred/ tunnel vision and headach2009-08-26
lips itched.2009-08-26
nausea, tingling of lips, overall feeling of hot a2009-08-26
first I had a itching feeling on my left wrist..pa2009-08-26
I think I had the worse. Started with muscle pain,2009-08-26
strong headache, nausea, loose watery bowels, dizz2009-08-25
fever for 2 weeks,hands burn and nothing I\'ve tri2009-08-25
burning, cramping, of feet and hands, deep muscle 2009-08-25
High blood pressure, weight gain, hashimoto2009-08-25
Bradycardia, severe pain, diarrhea, migraine, conv2009-08-25
i am sleepy all the time but cant seem to sleep. i2009-08-25
Paranoia, self-loathing, despair,introverted, cryi2009-08-25
Swelling and edema of face and hands...2009-08-24
itching, redness & swelling2009-08-24
No rash but scratch myself continually all over2009-08-24
acute indigestion. slight rash on feet/hands. trea2009-08-24
hives, itchy skin, weight gain in stomach, mood sw2009-08-23
I had an injection of kenalog 60 in my upper butto2009-08-23
not myselft consued2009-08-23
iregular heart beat2009-08-22
severe abdominal and stomach pain after taking for2009-08-22
Choking feeling2009-08-21
One hour after taking, onset of nervousness, sensa2009-08-21
visual field disturbance - portion of my visual fi2009-08-21
I was told by my daughter today that she called me2009-08-21
After 3 hours of taking pill, sudden onset of dizz2009-08-21
Patches of dryness especially around my mouth. Dry2009-08-21
extreme exhaustion; fever; night sweats; petechia 2009-08-20
Skin allergy developed on the face, black spots ar2009-08-20
Large red, irritated, itchy, painful rash2009-08-19
My pulse suddenly became very rapid and my blood p2009-08-19
Tachycardia(100-120bpm), Headache, Hand Tremors, A2009-08-19
shivering, itching and rash on cjest,legs arms fee2009-08-19
tiredness sleeplessness sore throat2009-08-19
Suicidal thoughts and acts, unable to focus, high 2009-08-19
nausea, fatigue, dry mouth, and worst of all, burn2009-08-18
Arms and face broke out into rash-itching-couldn\'2009-08-18
Sometimes fatigue, weith increase which is my main2009-08-18
I am taking bonviva once a month and i had having 2009-08-17
superficial venous thrombosis- redish/purplish spo2009-08-17
try to kill myself i was in life support machine f2009-08-17
Fatigue for most of the time especially in the eve2009-08-16
Vertigo-double vision, nausea, vomiting, severe di2009-08-16
Cardiomyopathy and heart failure2009-08-16
after 6 months of using restasis, constant sore th2009-08-16
Fever 100 degrees. Chills. Tight muscles for a w2009-08-15
metallic taste on tongue, swollen eyelids, sore ey2009-08-15
increased bleeding from minor wounds, extensive br2009-08-15
From starting treatment to present, when I go to t2009-08-15
I had hammertoe surgery and within 48 hours days I2009-08-14
Mainly nausea, headaches, insomnia. Medication fi2009-08-14
I have been diagnozed with dystonia due to being g2009-08-14
severe headache lasting 3 days,especially upon wak2009-08-13
Shortness of breath and the next morning (July 27t2009-08-12
incredible irritability, wanted to tear my skin of2009-08-10
I have been on brand name Cellcept since it first 2009-08-10
With the start of insulin - Lantus /Novolog- I hav2009-08-10
yeast infection2009-08-09
DIZZY 2009-08-09
Nail problem.2009-08-09
nervousness, headache, breathlessness,depressed,le2009-08-08
liver damage, digestive problems stomach pain and 2009-08-08
diarrhea, rash, intense itching, chest pain, short2009-08-07
Depression, I woke up and start crying with out an2009-08-06
unstable and unsteady walking2009-08-06
rashes on ankles lasting for a week, severe flushi2009-08-06
diarhoea & gas.2009-08-05
Diarhea, stomach upset, nausea, loss of appetite, 2009-08-05
extreme muscle pain and cramping in calf. 2009-08-05
severe joint pain, couldn\'t hold anything, walk b2009-08-04
fever of over 101, chills, joint and muscle pain,f2009-08-04
nausea and vomiting, canot swallow the pills or fo2009-08-03
sleeplessness, loss of sensation in limbs, panic, 2009-08-02
Diarrhea, upper stomach pain, inflamed penis2009-08-01
Severe constipation2009-08-01
Tendonits, muscle weakness2009-08-01
Developed rash all over my body and face. My body 2009-08-01
Gradually worsening pain in upper arms, upper legs2009-08-01
After three months of Forteo injections I noted se2009-08-01
Leg cramps when laying down, and a very stiff neck2009-08-01
As the sole active ingredient in Crest Pro-Health 2009-08-01
Full body rash, weakness/fatigue2009-08-01
constant bitter taste 2009-08-01
itchin in my penis. the skin s turning scaly.. fla2009-08-01
fatigue headache swelling face redness and rash2009-07-31
Severe Panic attack, anxiety, Nausea, diarrhea, co2009-07-30
acute stiffness in all muschles culuminating in le2009-07-30
itchy rash of flat red bumps around site of Chloro2009-07-29
After being on Megace for approximately one week, 2009-07-28
Painful,red,tender MP joint LT big toe2009-07-27
Starting day 1 of taking reductil, I was anxious, 2009-07-27
HUGE indentation in my buttocks at the injection s2009-07-27
Major debilitating fatigue, feeling drained - huge2009-07-26
Rash, moderate2009-07-26
stuffy nose2009-07-26
Aggrevation of myoclonic seizures2009-07-25
I had a root canal, ive been taking tylenol with c2009-07-25
At first I just thought I\'d burned my tongue but 2009-07-25
Tremors in entire body, especially legs, burning p2009-07-24
Visual problems only at night that have not gone a2009-07-24
Diarrhea, Flatulence, Chest Pain, Dizziness2009-07-23
i feel low and tired and no love for iife2009-07-23
Where should I begin? And this was the second tim2009-07-23
Severe muscle pain especially in chest and upper b2009-07-22
Fatigue during the day. At night after taking immo2009-07-22
vivid dreams of a sinister nature (not a nightmare2009-07-22
Restlessness, Itching and small reddish eruptions 2009-07-21
Swelling of the lower legs.Not painfull but irita2009-07-21
Foot pain, joint pain, both shoulders stiff and pa2009-07-21
Ruptured distal left bicep tendon. Also, ruptured2009-07-21
tics, fasciculations, tremor, dark brown urine, di2009-07-21
dizziness, nausea2009-07-20
fatigue usually in afternoons and evenings after t2009-07-20
rash, depressed breathing, severe mood swings, nau2009-07-20
severe nausea, urinating blood, pain in kidneys, u2009-07-20
I have never been sunburned in my life until I sta2009-07-20
Pulmonary pressure, unable to breath properly, acc2009-07-19
I have been on mepron for 6 days and have develope2009-07-18
Aggression, Anxiety (new), Fatigue and Insomnia, R2009-07-18
Took imodium 2X day for 2 years to counter side ef2009-07-17
Fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite, severe insomnia2009-07-17
Burning pins of needles and itch on arms2009-07-16
high blood pressure (198/100), severe constipation2009-07-15
Was excellent for hot flashes, but within 4 days,j2009-07-15
Weepiness, depression-bad (desperation) increasing2009-07-15
loss of appetite, loss of weight (15kg) difficult2009-07-15
Confusion, Unable to WALK, limp as a rag doll, una2009-07-15
Visual migraine.2009-07-15
fatigue. sleepyness, cough, cant feel my touch to 2009-07-15
dizziness, numbness, shaky2009-07-14
NO SIDE EFFECTS! Too many websites indicate ALL t2009-07-14
Severe constipation; flatulence; bloating2009-07-14
Swelling of the face and tongue. Loss of muscle co2009-07-14
me myself and my 2 daughter\'s suffered from sever2009-07-14
on vacation 1 week. went back to work. started t2009-07-14
Severe Depression suicidal thoughts2009-07-14
Strong, grinding pain in lower esophagus lasting 42009-07-14
-Arm Rash -Chest Pains -Diahorrea -Stomach pain2009-07-13
feelings of paranoid or unreasonable moments of fe2009-07-13
Jaw pain, pain in joints, worst in hip joint, seve2009-07-13
Terrible pain under my rib cage on both sides.2009-07-13
My husband had been on Cymbalta and Lithium for se2009-07-12
dizzy on standin up to quick2009-07-12
jelly like faeces, toilet after everything eaten2009-07-10
loss of appetite, irritability, hallucinations2009-07-10
muscle pain, leg cramps2009-07-10
Burning scratchy sensation on tongue and throat. S2009-07-09
Abdominal distention, fluid retention, hip pain, f2009-07-09
rash on lips, swollen lips, swelling in throat.2009-07-08
Irregular heartbeats, dizziness, dry throat2009-07-08
Feeling of foreign particle in the eye. Very seve2009-07-07
complications of menstrual cycle, constant bleedin2009-07-07
I experienced fever, body aches (muscles, joints a2009-07-07
Fatigue and nausea with headache with dose over 162009-07-07
Pitting pedal edema sleep apnea sluggishness and2009-07-06
light-headed, sweating, nausea, vomiting drop in b2009-07-06
Constipation, loss of apetite2009-07-05
uncontrolable coughing, worsened asthma symptoms, 2009-07-05
flulike, 10 hours after infusion, chills, aches, c2009-07-05
coughing every night.during day time not so bad.i`2009-07-02
Severe pain behind the left knee where I had eufle2009-07-02
extreme muscle/joint pain, restless leg syndrome2009-07-01
Seborreic dermatitus-severe itching and some peeli2009-07-01
Large size acne around ears and hairline 2009-07-01
Pain in only right arm muscles and joint pain (elb2009-07-01
Irritability, Crying/screaming fits throughout nig2009-06-30
loss of hemoglobin after consuming 40 mg of Rosuva2009-06-30
Severe reflux and stomach pain2009-06-30
Double-vision, loss of memory, depression2009-06-30
Stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea, dry mouth, lig2009-06-29
Depression, constipation, no sexual desires2009-06-29
Spasm in wrist/hand was so violent that soda can 2009-06-29
Now on week 3 of Champix. Non smoker for 2. Experi2009-06-28
Extreme Fatigue, Myalgia, Muscle Spasms, Severe He2009-06-28
consuming seloken for the past ten month experien2009-06-28
Started feeling light-headed, dizzy. Was diagnosed2009-06-27
On 2nd day, using .5mg 1 day, my neck began to swe2009-06-26
muscle twitching, abnormal feeling in muscles2009-06-26
Within 10-15 minutes of taking medication, started2009-06-25
after injections of forteo for 6 months I am havin2009-06-25
I had general anesthesia for surgery. Apparently2009-06-25
Headaches, ranging from mild to so severe I could 2009-06-25
Blurred vision, tired.2009-06-24
Severe Stomach Ache, Urge to Urinate again & again2009-06-24
severe vertigo2009-06-24
Suicidal thoughts, heavy depression and light-head2009-06-23
shouldler pain, fatique, joint pain2009-06-23
dizziness, crying, felt out of touch with reality,2009-06-22
Sweating, nausea, rapid heart rate, vomitting, sev2009-06-22
Dizziness, complete mental confusion and severe ag2009-06-21
felt like rubber band around my head, general dizz2009-06-21
sharp stomach cramps2009-06-20
both legs, feet, cramps, 2009-06-20
nausea, bad taste in mouth, nightmares, sleeplessn2009-06-19
shortness of breath, abdominal pain, diarrhea 48 h2009-06-19
this drug sent me to lala land,it makes me sweat l2009-06-19
heart palpitations, heart beating faster, chest pa2009-06-18
I started this medician a few days ago and it does2009-06-18
fainted, vomitted, burning sensation from hips dow2009-06-18
After taking Centrum + folic acid + Vit. D + gluco2009-06-18
Increase weight gain of 4 pounds in about 3 days.2009-06-17
Severe head and neck pain,stiff neck, jaw pain la2009-06-17
Depression, extreme tiredness, weight gain, panick2009-06-16
Fatigue, nausea, dizziness.2009-06-16
Biggest side effect is my hair loss. I\'ve lost ab2009-06-16
Fatigue,severe mood swings,gastroentritits,fluid a2009-06-16
teeth sensitivity - crubling teeth - easily chipp2009-06-15
Depression, anxiety, mood swings, paranoia, increa2009-06-15
numbness from hips down to knees,fall backwards co2009-06-15
Severe trouble breathing, throat closed, death!!! 2009-06-15
arthritis, fatigue, gain of weight, angina pectori2009-06-15
Difficulty Breathing Passed Out Cardiac Arrest 2009-06-15
severe bronchospasm, skeletal hyperostosis, hyperv2009-06-14
I have a lump the size of a baseball and the pain 2009-06-13
my heart is beating fast 2009-06-13
noticeable blood stained dischargeis continuing af2009-06-13
dizziness, sweating, general discomfort2009-06-12
pucking all over the place non stop2009-06-12
Flu, upper respiratory infection2009-06-11
Neutropenia Mild thrombocytopenia2009-06-11
Complete skin burns third degree2009-06-10
Insomnia, nausea, dizziness, constipation (resulti2009-06-10
chills,hot flashes and severe cough2009-06-10
Tendonitis in multiple areas, numbness and tinglin2009-06-10
Short term memory difficulties, inability to conce2009-06-09
Severe recurring fever (> 39 degrees Celsius) arou2009-06-09
extremely blood shot eye2009-06-09
very tough to urinate2009-06-08
Started bleeding heavily this week with very bad b2009-06-08
Severe mood swings, greatly increased appitite, fa2009-06-08
Pains in foot and lower leg. Suapect throbosis so 2009-06-08
Mania, suicidal attempt, loss of memomory for 24 h2009-06-07
I have M.S. and was prescribed these drugs about 52009-06-06
After taking five drops of Beano, I got violently 2009-06-06
Sinus infection on left side, sore throat, pale ye2009-06-06
Heart racing, fullness/tight chest, nausea, burnin2009-06-05
Extreme erythema multiforme causing red raised ver2009-06-05
Sweating, muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea 2009-06-04
Heavy bleeding, clots, severe cramping and infecti2009-06-04
Nausea, cant bare it I dont know how I can cope wi2009-06-03
Body ache including bones and muscle. General weak2009-06-03
visual aura2009-06-02
chest tightness2009-06-02
Pissed off zeldox user Could,nt breath feel like I2009-06-01
low libido, coordination abnormal, Hypothyroidism,2009-06-01
atrial fibrillation x 4 hours2009-06-01
swollen ankles, extremely painful achilles tendon 2009-06-01
nausea,a lot of fatigue, metallic taste in mouth, 2009-06-01
swollen, itchy red skin. nervousness, poor memory/2009-06-01
swelling ankles- bloating belly conditions-light h2009-06-01
loss of balance unsteady walking2009-06-01
severe stomach pain, right side, severe constipati2009-06-01
rapid heart rate, chest palpatations, confusion, e2009-06-01
Jerking, tremors, light headedness, dizziness, som2009-06-01
Nausea, headache, depression2009-05-31
mood swings,extreme fatigue,loss of appetite, inso2009-05-31
Bleeding intermitently; rash at patch area; bloati2009-05-29
Alopecia areata and male pattern baldness2009-05-29
irregular heartbeat (very fast beating) shortness2009-05-28
Laryngospasm, unable to ventilate, hypoxia, rednes2009-05-27
Diabetes became uncontrolable, with blood sugar le2009-05-26
itchy bumps under the arms2009-05-25
Sudden change in vision (perephial) which deterior2009-05-25
Severe night sweats, dizziness, and intestinal pro2009-05-23
severe headache2009-05-23
after injection I had severe vomitting and nausea,2009-05-23
Sweating, rapid heart beat, weak, shaking2009-05-22
Hives, anxiety, aggitation, itching, swelling in j2009-05-22
altered state of consciousness, hallucinations, co2009-05-22
dizzy light headed headache eyes blurred2009-05-21
multiple joints cracking after inactivity; stiffne2009-05-21
loss of concentration,prone to risk of sudden onse2009-05-21
1:weight gain (40+ lbs.), 2:swelling of the hands2009-05-20
paralysis,very low blood pressure, slow pulse,inab2009-05-20
severe epigastric pain with elevated amalyse level2009-05-20
Insomnia, Mania, Hyper affective, Hyper vigilance,2009-05-20
tight chest, pain in throat hurts when laugh, hicc2009-05-19
rash, persistant headache2009-05-19
hard painfull lump on face.2009-05-18
Headaches - Rash on forearms and chest -joint and 2009-05-18
Double vision, Dificulty to focus2009-05-18
Acute muscle pain, ocular effects Urinary retentio2009-05-17
rednest dificult to bread and chest paind2009-05-16
After inhaling Albuterol, I experience frequent ur2009-05-15
Excessive urination2009-05-15
Strong dizziness 24 hours after starting the medic2009-05-15
MASSIVE and DANGEROUS fluctuation in B.P. Highs 22009-05-15
leg muscle cramps, swollen ankles, tiredness, dizz2009-05-14
Asthenia, fatigue, dry cough, myalgia, arthralgia,2009-05-14
I took a generic SMZ/TMP DS 800-160TAB Interpharm 2009-05-14
okkay so accidentally... i took around 12 muccinex2009-05-13
Severe joint and muscle pain, particularly of the2009-05-13
he got headache in the the first two weeks after t2009-05-12
Vaginal Bleeding2009-05-10
Intense drowsiness, hot and cold shivers, Dizzines2009-05-09
My arm and shoulder muscles have become so weak an2009-05-09
Depression,Crying,no ability to do anything,Dizzin2009-05-08
First day very drowsy and tipsy, also diarroeha wa2009-05-07
fatigue,dizziness,blured vision2009-05-06
Dizziness, spinning, nausea..2009-05-06
*prickle on hands and sometimes head skin *rarely2009-05-06
Obsessive suicidal thoughts2009-05-06
short of breath, tightness in throat, pain in ches2009-05-06
Agression Anger Disoriented2009-05-05
severe heart pains,shortness of breath jaw and arm2009-05-05
more bleeding efter six weeks of giving birth2009-05-05
muscle cramps,insomnia,severe pain,restless legs2009-05-05
headache, liquids retention, hunger, weight gain, 2009-05-05
Hot flush, severe myalgia, muscle weakness, numbne2009-05-05
blood in urune,and stool2009-05-03
patient spiking low grade temperature with fatigue2009-05-02
I started getting internal tremble feelings all ov2009-05-01
Noticeable hyperactivity. In discussions she jumps2009-05-01
severe anxiety which has not responded to regular 2009-05-01
joint discomfort leading to instability, difficult2009-05-01
Severe itching and redness in both upper arms. I 2009-05-01
Allergic reaction. Swollen face, tongue, throat, 2009-05-01
Fatigue (sleeping 14hrs!), extreme depression.2009-05-01
agitation - foot tapping, hand wringing. Severe mu2009-04-30
flushing,metallic taste, heaviness in chest, pain/2009-04-30
Vomiting & rash2009-04-30
Racing heart, paplpatations, atrial fibrulation.2009-04-30
extreme itchy skin, burning and rash around abdomi2009-04-30
daytime fatigue/sleepiness, insomnia (all night lo2009-04-29
Neuropathy in both hands and trigger fingers.2009-04-29
I strated taking Nadolol last night. About an hour2009-04-29
I took 2 typtanol pills the night before as a slee2009-04-28
burning and tingling in the fingers especially whe2009-04-28
Stiff achy knee joints especially my left knee, He2009-04-26
After increasing the dose from 5mg of Byetta to 12009-04-26
Fatigue, nausea, breats tenderness, producing brea2009-04-26
Swollen tongue, difficulty breathing, dizzy, rapid2009-04-25
depression,and irratiblity2009-04-25
blindness caused by visudyne2009-04-24
leg/feet cramps, leg/feet pins,needles,sweating,he2009-04-24
my period is lasting longer than usaual i been on 2009-04-23
Nose Bleeds2009-04-23
pain, swelling2009-04-23
dizzyness, light headed2009-04-22
Extreme paranoia, confused state, anxiety, feeling2009-04-22
Nausea, dizziness, nervousness, nightmares2009-04-21
- heart palpitations - depression - anxiety - 2009-04-21
I could not hold it-when I had to urinate I wet my2009-04-21
low back pain,both wrist and thumbs painful, loss 2009-04-21
redness swealtabaxlling2009-04-20
Light-headed, disoriented, nausea, burning sensati2009-04-20
rash on the neck, spasm 2009-04-20
hipertension & glauchoma2009-04-19
the sound of foaming from the mouth like the candy2009-04-18
Rash beginning on chest and after second dose of E2009-04-18
elevated liver function test2009-04-18
Swollen face. Red and hot to touch. Eyes nearly 2009-04-18
Nausea, stomach pain, muscle weakness2009-04-17
severe headache,severe vomiting,fatigue,rapid hear2009-04-17
Super fast heart rate and extreme dry mouth. Had 2009-04-17
Nightmare. Hives. Sore achilles tendons. Swolle2009-04-17
dizziness, heart was racing, sweatiness, nausea, h2009-04-16
Migraine for the ten days I was on Asasantin.2009-04-16
Paget's disease of the nipple, (CANCER), Diverticu2009-04-16
weight gain; depression; extended menstrual period2009-04-15
I felt very restless and inability to sit still...2009-04-15
Upon administration I experienced a the feeling th2009-04-15
throat closing,sneezing, coughing, sour throat, op2009-04-15
Muscular and joint pain that continues today. The 2009-04-15
Fatigue; shivering cold; whole body bone pain;lowe2009-04-14
Severe rash all over body2009-04-14
Exactly as the last patient, Intense stomach pain 2009-04-14
confused,conbattive and aggressive.2009-04-14
nausea,stomach cramps,acute diarohea,fuzzy head2009-04-14
Extreme pain behind the knees. Cant go up or down2009-04-14
Shoulder pain at rest.2009-04-14
Rapid Heart rate, substernal chest pain, some eye 2009-04-13
Anxiety, Nightmare, Sleep Disorder, Frequent Wakin2009-04-13
Itching of the body with just two 5ml doses2009-04-12
My Dr. gave me Protonix because I was experiencing2009-04-12
strange dreams and nightmares2009-04-12
blisters formed on both shins, ongoing leg pain an2009-04-12
nausea,headaches,abnormal bleeding,dizziness2009-04-11
Insomnia, anxiety. Loss of appetite might have bee2009-04-11
headache, nausea, severe rash, depression, mood sw2009-04-11
Flu symptoms & ches for 3 days, then a new bad sid2009-04-11
disrupted sleep patterns2009-04-11
I am getting a immense stomach pain after taking t2009-04-10
drowsiness/fatigue, occasional weakness and nausea2009-04-10
Severe muscle pain, headache, exhaustion, dizzines2009-04-09
Extreme bone pain. Required vicodin for pain.2009-04-09
Anosmia-loss of smell and taste2009-04-09
Fast heart rate, dizziness, arms and legs feel lik2009-04-08
feeling hot, thousands pinpricks on the skin.2009-04-08
breast lumps2009-04-07
breast-tenderness, balancing complications, confus2009-04-07
39 year old femal experienced acute heartburn and 2009-04-06
Anxiety, depression, weepiness, suidical ideation.2009-04-06
macula endema after central retinal vein occlusion2009-04-06
I do get tired very easy am happy to just sit on t2009-04-05
impotence 2009-04-04
I had galbladder removal, which caused loose stoo2009-04-04
Dizziness, weakness, raised blood pressure, felt l2009-04-04
joint pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, extreme 2009-04-04
1000mg Rituxan for Rheumatoid Arthritis on 4/02/202009-04-04
yeast infection2009-04-03
Patient felt extremely thirsty, and then passed ou2009-04-03
After doing platelet donation at the Donor Center 2009-04-02
Lack of focus, extreme dizziness when I get up or 2009-04-01
VERY TIRED! Depression and mood swings. Night swea2009-04-01
severe shortness of breath, tingling all over body2009-04-01
skin rash on abdomen, legs, arms2009-04-01
my liver enzymes were abnormal and high. 2009-04-01
severe diarrhea 2009-03-31
I have been extremely tired and unmotivated. I hav2009-03-30
conjunctival hyperemia2009-03-28
Stomache upset,gastrointeritis,severe back pain,sh2009-03-28
Diarrea, with a very paniced feeling. Strong feel2009-03-28
Hives on face, neck, arms and upper back. Constan2009-03-27
dizziness, severe headache, loss of balance, pallo2009-03-27
Increased insomnia, excessive almost manic cheerfu2009-03-27
Our 16 year old daughter told me me wanted to hurt2009-03-26
Large red circle on back. Small red circle on righ2009-03-26
really fucked up dreams2009-03-26
elevated blood presssure, low libido, sweats.2009-03-25
Painful knees, muscular fatigue, bitter taste in t2009-03-25
Strange/vivid dreams experinced for first 3 weeks 2009-03-25
involuntary muscle twitching confusion uncontrol2009-03-25
anxiety, hallucination, delusions, insomnia2009-03-25
vertigo, dizziness, gait problem2009-03-24
chest tightness, hard to breath, lots of trapped g2009-03-24
Anaphylaxis, pulmonary embolism, rash2009-03-24
Vomiting after having had thallium injections for 2009-03-23
extreme high blood pressure 160/1402009-03-23
Abdominal cramps, head ache, vomiting and diarrhea2009-03-23
very bad nausea,tight feeling stomach,burning in t2009-03-22
Sleep disorder, orthopnea, tachycardia more than 12009-03-22
constant chills. unable to sleep as well as cold s2009-03-22
completed suicide2009-03-22
Extreme nausea, vomiting, severe depression2009-03-21
Coldness top of thighs running down over the knee,2009-03-21
severe pain in my back, chest. Slight fever. Ache2009-03-21
extreme anxiety and tightness of chest, muscle wea2009-03-21
Diarrhoea shortly after commencing regime of 500mg2009-03-20
ongoing acne, bloating, irritability, tiredness, b2009-03-20
facial puffiness2009-03-19
Tingling sensation of lips, rapid swelling. The sw2009-03-19
severe diarea every 5 minutes for 12 hours and dia2009-03-19
arthralgia mtp joints ,swollen mtp joints,palmar f2009-03-18
Severe Nausea, tired, loss of appetite2009-03-18
Diarrea, extreme sleepiness, chills and body aches2009-03-18
Extreme shaking, nervousness, elevated body temper2009-03-18
Odd actions after falling asleep. Blackouts. Cogn2009-03-17
throwing up and not feeling well2009-03-17
Everytime I use Listerine or Oral B mouthwash I sn2009-03-17
Muscle aches in lower neck / shoulders/legs/and ca2009-03-16
chest pains, headache, hives2009-03-16
anaphylactic reaction/shock2009-03-15
lighthead confusion fatigue sleepeness2009-03-15
mood swings2009-03-15
Started smelling cigarette smoke in smoke-free wor2009-03-15
Started in january. By March my legs were jumping 2009-03-15
sudden sleep, weight increase, hallucinations, che2009-03-15
hard burn sensation small increase in high blood 2009-03-15
Rapid pulse , dizziness2009-03-14
epigastric pain,acidity,diarrhoea,and burning sebn2009-03-14
nausea,mood swings,and fatigue2009-03-14
Erectile dysfunction2009-03-14
Light headed, dizzy, blood pressure increase, not 2009-03-13
Stomach (abdominal) pain, restlessness, sleepless2009-03-12
Nausea, Headache and dissiness2009-03-12
uncontrollable hiccups2009-03-12
I was supossed to start my menstural cycle on that2009-03-12
Moderate to severe fatigue.2009-03-12
Massive loss of B-12. Extreme tiredness. Weight l2009-03-12
Extreme pain and fainting on insertion, intense cr2009-03-12
Nausea, but only led to vomiting once. Cramps in 2009-03-12
fatigue, irritable2009-03-12
Severe muscle pain that started with neck pain tha2009-03-11
Severe rash over entire body2009-03-11
I experienced the following symptoms: nausea, diz2009-03-10
Burning stomach, pain in upper thighs and groin ar2009-03-10
5 episodes of very near fainting spells--hot, clam2009-03-10
Throat irritation which I still experience daily. 2009-03-10
tired,gain weight but did not eat anymore,felt tir2009-03-10
burning in throad, mouth, sore tongue, could\'nt s2009-03-09
by the 8th day of taking Avelox I quit due to bein2009-03-09
weight gain, hunger2009-03-08
Extreme wooziness and feelings of disconnection - 2009-03-07
Extreme vulvovaginal pain, burning, inflammation, 2009-03-07
severe rib and sternum pain, fever, unable to stan2009-03-07
bladder pain, urgency2009-03-06
Extreme pain in feguent urination. Went to Dr had 2009-03-06
heart beat change, light headed2009-03-05
severe muscle pain throughout the body, especial2009-03-05
I took Nyquil for flu like symptomes. It used to w2009-03-04
Three separate symptoms: 1. Urinary Track Infect2009-03-04
Hallucination, shallow breathing, increased heart 2009-03-03
hypertension, increased heart rate, headaches, dai2009-03-03
restless legs, wouldnt stay still, jumping and hur2009-03-03
severe palpitation of the heart, nervousness, depr2009-03-03
stinging of the vulva area after putting the cream2009-03-02
nausea, dizziness, tightness in the throat.2009-03-02
Body Itching2009-03-02
chest discomfort, jaw pain,added water retention,m2009-03-02
no erection.I started to take viagra.After stoping2009-03-02
I have been on Tekturna for about 5 months. I hav2009-03-02
a medicine-like aftertaste2009-03-01
Low Amiodarone level2009-03-01
heavy fish body odor;heavy fish breath;dizziness;h2009-03-01
thrist,feeling weak, drowsy,lighted headed, fast h2009-03-01
Crying, Rapid Balding, Suicidal thoughts, Hair gro2009-03-01
developed sevre priostate 2009-03-01
Severe depression, 2009-03-01
Hives over upper half of chest and back and on arm2009-03-01
severe muscle spasms from upper hips to ankles, a2009-03-01
Pain in right hip and joint seizing up after sitti2009-03-01
diarreah mild nausea and really bad lower back pai2009-02-28
I am Diabetic well controlled until Immovane presc2009-02-28
Fourteen days of 25 mg and everything was fine. Th2009-02-28
swelling of joints also became quite painful2009-02-28
Rash and itching all over body2009-02-28
severe headaches, nausea, abnormal dreams, inflamm2009-02-28
Immediate anaphylatic symptoms after less than 1 o2009-02-28
Our 14 year old daughter developed hives all over 2009-02-27
insomnia, eye lids feel droopy2009-02-27
Intense muscle pain and fatigue.2009-02-26
Since I had the Mirena inserted: I battled depress2009-02-26
46 yr old female weight 58kg commeneced on Zeldox 2009-02-26
bleeding and pain in uper GI track2009-02-26
I have been on malanil tablets for the last 4 week2009-02-25
swollen tongue2009-02-24
Very bad heartburn lasting all day everyday, breas2009-02-24
panic, anxiety2009-02-24
I was experiencing severe muscular pain, abdominal2009-02-24
giddiness, nausea2009-02-23
I experienced blurred vision, dizziness,chest pain2009-02-22
took forteo for 4 mos, developed severe leg cramps2009-02-22
2 days of taking medication and I had an episode w2009-02-22
Laryngitis, Asthma-like symptoms, Throat red & vei2009-02-21
Blurry Vision stiff neck exhaustion2009-02-21
Burning when urinating.2009-02-20
Scattered and Clusters of mosquito bite looking re2009-02-20
anxiety lightheaded discomfort in abdomin and bac2009-02-20
severe diarrhoea2009-02-19
swelling face and neck buffalo hump on back of nec2009-02-19
Peripheral neuropathy; rapid heart beat;severe diz2009-02-19
fatigue, nausea, palpitations, muscle tingling, de2009-02-18
Very bad body aches about 2 days after Reclast inf2009-02-18
heart pulse to fast high blood pressure Suicidal2009-02-18
Blood sugar dropped dangerously low (41) causing s2009-02-17
Upper GI Pain2009-02-16
Aggression, irritability, confusion2009-02-16
fatigue, vaginal rash, vaginal itch, bloating, enl2009-02-15
edema of ankles and fingers, weight gain, sleepyne2009-02-15
severe muscle pain, muscle weakness, fever, chills2009-02-15
severe stomach ache2009-02-14
Almost fainted, headache constant, eyelid ulcers, 2009-02-14
severe anxiety paranoia dyskenesia (involuntary2009-02-13
Flushing, viable erection for 2 hours, then irregu2009-02-13
My face was burning red and very itchy,then turned2009-02-13
face rash, red face, severe shortness of breath, p2009-02-13
I have suffered from gout occasionally for over 102009-02-13
Not thinking clearly. Shaky hands. Sweatting.2009-02-12
Migraine, nausea2009-02-12
left eye pain2009-02-12
extreme thirst, heartburn2009-02-12
sore throat, irritating cough, hoarse voice, urina2009-02-12
Painful muscles, like flu, bad thoughts, nightmare2009-02-12
Aching muscles and joints 2009-02-11
Heart skipping beats, strange startle and restless2009-02-11
severe anxiety,sleeplessness,behind ear pressure,b2009-02-11
Diarrhea, Chills, Light-Headed, Dizzy2009-02-11
urinary incontinence, confusion, lack of balance2009-02-11
Very intense flushing and burning of my face. Red 2009-02-11
Ruptured appendix.2009-02-11
Severe swelling lower legs and feet. Loss of sensa2009-02-11
Pain in legs and feet, can\'t stand, sit stand or 2009-02-11
actos would appear to be responsible for acute 2009-02-11
Photosensitive - visual migraines. Severe Palpitat2009-02-10
I noticed heart palpitations but didn\'t relate it2009-02-10
Extreme Nausea, Vomiting, Headaches, and Increased2009-02-10
Severe Jaw pain, Severe Neck pain, Very tense2009-02-09
Major upper abdominal cramping, headache, hot flas2009-02-09
headache constipation2009-02-09
muscle pain over my entire body2009-02-08
insomnia and reflux2009-02-08
Joint pains, muscle pains hip pains 2009-02-08
extreme confusion. fear of dying. difficulty in br2009-02-07
feeling heart beat hard - feel funny in my head2009-02-06
Sexual dysfunction - poor or very soft erection, h2009-02-06
Extreme fatigue, severe back pain, joint pain, mus2009-02-06
Itchy, rash, fever, chills, rigors2009-02-06
numbness, swelling, headache2009-02-05
Went unconscious while driving Nearly had an acci2009-02-05
servere bone and muscle pain across hip and pelvis2009-02-05
High blood pressure due to stress from divorce.Anx2009-02-05
For me the side effects were mostly positive,, an 2009-02-04
extreme nausea near vomiting, dizziness, shortness2009-02-04
mild head ache and back pain. I took Advil which 2009-02-04
I suffer mild hypertension and take 80mg Diovan pe2009-02-04
rush all over my body that is itching so much and 2009-02-03
itchy rash all over area where chloraprep was used2009-02-03
Extreme Abdominal Pain Lower, Mood Swings, Insomni2009-02-03
Inability to speak clearly2009-02-03
The most notable symptoms were on 2/2/09, but I fe2009-02-02
diarrhea, fatigue2009-02-02
Painful eyelids. Very sore mouth, lots of ulcers 2009-02-02
Have been taking zoplicone since Feb/09. Have exp2009-02-02
severe mood swings, severe anger, aggression, BAD 2009-02-02
Dizziness, light-headed, chest pain.2009-02-01
Lethargy tiredness weakness2009-02-01
Early puberty female at age 72009-02-01
????? ????????? ? ??????? 2008. ? ??????? ???? ???2009-02-01
Could not stay hydrated (constant thirst). Very bl2009-02-01
My 16-year-old daughter experienced crying spells,2009-02-01
Muscle weakness, fibromyalsia symptoms. Pains in 2009-02-01
Depression, major vaginal dryness, loss of libido,2009-02-01
nausea vertigo anxiety severe headache2009-01-31
Facial swelling: eyes, lips, nose and tongue. Ex2009-01-31
severe depression2009-01-31
Weight gain of up to 16 LBS in 48 hours - weight l2009-01-30
loss of balance, loss of appetite and 15 pound wei2009-01-30
Anxiety; confusion; loss of sense of self; suicida2009-01-30
I read about the side effects of Reductil includin2009-01-30
Vision impaired.2009-01-30
sever chest pain2009-01-29
memory loss, weight gain,poor coordination, metall2009-01-29
It burned and itched horriby every time I inserted2009-01-29
Terrible pain, urgency to urinate continuly with n2009-01-28
Initial marked weight gain (1kg per month) over te2009-01-26
My husband died because of hydromorphone (dilaudid2009-01-26
severe headache, nausea, vertigo2009-01-26
red rash, on the whole body2009-01-25
Severe Amnesia (day 4 and +), Dysarthry (day 4 and2009-01-25
rash/ stomach pain2009-01-24
Dizziness, Nausea, Trembling, Heart Rate Increase,2009-01-23
itching and small pimmples around and inside the m2009-01-23
Infection in both mouth and throat2009-01-23
difficulty of breathing. Malaise. Fatigue. Premat2009-01-23
nosebleeds angina shortness of breath headaches2009-01-23
Our firve year old son became physically aggressiv2009-01-23
Pain in knees and feet. very painful to walk. Ra2009-01-22
severe diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, pain in leg2009-01-22
Difficulty sustaining an erection.2009-01-22
Severe headache (worse than a spinal headache foll2009-01-21
numbness in lips, numbness and weakness in legs, s2009-01-21
Dizzy, couldn\'t feel legs, gait disturbance, pain2009-01-21
Xtreme muscle pain & weakness. Couldn\'t lift hea2009-01-21
rapid, irregular heartbeat. Dry mouth, upset stom2009-01-20
difficulties with breathing and vomiting2009-01-20
difficult urination2009-01-20
I recently took this drug and within days began to2009-01-20
blurry vision2009-01-20
sleeplessness for several nights 2009-01-20
Inability to tolerate insertion, insertion under p2009-01-20
feeling of need to urinate. Not feeling any bladd2009-01-20
Neurological; extreme cognitive difficulties, lymp2009-01-20
fatigue, listless, join pain2009-01-20
cartilage forming in my palms of my hands, finger 2009-01-20
Nausea and weight gain. Plus, sleepiness.2009-01-19
Sleeplessness, shortness of breath. extreme Weigh2009-01-19
Gastroscopy done and polyps found on the lining of2009-01-19
trembling in both hands2009-01-17
fatigue, nausea, extreme anxiety, insomnia, troubl2009-01-17
weight gain (15 lbs), inability to build muscle th2009-01-16
tiredness 2009-01-16
Non-Drowsy Sudafed (maximum strength) Nasal Decong2009-01-15
Extreme drowsiness at about 2:30 pm even though I 2009-01-15
joint pain all over upper y and burning muscle pai2009-01-15
Diagnosed with atrial fibrilation2009-01-15
persistant coughing, some breathlessness2009-01-15
Itching around eyes and face along with sleeplessn2009-01-15
Scalp turned deep red immediately after shampoo 2009-01-14
Flu like symptoms accompanied with vomiting, weakn2009-01-14
knee pain and stiffness; both knees; all the conne2009-01-14
Shampooed scalp, rinsed off, immediatley my scalp 2009-01-13
Stomach pain, nausea, indigestion, syncope (fainti2009-01-13
Joint pain, hemmoroids, migraine with aura,muscle 2009-01-12
My skin color changed; I\'m a person of color and2009-01-12
Dizziness, rapid heart rate, feeling abnormal2009-01-12
Large red, irritated, itchy, painful rash2009-01-12
diarrea, vomiting (loss of appetite, possibly attr2009-01-11
Sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and paranoia2009-01-11
fatigue, nausea2009-01-11
I feel light-headed. Can\'t stay awake. Sleep a 2009-01-10
nausea, stomach pain2009-01-10
I had taken Mucinex (for the 1st time) along with 2009-01-10
Dizziness, profuse perspiration, nausea, tunnel vi2009-01-10
Restless legs. Awake all night.2009-01-10
indigestion, dull pain in stomach, burning beneath2009-01-10
Mental confusion,memory loss, 2009-01-10
Impulsive, defiant, mood fluctuations2009-01-09
Inability to obtain an erection2009-01-09
Hairloss...I am female.2009-01-08
redness of face followed by severe swelling of the2009-01-08
Since my shot of Kenalog I have developed a large 2009-01-08
weight gain, hair loss, fuzzy memory, joint pain, 2009-01-07
On and off nausea. Weight gain. But, it does wor2009-01-07
Severe nausea. Throwing up for several hours until2009-01-07
chest and back pain2009-01-06
hallucinations, started seeing people that were no2009-01-06
Mouth turned blue, stopped moving and breathing2009-01-06
Itching of exposed skin and live-like bumps.2009-01-06
I am writing on behalf of my friend, with the hope2009-01-05
tired, confusion, depression, swollen face and lip2009-01-04
Pain in neck glands. Pain in neck muscles. Pain 2009-01-04
Aggression, fatigue and a few hours of short-term 2009-01-04
Farigue, shortness of breath, vomiting blood clots2009-01-04
Weird off the wall dreams ever since i started tak2009-01-04
drt mouth, thirsty, throat feels as if im being st2009-01-02
pain and aches all the way to the bone2009-01-02
Muscle weakness Fatigue Severe joint pain Back 2009-01-02
fatigue, joint pain in hips, sholders and ribs. Al2009-01-02
Sleepiness, dizziness, nausea, and a feeling of fl2009-01-02
Migraine headache,Severe mood swings,Fatigue,Night2009-01-01
major depression, hopelessness, dizzyness, lack of2009-01-01
Early onset puberty for the child that had pitocin2009-01-01
side affects included severe loss of balance tHe l2009-01-01
Reduced ability to breathe and function.2009-01-01
Hair fallen 2009-01-01
Double Vision, blurry vision, swollen fingers, cou2009-01-01
Uvulitis - choking; coughing up blood2008-12-31
bad cough with blood,dizzy,increased bp,chills,che2008-12-31
Dreamlike state; confusion; tremors; not being abl2008-12-31
Severe headache, unrelieved by meds. Severe stomac2008-12-30
Knee, back and hip pain on standing and walking lo2008-12-30
severe vaginal bleeding, hemmorage. severe cramps,2008-12-29
arms, hands, fingers and in general all over uncon2008-12-29
fatigue, muscular weakness, peripheral neuropathy 2008-12-28
stomach burn2008-12-26
Suicide attempt2008-12-26
severe hives2008-12-26
knee joints pain and difficulty in walking and ben2008-12-25
Nausea, burning stomach, discomfort throughout the2008-12-23
Cold and couldn\'t get warm, low grade fever, seve2008-12-23
My father of age 65 was placed on the drug Seroque2008-12-23
Severe itching over the whole body. some swelling 2008-12-22
Burning worse then the yeast infection. Spotting (2008-12-21
Got quite wired; out of sorts; disoriented; felt o2008-12-21
Aniety and felling affraid.2008-12-20
dizzyness, presure in ear,pain in leg muscle and c2008-12-20
Painful / burning urination every 1/2 hour. Res2008-12-20
diarrhea, dizziness, headache, sore tongue, sore t2008-12-20
Rapid heart beat and difficulty breathing.2008-12-20
sleeplessness; anxiety about continuing to breathe2008-12-20
Red skin rash, nausea, stomach pain, vision change2008-12-19
Was on levothryox since Oct 2006 started 50 ul wit2008-12-19
ingestion serve headace chest pains hyper tension 2008-12-18
skin color changes,fatigue, headaches, sniffles2008-12-18
Non productive irritant throat cough2008-12-17
dizziness, vertigo2008-12-17
Severe insomnia. Extreme anxiety. 2008-12-16
Diarhea-severe day 3 - every 15 minutes, abdominal2008-12-16
Extreme fatigue, lathargic2008-12-16
ive had the implanon for almost 3 years now and it2008-12-16
Nightmares, vivid dreams, waking up in middle of n2008-12-15
Severe paradoxical bronchospasm following my routi2008-12-15
dry vagina loss of libido2008-12-15
diarrhoea, nausea, dry skin2008-12-14
Venous insufficiency, drowsiness2008-12-13
Headache with dizziness and diarrhoea.2008-12-12
face broke out in huge hives, eyes swelled and itc2008-12-12
throat mucus gain weight sleep very little. hand 2008-12-12
recurring candidiasis in mouth. White ulcers appea2008-12-12
Dizziness, nausea and ability to walk impaired.2008-12-11
Chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate 2008-12-11
Increased Hypertension, Palutations 150 beats per 2008-12-11
swollen tongue and dementia 2008-12-10
boy 8 yrs. aggression, headache,hyper2008-12-10
fatigue, sore throat, productive cough2008-12-09
feet pain, leg cramps, stomach cramps, neck pain, 2008-12-09
heavy vomiting after using misoprostal2008-12-08
Burning of the stomach,nausea,Diarrhea2008-12-08
headaches, major cravings, and weight gain2008-12-08
This was my second reaction to this medication and2008-12-07
had a lamenectomy and got a haematoma instead2008-12-07
moodiness,depression,accessive amount of acne,bloa2008-12-06
Is it possible that Rogaine exacerbates my asthma?2008-12-04
redness, irrataded tear ducts2008-12-04
Bracardia - jaw pain-tooth pain -breathlessness an2008-12-04
extremely itchy, prickly skin generalized followin2008-12-04
severe abdominal pain, constipation, missed period2008-12-03
Very cold feet and hands, with tummy upset.2008-12-03
Insomnia, extreme drowsiness, sleepwalking.2008-12-03
Increased blood pressure, dizziness2008-12-02
dizziness, trouble breathing, blacked out for abou2008-12-01
Myoclonus 2008-12-01
fatigue,nausea,headache,blured vision2008-12-01
a six week trial sample appears to have greatly ex2008-12-00
Profuse sweating, flatulence, mild confusion and f2008-11-30
sexual side effects. no orgasam2008-11-28
Death - cause: Sepsis2008-11-28
ectopic pregnancy2008-11-28
respiratory depression, somnolence, dry mouth,diso2008-11-27
dizziness. nausea, chills. unable to stand , swea2008-11-27
nausea dizziness has continued for a month, almost2008-11-27
Gout within all joints2008-11-27
Debilitating back pain Difficulty urinating naus2008-11-26
Bitter mouth when I woke up. Edgy and depression. 2008-11-25
syncope with exertion2008-11-25
Severe continuous diarrhea,severe cramping with mo2008-11-25
Extreme agitation, anger, rage, restlessness, tigh2008-11-23
Rumblings and cramps in stomach, darts of pain in 2008-11-22
Choking. I have been taking Losec as required for 2008-11-22
Over time of 2 weeks Heart beat raised, from my no2008-11-21
I have been taking Adderall XR for ADD for two wee2008-11-20
nausea,sleeplessness,fatigue, anxiety attacks2008-11-20
(4 yr old)Aggressive behaviour,destructive hyperac2008-11-19
hot flashes have stoped.2008-11-18
blurred vision when reading,dark brown smelly disc2008-11-18
Loss of libido Difficulty in achieving orgasm2008-11-17
upper abdominal pain/spasms for days afterwards2008-11-17
extreme sore throat, extreme headache, stomach pai2008-11-17
Chest pain,fast heartbeat2008-11-17
burning and irritation2008-11-16
Massive stomach bleed2008-11-16
Allergic reaction: extreme swollen tongue, resulta2008-11-15
chest pain, left and right abdominal pains lost we2008-11-15
Extreme anxiety. Could not sit. Had to move. I 2008-11-15
severe headache2008-11-14
bad sleep disturbance and vivid nightmares several2008-11-14
DELSYM-severe dizziness, shakiness,nausia,weakness2008-11-13
red itchy rash2008-11-13
Right Leg and hip pain. 2008-11-13
severe toothache, headache, throbbing and pain in 2008-11-13
Extreme restlessness & agitation2008-11-13
Horrible cough causing me to have trouble breathin2008-11-12
Fatigue, anxiousness, nausea yet constantly wantin2008-11-12
Diarrhea, each time I urinated. I have prostate ca2008-11-12
bloatedness and constipation tight stomach gastr2008-11-12
Severe joint and muscle pain. Extreme hip joint a2008-11-11
fatigue and sleepness and disness2008-11-11
Excessive weight gain2008-11-10
Persistent headache for 36 hours starting 12 hours2008-11-10
Panic attacks, anxiety, heart palpitations, hypert2008-11-10
i will forget what i did after taking the pills an2008-11-10
Migraine type headaches and nausea Started Activi2008-11-09
Severe chills, could not get body warm, severe mus2008-11-08
confused thinking; abnormal thinking; somnolence; 2008-11-08
flu like symptoms then extreme hypertension and ch2008-11-08
On 11/7/08 I was given a pill deplin by a pa at do2008-11-07
I have went through so much, and am going through 2008-11-07
vomiting& mild pain abdomin2008-11-06
Diarrhea Shortness of breath2008-11-05
couldnt breathe fast heart rate low blood pressure2008-11-05
Anal fissure2008-11-04
The day after receiving Reclast IV, I experienced 2008-11-04
constipation, dry hard stooles2008-11-03
Sweating profusely then chills.2008-11-03
Severe fatigue and exhaustion; physical aching thr2008-11-03
severe rash with puss along with it to the face(re2008-11-02
leg aches, stomache, dry mouth and lips, headaches2008-11-02
depression, emotional changes with unpredictable c2008-11-02
problem in my stomach2008-11-01
Took Di-antalvic for head ache pain and shortly af2008-11-01
tendonitis in both elbows, trigger finger, leg pai2008-11-01
Muscle pain . Stiffed hand2008-11-01
end stage macular degeneration. last central vis2008-11-01
i attempter suicide2008-10-31
Red man syndrome, edema to hands,lips tongue, red 2008-10-30
Waves of severe dizziness to the point of near fai2008-10-30
debilitating pain in joints (fingers, wrists, shou2008-10-30
bloating, heavy feeling in stomach, lower pelvic p2008-10-29
increased fasting blood sugars leg cramps 2008-10-29
Stomach pain2008-10-28
1) Dyspnea, mild. Trouble taking a deep breath; 2)2008-10-28
fatigue, nausea, sleepenees, blurry vision, 2008-10-28
confussin,being spacey,axitey,fatigue,hot flash,ch2008-10-27
shortness of breath, weakness, swelling around eye2008-10-25
I felt like life was being drained from me. Weakne2008-10-25
Severe rash, loss of taste, muscle, joint pain, st2008-10-25
no improvement in original symptoms, depression,su2008-10-25
nervous shaking stomach2008-10-24
breast tenderness2008-10-24
disorientation, depression, hallucination, impaire2008-10-24
Severe head itching, diaphoresis, loss of bowel an2008-10-24
increase in self-monitored blood glucose2008-10-22
extreme fatigue2008-10-22
dim vision-like looking through wax paper2008-10-22
I have been on Birth Control since May 29, 2007. I2008-10-22
headaches, nausea, severe cramping and bleeding, s2008-10-22
dizziness, severe headaches, severe nausea, fainti2008-10-20
Hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, blurred vision2008-10-20
Dizziness, jittery,sleepy2008-10-19
Nystagmus, confusion, inability to perform tasks, 2008-10-19
severe confusion, drowsiness, hallucinations, dang2008-10-19
taking clonidine and cardizem making me very tired2008-10-18
for 1 hour and 45 minutes after instilling the dos2008-10-18
ringing in ears, dizziness, chills, diarrhea, bloo2008-10-18
Palpitation, tachycardia, hypertension, gum bleedi2008-10-18
Difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection2008-10-17
heart stopped2008-10-17
Caused sugar levels to fall and finished up with H2008-10-16
burning in mouth and on lip interiors2008-10-15
headaches 2008-10-15
Extreme flatulence and diarrhead delayed.2008-10-15
I went to an Urgent Care Center to be treated for 2008-10-15
loss of voice2008-10-15
Although it did not drop my glucose level too far 2008-10-14
sleep disorders, rapid weight loss, constant painf2008-10-14
chest burning, palpitations, muscle pain2008-10-13
Severe panic attack, ended up in the ER, HR shot u2008-10-13
loose bowel motions. nausea.tummy pains .hot sweat2008-10-13
diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue2008-10-12
Bad anxiety, chest pains from anxiety, emotional o2008-10-12
esophagus pain, maybe reflux, burning in throat 2008-10-11
tightness in center of chest, warmth that spread f2008-10-11
sweating copously for little reason.no stamina,tir2008-10-10
Anger, Agitation, Dificulty Sleeping, hostile, hig2008-10-10
metallic taste in mouth,loss of motor skills like 2008-10-10
hypocalcemia and acute renal failure2008-10-10
I have no taste of sweets.2008-10-10
skin necrosis leading to calcified plaques, excruc2008-10-10
dizzyness, disorientation, disturbing dreams, anxi2008-10-09
Skin rash, dyspnea & shock2008-10-09
palpitations, headache2008-10-08
Anal Herpes outbreak, fissure like pain 2008-10-08
Severe foul smelling flatulence and constipation.2008-10-08
My ankles and calf have been throbbing.2008-10-08
burning in gluteus maximus2008-10-07
became suicidal, had suicidal thoughts. Hypertensi2008-10-06
Severe allergic dermatitis, extremely itchy, where2008-10-06
Dizzy, Headache, Fainting, Low Blood Pressure, Inc2008-10-06
severe chest pain lasting 3-5 minutes accompanied 2008-10-06
tears, cough, malaise, nausea, fatigue, dizziness2008-10-05
Severe kidney stones including crystals permiating2008-10-05
Lots of pimples,sores in the mouth,weight gain,fat2008-10-05
very erratic and high heart rate during heavy exer2008-10-04
Severe rash from head to toe Anaphylactic shock 2008-10-04
For 3 days, extreme nausea and indigestion, felt l2008-10-04
Elevated liver enzymes2008-10-02
foot cramps at night 2008-10-01
Intense stomach pain starting within 5 minutes of 2008-10-01
Burning in throat. Feels like something is stuck b2008-10-01
burning,fatigue,sleepy eyes2008-10-01
extreme itchy rash Cortozone creme not helping n2008-10-01
Light headed-unsure balance2008-10-01
I call it the shakes. Initially the shakes starte2008-10-01
extreme fatique. disorientation. panic arracks. sh2008-10-01
muscle weakness2008-10-01
bruises easily2008-09-30
a red burning rash2008-09-29
Leg and foot cramps, dry mouth and slight brochial2008-09-29
Facial skin rash, discoloration, several locations2008-09-27
Stiff neck and shoulder pain2008-09-26
Very dark stools2008-09-25
Dizzyness~ shaking- increased b/p PVCs2008-09-23
I have stuttering and short term memory loss2008-09-23
irregular heartbeats& chest pains2008-09-23
Vivid bad dreams, headaches, irritable, muscle tig2008-09-22
sleeplessness for 50 days so far, chest tightness,2008-09-22
Started drug 2008-08-22 stopped 2008-09-23. Nause2008-09-21
I very rarely get sick about 3 days after i began 2008-09-18
Nausea, extreme fatigue, pain and tingling in left2008-09-17
blurred vision/dry eyes/red eyes. Feels like I hav2008-09-17
After 3 months use, 3 drops per day each eye I sta2008-09-17
anxiety, depression, insomnia2008-09-15
GI BLEED2008-09-15
Low level of HDL,(approx.30% all values) (175tota2008-09-15
my symptoms are ringing in ears, numbness in hands2008-09-14
wieght gain, moodiness, poor sleep2008-09-12
vomiting, headache 2008-09-12
Fainting dizziness, skin lesions2008-09-12
Extreme pain during and hours following insertion.2008-09-11
depressed, anxious, nervous, fatigued, trouble s2008-09-11
sensitivity to smell, nausea, dizziness, more freq2008-09-10
over excitation, restlessness,manic episode2008-09-10
Severe Dehydration dizziness confusions night t2008-09-08
I have been tired all the time with severe crampin2008-09-08
tight chest, nausea2008-09-08
Heart beating not regaler , sweating , dizzy , fe2008-09-07
Worsening ear pain and deafness in affected ear.2008-09-06
nausea, numbness, headache, disoriented, angry2008-09-06
dizzyspells(sort of vertigo) accompanied with vomi2008-09-05
unable to pass stools, able to pass wind. 2008-09-05
loss of contact with reality, dizziness2008-09-04
Severe prolonged throbbing headache and neck ache,2008-09-04
i got really bad cramps, the runs, vomiting and no2008-09-04
Elevated sugar level, dizzyness, asthma worsened, 2008-09-04
Extreme kidney pain. Experienced while playing go2008-09-03
Blood pressure dropped within five minutes and I h2008-09-03
Rash on Chest filled with puss2008-09-02
Severe cramps, increased swelling, sleeplessnes2008-09-02
dissiness listless2008-09-01
loss of conciousness, loss of memory, anger, canno2008-09-01
terrible cramps and leg pains making it difficult 2008-09-01
My first symptoms was my feet. In the mornings wh2008-09-01
Feet and hands swelled. Writhing and gyrating. Th2008-09-01
fatigue, increased atrial fibrilations, increased 2008-08-31
diahrrea 5-8 times a day bleeding from rectum cau2008-08-30
Heart arrhythmia2008-08-28
Frequent urination, uncontrollable thirst, letharg2008-08-28
androgenic alopecia, increased hot flashes,difficu2008-08-27
Very intense and painful migraine headache, caused2008-08-26
mood swings, tearfulness, anxiety, irregular perio2008-08-25
IV administered preop, raised flat allergic reacti2008-08-25
morning sickness headache fatigue back pain2008-08-24
scleraderma;sever osteoporosis2008-08-24
Strong urinary odor2008-08-22
Partial loss of vision - seeing a flashing spot in2008-08-22
Back pain, joint pain, lymphedema, extreme fatigue2008-08-22
hostile paranoid boderline violent2008-08-21
Nervuosness, insomnia, rapid, pounding hearbeat2008-08-20
burning , extreme senstivity to light and blurred 2008-08-20
ear infection2008-08-20
tingling/numbness in toes/feet, also pain, weaknes2008-08-20
numb and painful or hypersensitive feeling in both2008-08-20
Prescription for an unknown infection.2008-08-20
itching, BP dramatic increase, muscle weakness, mu2008-08-18
Experienced extreme stiffness and weakness in my k2008-08-17
Made breating/asthma worse when taking it, huge we2008-08-17
sudden, acute abdominal pain; absolutely unbearabl2008-08-16
Fatigue 2008-08-16
high fever, steven johnson syndrom2008-08-15
Fibrome du sein gauche 1,5 cm2008-08-14
Swelling and pain in joints, especially both knees2008-08-13
Suicide attempt.2008-08-12
panic attack symptoms, racing heart, high blood pr2008-08-10
back pain, muscle spasms with nerve pain, headache2008-08-10
dont know what the days cant remember where put an2008-08-10
I am on Coreg CR 20 mg. On the 5th day of taking t2008-08-09
tunnel vision and lights flickering in eyes; const2008-08-08
ringing in ears,imbalance2008-08-08
Disclored urine2008-08-07
stomach sick.2008-08-06
progressive pruritus and urticaria, rash 2008-08-05
severe pain in muscles, joints, and bone 2008-08-04
hearing music that isnt playing2008-08-01
Fever rash oral ulcer UTI2008-08-01
Weight gain of 20 lbs. in less than 1 year.2008-08-01
Severe muscle and joint pain, weakness, and inflam2008-08-01
normally straight soft hair became curly and frizz2008-08-01
wound treated with Neosporin refused to heal, beca2008-07-30
Experienced strong depression and fatigue2008-07-28
Have been adicted to this drug for 5 years and had2008-07-27
Dirreha (sp)2008-07-25
hives on stomach legs arms extremely itchy wake up2008-07-25
head-banging, confusion, blurred vision, high leve2008-07-24
severe Thrombocytopenia2008-07-23
Excessive hair shedding2008-07-22
sharp abdominal pain inability to sleep at night 2008-07-21
The work was on the lower right back molar. I pro2008-07-15
Extremely swollen tongue, itchy whelps, rash on ex2008-07-15
one inch radius dent in my right butt cheek. comp2008-07-13
nervous ticks of jerking, spasms of the nerves in 2008-07-09
hair loss2008-07-07
Hair loss.2008-07-07
severe body aches/unable to move neck, arms, back,2008-07-07
weak, shaky hands. dry mouth. mouth sores. hype2008-07-06
Blood in Urine- Unexplained High Blood Proessure2008-07-06
severe fatigue, ichiness, back pain and then Fulmi2008-07-05
frequent urination2008-07-04
stomach cramps, headache, low blood sugar episode,2008-07-03
top of stomach hurt it hurts to eat food2008-07-02
Agression and non-compliance, Oppositional behavi2008-07-01
Fatique, Depression, Anxiety, Vaginal Itch, Headac2008-07-01
Weight Gain, acne, sore muscles in pelvic area, ch2008-07-01
Severe shoulder joint pain, tingling, burning and 2008-06-30
headache, lightheaded, fatigue2008-06-28
Severe back aches, pain below right rib cage, dizz2008-06-27
i can no longer taste food, it seems my taste buds2008-06-25
Wry neck (Torticollis) Stiffening of the jaw, inv2008-06-25
dizziness, dysstasia, nausea, vomiting, palpitatio2008-06-24
dizziness,nub mouth, strange taste, cold hands, t2008-06-23
shooting pain in area immediately below right ribs2008-06-23
cannot orgasum2008-06-23
edema of ankles and feet, shortness of breath, wei2008-06-22
dizziness, confusion, numbness in hands, and full 2008-06-19
Severe depression2008-06-18
smelly sweat, vaginal spotting2008-06-17
abnormal behaviour, anxiety, confusional state, cr2008-06-16
suicidal behavior, deppressed, sadness. 2008-06-16
(2) different side affects never experienced befor2008-06-15
joint pains, pains/heaviness in hands and feet. pa2008-06-15
Major depression beyond what was intended to be tr2008-06-14
irregular heart beat and pain in my chest and ribc2008-06-12
Blurar vision2008-06-12
Pounding, splitting, migraine-like, headache in th2008-06-12
muscle pain in thighs,burning pain in left arm. B2008-06-08
strong will to die, depression2008-06-08
Tachycardia, depression, anxiety, nervousness, sho2008-06-07
Anaphylactic shock, Serum sickness, reactive arthr2008-06-04
cholesterol rising2008-06-03
Excessive swelling of feet and legs2008-06-02
\"ACUTE, CRONIC, SEVERE\" NEUROPATHY (words of neu2008-06-01
Muscle spasms across back, into R kidney area, acr2008-05-20
Weakness, no appetite or thirst, constant coughing2008-05-20
hair loss2008-05-16
fatigue, nausea2008-05-16
Profuse sweating, nausea, felt horrible and felt l2008-05-15
Severe sharp pain from right achilles tendon into 2008-05-11
Hair loss every time I brushed or washed my hair.2008-05-05
anxiety depression loss of appetite excessive blee2008-05-01
migrating sharp bone pain in legs, feet, arms and 2008-05-01
nausea - first time I took Boniva it was 8 hours n2008-05-01
Taking InnoPran since at least 2007-04-14 to contr2008-05-01
severe chest pain, burning throat,severe diarreah,2008-04-30
Swelling of throat 2008-04-28
drowsiness leading to: respiratory arrest blue l2008-04-25
Severe pain in joints, bones and muscles, especial2008-04-25
Huge 2-3\" welts, 1\" tall, about 30 of these a da2008-04-23
after my first injection i went to an acupuncture 2008-04-22
got a dogbite, had to get a TDAP shot. Dr.insiste2008-04-22
extreme pain, swelling, and tearing2008-04-21
anhedonia, blunted affect, anger, hypertension, ta2008-04-15
T ook a tablet then before going to sleep, wrote s2008-04-12
anxiety, panic disorder, psychological trauma resp2008-04-10
14 months after treatment finished! hair loss, ros2008-04-09
Loss of sexual prowess2008-04-08
Mouth started to item really bad anaphylaxis Bod2008-04-07
severe swelling under the eye2008-04-06
Within 12 hours of taking the cholesterol lowering2008-04-03
abdominal pain, dyspnea, fever, skin rash 2008-04-03
this was the worst drug i ever took.... only one p2008-04-01
Made my other medications work great, was able to 2008-04-01
Constipation, Sore eyes, vivid dreams, excessive d2008-04-01
Since I have stopped smoking with the Chatix I hav2008-03-30
Oral blood blisters on tongue, cheeks, palate, and2008-03-26
Jaundice, itching, digestive problems, nausea, wei2008-03-24
On 3-22-08 I suddenly experienced severe heart 2008-03-23
precipitated withdrawals2008-03-14
I have recently gone from 5.0mg to 7.5mg of bicor 2008-03-10
Itching all over, back, abdomen, fingers, toes, he2008-03-10
tired aching legs & feet severe2008-03-10
extreme hair loss from basically top of the head a2008-03-10
easily aggitated, never had an allergic reaction n2008-03-08
acute angina w/pain radiating to jaw, nausea, swea2008-03-07
I took macrobid in Jan of 2008 for a bladder infec2008-03-03
abdominal pain2008-03-01
Hypertension, joint pain hypogoandism, extreme fat2008-03-01
Mild Constipation2008-03-01
anxiety, insomina, eye floaters, depressed,nausea,2008-02-21
When i tok persantin retard capsules, I experience2008-02-20
depression, suicidal ideation2008-02-17
Extreme lower left ovarian pain, weakness and pain2008-02-15
chest pain, fatigue, agitation, a feeling of not f2008-02-15
fatigue and big red mark where injection site was 2008-02-12
Disinhibition, confusion, inability to stop talkin2008-02-10
Heart stopped, almost blacked out, swelling of gro2008-02-08
intense heat through out my body,heart paps,feelin2008-02-08
Heart palpitations,numbness,tingling,tooth and gum2008-02-08
On many occasions I\'ve become ill immediately aft2008-02-08
Analphylatic reaction, intestinal tear, hyperglyce2008-02-07
fever, dyspnea, asthenia ,neuropathy2008-02-05
I had sudden onset of numbness in my right leg. In2008-02-03
Headache, muscle aches, pruritis, skin rash, flush2008-02-02
Migraine began halfway through drinking Entero VU 2008-02-02
severe damage to the joints, nerves, tendons, liga2008-02-01
I Have Fever\'s I Spit Up Mucus I Also Losin A lot2008-01-29
sleeplessness (would take tablet 9am and would be 2008-01-28
chest pain 8/10, hypertension 160/110 max2008-01-24
nausea headache dizziness depersonalisation crying2008-01-23
Throat remains open some, so liquid will just go d2008-01-23
LOSS OF VISION/ infection2008-01-22
Blood in the urine. Realized it was the medicatio2008-01-20
increased blood sugar skin atrophy at injection s2008-01-19
multiple pulmonary emboli in all lobes of lungs2008-01-15
I woke up in the night and ate whole chocolate bar2008-01-10
wheezing irritable cough and phleom2008-01-08
face swelling, stretch marks all over the body, fa2008-01-04
Tightness in chest and throat trouble breathing 2008-01-03
Suicide attempt, depression, aggression, fatigue m2008-01-02
cardiogenic shock fatigue, 2008-01-02
Never able to fall completely asleep, always in th2008-01-02
impotence, palpitaions2008-01-01
weight gain, tremors, swelling of hands and feet, 2008-01-01
Depressed, agitated, aggressive.2008-01-01
Detoxification skin crawling return of pain just 22008-01-01
brain fog that has not gone away in 10 months2008-01-01
Memory loss while taking Zopiclone. Whole days of 2008-01-01
verigo, hearing loss, memory loss, anxiety2007-12-31
massive weight gaind for they year that I took it.2007-12-25
eg.appear veins from legs and arm,cheek fat lost, 2007-12-25
Cardiac arrest No pulse rate2007-12-18
vertigo anxiety short term memory loss diminish2007-12-18
hiccups - non-stop for 3 days (over the weekend), 2007-12-07
Vertigo, Neck pain, Shoulder pain2007-12-01
stress fractures in femur bone2007-12-01
red skin of face2007-11-23
Numbness tingling pain joint pain tendon pain fati2007-11-20
First searing heat as I felt it travel through my2007-11-15
Extreme Mood Swings. Memory Loss, Fatigue, signifi2007-11-01
Joint pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches, no apetit2007-10-20
I felt very tired and a vein in my head kept throb2007-10-15
fever, fatigue, pain, sore mouth / throat2007-10-13
Difficulty rising from sitting position, bilateral2007-10-10
depression and suidal thoughts2007-10-10
insommnia, headache, vomiting, jaw pain,ear pain,l2007-10-07
Significant indentation in wrist where injection w2007-10-06
Thyroid problems,weight gain,dry skin,facial hair,2007-10-03
Acute ,severe encephalopathic illness. Widespread2007-10-03
Migraines, extreme thirst not relieved by ceaseles2007-10-01
Severer Dizziness Racing heart numbness in lim2007-09-20
very painful stomach pains, before and after passi2007-09-11
I took minocycline from 1998 until 2007 or so and 2007-09-10
Paranoid acute psychosis which required hospitaliz2007-09-09
hallucinations, depression, suicidal, anxiety, pan2007-09-01
1. very poor sleep - wake up almost every hour 2.2007-09-01
acute abdominal swelling2007-09-01
chills, fatigue, pain in all joints especially jaw2007-08-28
sinusitis, adenomyosis, hydroneproisis, iud migrat2007-08-24
fatigue, depression, mood swings, weight gain, nau2007-08-22
\"tightness\" of skin on fingers and hands, stiffn2007-08-15
tardive dyskinesia, choking, anxiety, 2007-08-15
Mastoid pain and wound purulent drainage 4 days po2007-08-14
fatigue sleeplessness nausea heading 2007-08-03
extremely heavy bleeding. increase in ovarian cyst2007-08-01
gradual onset of calf muscle pain progressing in s2007-07-31
he took his father\'s hand gun and shoot himsilf i2007-07-23
Pregnancy, inability to rest, unproductive prodrom2007-07-21
Baby - olighydramnios (loss of amniotic fluid), fo2007-07-11
Joint pain in shoulders severe2007-07-10
Restless legs,rapid heart beat,tiredness,2007-07-07
breast enlargement, amenorrhea, muscle stiffness, 2007-07-04
difficulty walking, severe irritation to lungs2007-07-01
fatigue, sleeplessness, alterd vision, diplopia2007-07-01
None. Doctor\'s advice.2007-06-20
was hospitalized post mva, 120 ml optiray injected2007-06-16
lack of sexual desire, and don\'t want any sex.2007-06-03
muscle fatigue2007-06-01
swollen hands, legs feet. Pain all over. unable 2007-05-30
weight gain, tiredness, irritability, muscles spas2007-05-01
swelling and tenderness of abdomen caused by endom2007-05-01
rheumatoid arthritis,fibro myalgia, ost2007-05-00
Bad symptoms: Severe hypothermia (extreme cold), c2007-04-20
swelling and tenderness of breast2007-04-18
A week of dizzy spells and digestive problems whic2007-04-13
wrist pain, lightheadness, dizziness, numbness, mo2007-04-10
Severe fatigue muscle, joint,nerve pain. I was bed2007-04-06
pain under rib cage area, hypothyroidism, insulin 2007-04-01
brittle hair and nails; breakage2007-04-01
nightmares insomnia nausea fatigue especially duri2007-03-25
I had very big tachycardia 20 minutes about after2007-03-20
Blurred vision2007-03-09
fatigue, headache, sleeplessness, nausea, joint ac2007-03-02
hair loss, nausea, \"yucky\"2007-03-01
Continuous, heavy periods that never seem to end, 2007-03-01
nausea,vomitting,severe aching all over the body,d2007-02-16
Nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate2007-02-16
cramp in calf, vaginal exterior itching, hi choles2007-02-13
About a week after my injection, I experienced, HO2007-02-11
dry eyes and dry throat2007-02-09
severe fatigue and weakness ,muscle atrophy and As2007-02-04
Fatigue, insomnia,difficulty concentrating, anxiet2007-02-03
severe abdominal pain, bloating, nauseau and vomit2007-02-01
persistent alopecia joint pain blocked tear duct2007-01-30
Severe weakness unable or Stand or walk. One side 2007-01-27
I had only moderated hypertension before taking Ch2007-01-11
electrical shock going through my body, and vision2007-01-05
Moderate to severe depression, anxiety, unexplaine2007-01-01
Dull to migraine headaches2007-01-01
Muscular pain or discomfort2006-12-25
gums growing and bleeding2006-12-24
severe joint pain,hot flashes,skin painful to the 2006-12-06
within a week of beginning Lantus, my stomach bega2006-12-06
Tingling, itching scalp, then tingling and itching2006-11-03
I was diagnosed with ocular herpes. I have been u2006-11-01
Diarrhoea, stomach pain, reading comprehension - d2006-11-01
sinus & ear infections, fatigue2006-10-21
psychiatric side effects. Initially depression, th2006-10-10
Vision loss, 2006-10-01
Depression, axiety, nausea during pregnancy2006-09-18
I experience severe behavioural changes that I cou2006-09-15
Pins & Needles sensation in hands/feet/legs. Dizzi2006-08-15
swelling of mouth and tongue, severe ringing in ea2006-08-01
Anxiety, depression, aversion to food, irritabilit2006-07-15
Fibromyalgia. If you have Fibro and take Mucinex y2006-07-06
uncontrollable leg shakes tremors.2006-07-05
Campral made me quit smoking2006-06-26
pain right side abdoman stomach and left & right 2006-06-21
Severe heart palpitations,chest pain, shortness of2006-06-05
I had allergies issues:watery and itchy eyes, runn2006-05-24
Immediate profound personality change. PTSD and b2006-05-18
itchy dry skin,rash all over.hives etc2006-05-17
cough 2006-05-15
Very high blood pressure, jerking, falling, dizzy,2006-05-01
DVTs in upper right leg extending from the right k2006-04-10
Injection burns like FIRE every time - for the pas2006-04-03
dizzy light headed change vision stress off balanc2006-03-04
non stop coughing, vomiting blood, renal failure.m2006-01-29
I have been taking xenical for three years and I h2006-01-10
Tardive myoclonus, restless legs, fatigue2006-01-06
High Blood Pressure High blood sugar and depressio2006-01-01
enormous swelling lips, face upto neck. blisters 2005-12-23
fatigue, very dry skin and mucous membranes,joint 2005-12-15
I had Merina IUD inserted about 1 month after my 22005-12-01
I became very anemic - and have been off and on ev2005-12-01
lipodostrophy(fat redistribution)2005-12-01
Serotonin Syndrome Thoughts racing jumping around2005-10-17
Itchy skin rash2005-10-05
dizziness ,vomit , muscle pain, black scene, tired2005-09-20
I first started getting rashes under my arms and i2005-09-19
Starting taking Micardis and within days was getti2005-09-03
extreme drowsiness, speech difficulty, great urge 2005-07-22
Acute cholecystitis,acute pancreatitis2005-07-09
nausea and vomiting2005-07-05
nausea and vomiting.SOB2005-07-05
anxiety and depression- often severe- lasting 4 ye2005-06-13
Patient was on dapsone 100 mg for 15 days. Drug wa2005-06-11
from that period i was 64 kg now in five years i\'2005-05-06
within two days of going on lantus my skin broke o2005-05-01
sore mouth,2005-04-08
Extreme pain inside left ear. Dizziness.Loss of b2005-01-12
My father took this medication for 3 years and was2004-12-25
My father took this medication for 3 years and was2004-12-25
My father took this medication for 3 years and was2004-12-25
Compulsive Gambling2004-12-02
Can't handle the cramps, brown discharge after int2004-09-16
Serotonin Syndrome Racing thoughts at the speed o2004-08-22
methoglobinemia, cyanosis2004-06-05
Heel pain, diagnosed as calcium deposits.2004-06-05
swelling of fett, ankles and lower legs2004-05-02
loss of feeling and sensitivity in nipples2004-02-18
short term memory loss, 2004-02-10
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (sometimes having diarrhe2004-01-19
Total lactose intolerance2004-01-18
Increased breast growth2004-01-09
Lengthening of eyelashes, not permanent. Severe da2004-01-07
fatigu-manily in hips and stomach2003-12-25
sleeplesness loss of interest in things that once 2003-12-25
back pain2003-12-25
fatigue, aching muscles and a general feeling bein2003-12-09
Heart Problems2003-08-17
Fatigue, insomnia, cold hands and feet, palpatatio2003-07-24
memory loss 2003-05-01
Initially it started with rashes all over the body2003-04-14
Addiction, depression, confusion, sucicidal. I hav2003-03-31
Dry throat, raised heart rate and blood pressure. 2003-03-18
insomnia, clinical depression, anxiety. no prior 2003-02-17
I was on cipramil for 2 and a half years specifica2003-02-17
Severe bloating, acid reflux, intestinal blockage,2003-02-15
symtoms began after a few months on the medication2003-02-10
Lots of trouble with memory and word finding.2003-01-12
brain fog seborrheic dermatitis fatique no sex 2002-09-09
Dizziness, Allergies, lack of energy, problem with2002-09-01
Severe disassociated sensation to people and event2002-08-12
Extreme weight gain2002-08-01
red spots all over my body, lots of itching2002-05-20
Woke up next morning with joint pain and stiffness2002-05-10
Confusion, Drowziness, Weight loss, Decreased appe2002-03-15
muscle weakness/paralysis in back leg muscles to t2002-03-02
Three months after my cold went away I found I cou2002-02-25
complete loss of appetite nervousness agitation 2002-02-24
thick dense skin at injection sites2002-01-26
Suicidal thoughts, weight gain, depression, anxiet2002-01-11
supraventricular tachycardia2002-01-01
memory loss and fatigue2001-12-10
Hallucinating, couldn\'t hardly walk, held chest, 2001-08-15
Cardiac arrest on Thallium stress test. No heart 2001-07-12
severe skin blistering,facial blood blistering and2001-07-06
Permanently extreme dry and sensitive skin2001-02-02
Infection and blood clot in central line. The bloo2001-02-01
statred feeling weak short of breath2000-09-01
gluclose numbers went from 110 to over 250, severe2000-08-31
I was given a cocktail of drugs for severe headach2000-08-01
Involuntary eye movements, eyes wanted to keep loo2000-06-23
weight gain2000-06-01
early induction of labor due to high blood pressur2000-01-13
deep depression, fatigue1999-12-01
5ml injected morphine in hospital produced the fol1999-09-10
Attitude about Yarina understood and followed.1998-12-08
insomnia, weight gain, depression, irritability, o1998-01-01
Kidney stone in urethra 5mm1997-12-10
Started steady regular gambling which escalated as1997-07-01
This medication caused me to feel nausious much of1997-04-20
none other than depression and insomia1997-02-16
Aphasia, fatigue, depression, and clouded mind.1997-01-05
Gums and mouth very sore, then I realize this prod1996-12-01
Extreme fatigue, pains, rapid heartbeat, diarrhea.1995-02-01
bi-polar, addicted, dizzy, confused1995-01-01
Treated with experimental losec for acid reflux in1990-01-21
headaces, tiredness, veins, tooth decay, restless 1987-03-31
weiight gain, confusion, aphasia1986-06-25
bleeding ,hypertension,miscarrige1986-04-01
Extreme anxiety, loss of appetite, and sleeplessne1985-01-15
Continuous weight gain for 29 years till I became 1985-01-01
Parties feeling cold foot1984-06-08
stunning headache, logical-mathematical priority i1980-04-02
Tight chest and restricted breathing, struggling f1978-09-18
Three days after taking Champix i found myself in 1976-07-01
extreme anxiety1974-08-01
Sleep walking,Confusing,1972-04-28
Excessive sleepiness, drowsiness, upset stomach, l1972-02-02
severe palpitations,dizziness,impossibility to eat1971-09-01
I got a kenolag shot in my knee for a meniscal tea1965-05-14
stomach pain (mild)1963-05-30
hair loss, sleeplessness,fatigue1962-07-08
fatigue, headache, now mild mi sternum chest pain1957-04-04
Te mporary blackout1956-09-22
nausea vomiting and abdominal pain1950-11-27
erectle dysfuction1944-09-16
occasionally when eating the stomach felt that it 1938-06-11
Low Blood Sugar1909-05-12
My gums were bleached white.1213-12-07
Voice loss developed after taking Zicam melts for 1213-12-05
Constipation vomiting1015-11-04
Day 2 1/2 have not yet taken evening dose. I'm ti1011-05-21
weak sore thrat imfected 1011-01-01
fatigue, nausea, blur vision, sleepleness0301-08-03
White Foamy discharge during sex0000-00-00
vomating swollen stomache severe stomache cramps p0000-00-00
dyskinesia in legs0000-00-00
tingling in right foot0000-00-00
pain in the muscle0000-00-00
Fluid in stomach,swelling in legs and feet,weaknes0000-00-00
Nausea, and breathless0000-00-00
I have bumps and one of them is white and the res0000-00-00
rritje diabeti0000-00-00
coughing, difficulty in breathing0000-00-00
angry for my conditions-in alot of pain-cant work 0000-00-00
Fatigue, increased blood sugar count, muscular atr0000-00-00
thoughts of suicide0000-00-00
Hair loss, mood swings, losing your mind, can't re0000-00-00
severe night cold sweats, stomach pains, head ache0000-00-00
violence and aggresh and black out0000-00-00
Boddy Looks like leopard skin of bruses.( I am a w0000-00-00
terrible taste in my mouth,loss of appetite
chills, fever, dehydration, urinary pain
rapid heart beat difficulty breathing throat swe
nausea , vomiting
Severe, untreatable headaches. As well as neck pa
feet swollen
depression, sudden uncontrollable mood swings,irri
Vivid Dreams,Fatigue,weight gain, loss of libido,
massive and consistent aggitation.inability to sle
I live in TURKEY -Ankara ,66 years old. I can not
Changed from Tevetin to Micardis. Regularly suffe
Nose bleed
increasing nausia and lack of appetite Fatigue-ca
sleeplessness, restless, headaches, dizziness, tir
night restlessness and extremely hot feet which fe
my heart starts doing flip flops about 20 minutes
lack of sexual pationand male climax
July 2009
weight gain
Total loss of sex drive, loss of genital sensitivi
urinary frequency and urethral discomfort
cyanotic handpalms ,cyanotic footsoles
mood swings that were really scary when I started
oedema in ankles
Very saw ulsarated tounge.
Abdominal BLOATING!!! burning pain in heel of foot
Severe Hives.
Terrible insomnia
Indigestion and chronic constipation
severe muscle pain in my neck and shoulders.
can\'t taste food, gained 30 pounds in 2-3years, d
weight gain & hair loss - then grew back curly. T
I am thankful for reading these posts...its probab
nausea and severe pain in stomach after eating
urticuria, acne
Severe mucle cramps ,even effect speach ,headacks
sleeplessnes,nausea,burning in the throat.
Severe memory loss, confusion, inability to pronou
High blood pressure - increased from 120/80 to 165
Initial dryness was there and later became alright
nausea, fatigue, dizziness
fatigue was there in the beginning but later becam
aching legs and some times arms as well
Depression, lack of interest or motivation
Asthmatic problem i.e. difficulty in breathing, in
severe headaches
Ankle & foot oedema
Adalat: nasea, vomitting, not able to keep water
stomach pain
severe pain in calf area cant walk or sit
Ringing in ear
yeast infection
fever-pain in hip joint
vomiting and belly pain
4ustvo za poludqvane,za ubivane,smoubivane,bezsini
hearing loss,fatigue,uneven pupils,stomach pain
Depression and anxiety disorder
all these and hepatitus li
Suicidal thoughts and mood changes
Erythema Multiforme with histopathological finding
Erythema Multiforme
Fatigue, short breathness
Cervical Dysplasia
achy joints and muscles
fatigue ,sleeplessness,nausea
peripheral nerve palsy- metalic taste in mounth, l
10 years of coughing thanks to sensodyne when my
fatigue, sleeplessness, blurred vision, headache
fatique, sleeplesness, not consertraining or focus
Severe migraine, nausea, vomiting
Diarrhoe,hot flushes, fatigue, abdominal cramps,he
chest infection
extreme fatigue, overactive bladder, flu-like symp
abdominal and muscle pain
,inflamacion del estomago, gases, reflujo
Blurred vision in my right eye. Have been taking
Blurred vision in my right eye. Have been taking
fatigue, severe pain in hands mostly thumbs
nausea bloating sometimes heartburn
sleeplessness fatigue
Day 2 -3 vivid dreams Days 9-10-11 severe nausea-
my brother gone through intestine operation recent
Nausea,dizzy, standing up from a lying position. I
sick to stomach, diareaha, painful arm sockets, ha
rash my body itching
weakness, left eye droop, can not close left eye o
coulndt sleep and had teriable stomach pains Also
ovarian cysts, lymphadema, myoma of the uterus, hi
muscle atrophy
High blood pressure
nausea, diziness, just plain weird and just 4 days
Pimple like bumps on the back of my head extending
Reoccurrence of MRSA
seeing lights inmy eyes in dark ,urinating a lot,
Abdominal (stomach) pain
swollen painful joints in right hand tired
Jaw tightning face movment
sleeplessness nausea headache general body pain an
hair loss
blood in stool after taking miralax
swelling of nipples and hardness under surface of
Bloating, left sided hearing loss, tinnitus, anxie
depression, vaginal infection, very oily skin, acn
sore throat, difficulty breathing, bad taste in mo
loss of appetite
mouth ulcers, drowsiness, dry mouth, aggression
I used Lattise for about two weeks and experienced
brain snaps
low potassium, low calcium, leg cramps and feet ne
Belly fat increase
breathlessness, edema feet,fatigue
fatigue, vertigo, shortness of breath, orthostatic
Burning sensation on skin
trouble swollowing
trouble swollowing
sleeplessness nausea bloating uneasiness on stoma
hair loss
nausea extreme bone pain hardly able to walk some
passing out
fatigue sleeplessness cramps
What is a good replacement drug for Aluvia. (I am
fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea, dizziness
stiff neck,mental disorder,abnormal thinking,sleep
nausea dizzy achy
fatique, insomnia, horrible taste in my mouth....a
I get my period for 3weeks at a time stop for a we
So, i had to take azithrmycin for acute bronchitis
Mucinex, first ever use gave me a sever reaction.
cannot wake during hrs of the nightto eat anything
Vision Problems
Heart beat increase ... body get very hot and shor
Sleeplessness.Chest pains
itching in deep throat and coughing
severe nausea, no appetite
dizzeness,lightheaded;pain in chest,short breath
irrational thoughts, not myself,
Hoarse voice, sneezing,fatigue
intestinal diease i cant eat or drink due to contr
cold blood coming out of mouth
When I take it-it makes my upper abdomen feel tigh
sudden low blood glucose levels, unexpected
nausea , sleeesess , knees hurt my ankles very pai
Difficult urination
lose weight
weight gain 40 lbs over the last 2 years
hearing voices
heart conditions
Stomach pain; nausea; anorexia/lack of appetite; b
high blood pressure
i started taking if after being on the depo inject
anaphylactic reaction, respiratory distress, bronc
fatigue short of breath
nausea, fatigue, incredible pains in articulations
memory loss, weight gain, depression, anxiety,over
arthrities and pulmonary DVT
I have gained 7 pounds on tegretol in the past 3 w
I cannot do any mental or physical work.after work
I had severe leg cramps and leg pain. It was the w
Dizzyness, constant bleeding, complete personality
very bad dry mouth, dizziness, sleeplessness, diar
menstrualnii smu6tenia
severe body pain
felt great...king of the world
Fatiigue malaise. Joint pain spaciness anxiety.
Extreme nausea, dry retching. feel continually exh
Extreme nausea, dry retching. feel continually exh
Fatigue, nausea, dizzyness, constant feeling of fu
Foul odor in my urine
Stained teeth and film over teeth that won't come
low volume urine , low urine pressure
Starting around December 6th i started having a vi
severe hunger and stomach sounds
no sex drive, tiredness, depression, severe thrush
Extreme upper abdominal pain, cold sweats, nausea,
Diarrhea Leg Cramps vomiting severe stomach pain
Bile duct obstruction
hallucinations,nausea,fatigue,sleeplessness,lose o
Lost of appetite, nausra diarrhea, dizzyness, depr
Dizzy , nausea,thirsty,sleeping all day
Dizzy, nausea, sleeping all day
Dizzy , nausea,sleeping all day
Injection site reaction 24 hours after adminsitrat
Carpal tunnel vertigo neck pain Xtra nervousness u
Visual hallucinations lasting 72 hours, drowsiness
temper tantrums
Low energy, tired, irritability, headaches
blood clots in my legs and maybe in lung. swelling
I took the Mucinex D extended release due to some
I'm on day 11 of the Prevpac treatment. It's the
dizziness, hypertension, insomnia, hyperactivity,
ventricular tachycardiaFlf
Constant Nausea , tight chest, feeling exhusted bu
fits of rage,sore muscles, pressure on the back of
tiredness,drowsy,pain in ankle ,cant walk, feeling
night terrors
sleeplessness, shortnes of breath , fatique, depre
fatigue and giddy
neck pain tiredness
sleeplessness, dizziness
Seem to be more tired than usual.
fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea, headaches, diarrhe
dentifrice-associated slough
swollen lips
rapid heartrate at rest 110 compared to 80
Attempted suicide, complete memory loss, confusion
Got more warts after usage of collomack
dizziness night sweats
Felt like uneven and fast heartbeat and short brea
Dry Throat, Tiredness, Muscle and Joints Pain
Severe burning during urination,
Unobstructive Angina
a small amount of bleeding get in earlly morning
Muscle spasm
throat painful, sweat a lot which before taking th
I am dizzy, sleepy, nauseous and just feel awful.
Hi, I was prescribed aerius 5mg straight After my
Tiredness, short of breath
pain in foot
hives....extremeties & internally. extreme itching
my bowel color change w/mix fresh blood color

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