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I Side Effect Report Date Submitted
Muscle, ligament, and tendon pain, not bone 2228-11-11
Severe muscle and bone pain in my back. Headache f 2209-05-24
pretty severe nausea 2209-04-13
Within one week, I began to experience mild/dull p 2209-01-18
Rise in blood sugar count 2110-08-21
Fatigue Change in Mentrual Cycle (30 days straigh 2102-03-01
metallic taste in mouth same afternoon and followi 2100-06-20
Dizziness Nausea Lack of Coordination 2090-11-07
sever acne localized in the back 2023-06-18
Muscular pain, headache 2023-01-17
copd exacerbation, minor ear infection and minor u 2018-08-11
A hangover effect with thick head, vague muscular 2017-02-24
nausea, rashes, can\'t sleep, skin braking out lik 2016-09-05
Sores on the inside of both lips, sores under eith 2016-08-18
Extreme anxiety and reverting to old symptoms and 2016-08-16
Used Kanka for a canker sore for 1.5 days and noti 2016-06-02
Painful swollen lips that has been chronic up to t 2016-05-25
Nausia Ulcer Headaches 2016-05-16
Sleeplessness, serious dizziness(even fainting) an 2016-05-12
Nausea, Vomitting, face goes red in colour and fee 2016-04-12
Drowsiness 2016-02-01
sleeplessness, nausea, abdominal pain, disorientat 2016-01-26
Osteoporosis, and pain in joints and back 2016-01-26
Vomiting, hiccups lasting over an hour. Had to go 2016-01-17
nasal buring, sinus pain 2016-01-14
Diarrhea 2016-01-11
Diarrhea 2016-01-06
Increased heart rate (144bpm at highest), sleeples 2016-01-01
Extreme fatigue, swollen tongue and inside of chee 2015-12-26
Nightmares 2015-12-05
severe burning in vagina, swollen itchy eyes, lid 2015-11-26
headache and tiredness 2015-11-22
headache and tiredness 2015-11-22
Urinary Tract Infections 2015-11-15
aggression, anxiety, difficulty making decisions 2015-11-09
nasty upset burning stomach pains diahrheia 2015-11-03
Crohn's disease inflammatory pain in lower pelvic 2015-10-28
Nausea, vomiting 2015-10-22
Neuropathic pain in feet, Burning and numbness 2015-10-15
Diarrhea very severe, pain in intestines and vagin 2015-10-08
Sleeplessness, Nausea, indigestion and little pain 2015-10-01
Sleeplessness, Nausea, indigestion and little pain 2015-10-01
Sudden mood change, irritability, crying or gettin 2015-09-29
Loss of taste for three days after using toothpast 2015-09-22
Fainting, drowsiness, chest tightness, difficultly 2015-09-18
feeling very dizzy and almost blacking out when st 2015-09-02
Fatigue, trouble sleeping, chest pains 2015-09-02
dry mouth & chaped lips. 2015-09-01
Blood in stool required colonoscopy to investigate 2015-08-31
weakness\tiredness faint potential lost of consc 2015-08-28
began having episodes of severe dizziness 2015-08-27
Burning, stinging, itching, extreme sensitivity, w 2015-08-10
Severe fatigue to point of being immobile, nausea 2015-08-03
I have been using the Colgate Total and for the la 2015-08-01
fever,sleeplessness, burns on my surgical prep sit 2015-07-31
Extreme echoing in right ear following TB skin tes 2015-07-31
Dystonia (muscle spasms in face, tongue, throat, e 2015-07-10
sleeplessness, loss of appetite, nausea, muscle ac 2015-06-23
Lip swelling 2015-06-01
Grotesque skin rash on neck under left armpit down 2015-05-20
Orthostatic hypotension & dizziness 2015-05-05
deep muscle pain-very painful, nausea, feel dizzy, 2015-05-03
lower back pain, upper shoulder and neck pain. 2015-05-01
Extreme tremors, tiredness, numbness in fingers, i 2015-04-15
Nausea, diarrhea, dizziness. 2015-04-01
Severe hypertension, fatigue,sleeplessness, diarea 2015-03-30
filling week entire body pain filling gases 2015-03-29
Severe nausea, vomiting and weight loss of 4 lbs. 2015-03-09
Had eye pressure exam with eye numbing drops. Appr 2015-03-03
pain at injection site and numbness around area of 2015-03-01
tremor, rise of blood pressure, cold sweat, halluc 2015-02-23
Swollen knees 2015-02-19
I swallowed 12 squirts of Triclosan, can't and don 2015-02-16
palpitation 2015-02-06
swollen ankles and legs, severe pain in legs 2015-01-28
Fever, vomiting, insomnia, itching of the nose and 2015-01-15
miosis, nausea, disorientation, fainting, anxiety 2015-01-14
Uterine hyperstimulation 2014-12-28
General weight loss, lethargy, vomiting, beginning 2014-12-23
Thermal burn of the mouth, pain to gums and teeth, 2014-12-01
First day of INFLUENZA (FLUZONE) and first time va 2014-11-19
Vertigo, fatigue, depression. 2014-11-10
abdominal pain, upset stomach, acid reflux, diarrh 2014-11-01
teeth pain 2014-09-17
Muscle Fatigue losing wieght 2014-06-25
severe abdominal pain and cramps sweating nausea 2014-05-02
Started developing a rash in my groin area while t 2014-04-22
Fatigue Sweating neuropathy 2014-04-08
After I take this medication, I have severe pain i 2014-04-02
Insomnia, dizziness, dry mouth 2014-03-29
headache ,feeling cold,dizzy sick 2014-03-27
severe headache total sleeplessness sweaty palms 2014-03-25
Dilated pupils, eyes sensitive to light, sleepines 2014-03-19
Anxiety dizziness weakness in legs. Heart pounding 2014-03-16
Gums peeled red swollen lips, feels like my mouth 2014-03-08
Cold and congestion, cough, runny nose, sore throa 2014-02-24
Headaches, nausea, fatigue, swelling and pain at i 2014-02-21
Dystonia ( muscle spasms in face, tongue, throat, 2014-02-21
swelling in face,weight gain 2014-02-13
Fatigue, terrible skin (heat) rashes, Acne, hot sp 2014-02-07
Feeling nausious, cramps, metalic taste in mouth, 2014-02-05
severe burning sensation 2014-02-03
Refuse food. Labor breathing rapid heart rate. Die 2014-02-01
Fainted 2014-01-27
anorgasmia 2014-01-24
Nausea, diaherria , gramps, feaver 2014-01-21
Nausea -Itchy blurry eyes-depression-dizziness 2014-01-20
Faint during anaphylaxis episode 2014-01-16
Faint during anaphylaxis episode 2014-01-16
constant sinus drainage, ankle/foot edema, serious 2014-01-15
nausea,tiredness,racing heart,watery mouth,joint p 2014-01-08
Mucinex DM after two days I have no sense of smell 2014-01-06
Very sore top of tongue in various places on the t 2014-01-03
Severe headache for 24 hours 2014-01-03
Headache 2014-01-01
dizziness, extreme nausea, abdominal cramps especi 2014-01-01
burning and numbness around edges of tongue 2013-12-30
Itchy red rash all over body -covers scalp down yo 2013-12-29
Hives 2013-12-29
Terribly heavy bleeding with clots. Lasting many w 2013-12-23
mouth ulcers, raw tongue, sensitive teeth, tooth a 2013-12-20
Started using Sensodyne toothpaste and Colgate Pro 2013-12-16
severe itching all over body 2013-12-12
Had sinusitis caused by a lousy dental work (root 2013-12-10
Extremely hot, red face, irregular heartbeat, biza 2013-12-06
Friday night had chills, head ache and swollen gla 2013-12-06
fatigue, anxiety, malaise, chest pain, shoulder pa 2013-11-25
Period for 3 weeks now and it's showing no signs o 2013-11-25
pustules break out on face mainly on both sides of 2013-11-24
Tongue burns and loss of taste 2013-11-23
constant perception of moving blackspot, left eye, 2013-11-22
Hives Swallowing Rectal ulcer 2013-11-22
Cough 2013-11-10
Very hungry, tired, stomach cramps, awful headache 2013-11-09
Headache, rash/hives all over back, on buttocks, a 2013-11-07
Insomnia, feeling of unfullness and stomach emptin 2013-11-06
fatigue, weakness stif neck, Headache blurred visi 2013-11-04
I notice my sweat has a terrible odor when I take 2013-11-01
My ankles start swelling and my eyesight got quite 2013-10-21
Urine retention, diarrhea, facial pain fatigue, di 2013-10-18
Blurred vision ,headaches,tired 2013-10-14
sore muscles/tendons. soreness in scalp. lumps in 2013-10-07
hair loss 2013-09-29
depression, fatigue, sleeplessness. 2013-09-21
Night sweats 2013-09-17
headache, sweating when I stand or do any activity 2013-09-14
Fatique, nausea, tired, 2013-09-14
nausea, bitter taste, possible anal fissure, blood 2013-09-12
Extreme tendonitis in left elbow joint causing alm 2013-09-05
SEVERE HEADACHE, tired in the mornings, SEVERE joi 2013-09-01
Nightmares, Hallucinations, Desperation and pain. 2013-08-31
shortness of breath, consistent dry cough, post na 2013-08-30
Continous bleeding 2013-08-19
Face has fallen, sunk eyes, wrinkles in places I n 2013-08-09
Somnolence, REM sleep immediately upon closing eye 2013-08-01
Severe dizziness, vision changes, headaches, migra 2013-07-19
Pain right groin area only subsides when prostate 2013-07-09
swollen lips and face 2013-07-08
deafness in one ear, ear discomfort, ear pain, red 2013-07-07
Severe stomach cramping (as knife stabbing pains) 2013-07-06
prickly heat type rash 3 days after surgery redne 2013-06-28
tired, eyes, arms and neak ach, feeling sick and d 2013-06-20
distended stomach, stomach pain, constipation, inc 2013-06-18
diahrea, bowel incontinence, chronic gas, flatulen 2013-06-16
Fatigue, aching bones and muscles, menstrual cycle 2013-06-12
Nausea and diahrrea 2013-06-08
Nausea, irregular periods, got it twice in a month 2013-06-08
Neck muscle tightness with lower lip tingling, spa 2013-06-07
15 min after 400mg infusion given over 2 hours I 2013-06-06
15 min after 400mg infusion given over 2 hours I 2013-06-06
Fever, vomitting, diarrhea, irritable, sleepless. 2013-06-05
fatigue, hair loss, acne, constant lightheadedness 2013-06-01
Severe joint and body pains. 2013-05-25
angina, diarrhea, lower back pain, palpitations 2013-05-21

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