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Lyrica Side Effect ReportDate Submitted
Personality change, paranoia, irritability, anger,2012-09-01
feeling of seasickness, nausea2012-02-18
Weight gain that I can't shake even with a 1,200 c2011-06-01
jerking body, double vision2011-04-16
Extreme short-term memory loss (for 8 months today2011-03-30
Spondititis/back pain2010-11-23
Numbness and tingling of hands. Worst pain ever f2010-11-06
severe pelvic and leg pain, insomnia, could not sl2010-10-26
Decrease in cognotive function, aggresion,depressi2010-07-02
light headedness, intoxicated feeling, fatigue, ba2010-03-27
Chronic sinus/tooth infection (chicken/egg situati2010-02-25
dizziness, confusion extreme blurred vision, heada2010-01-01
irritability, fatigue, blurred-vision, increased p2010-01-01
Light headed, somewhat intoxicated feeling. Both c2009-10-12
Tightness in Face and some swelling, tingling sens2009-10-08
Confusion, disorientation, hallucinations, anxiety2009-10-08
Depressive thoughts, crying episodes.2009-09-30
Severe Constipation, Dizziness, nausea, fog like s2009-09-20
Double-vision, loss of memory, depression2009-06-30
I have M.S. and was prescribed these drugs about 52009-06-06
Jerking, tremors, light headedness, dizziness, som2009-06-01
1:weight gain (40+ lbs.), 2:swelling of the hands2009-05-20
blisters formed on both shins, ongoing leg pain an2009-04-12
Coldness top of thighs running down over the knee,2009-03-21
edema of ankles and fingers, weight gain, sleepyne2009-02-15
Sleeplessness, shortness of breath. extreme Weigh2009-01-19
Dreamlike state; confusion; tremors; not being abl2008-12-31
swollen tongue and dementia 2008-12-10
Myoclonus 2008-12-01
confused thinking; abnormal thinking; somnolence; 2008-11-08
I felt like life was being drained from me. Weakne2008-10-25
sleeplessness for 50 days so far, chest tightness,2008-09-22
Disinhibition, confusion, inability to stop talkin2008-02-10
weight gain, tremors, swelling of hands and feet, 2008-01-01
July 2009
Severe memory loss, confusion, inability to pronou

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Personality change, paranoia, irritability, anger,...

Feeling of seasickness, nausea...

Weight gain that I can't shake even with a 1,200 c...

Extreme short-term memory loss (for 8 months today...

Jerking body, double vision...

Numbness and tingling of hands. Worst pain ever f...

Chronic sinus/tooth infection (chicken/egg situati...

Spondititis/back pain...

Decrease in cognotive function, aggresion,depressi...

Severe pelvic and leg pain, insomnia, could not sl...

Light headedness, intoxicated feeling, fatigue, ba...

Jerking, tremors, light headedness, dizziness, som...

Irritability, fatigue, blurred-vision, increased p...

Double-vision, loss of memory, depression...

Dizziness, confusion extreme blurred vision, heada...

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Memory Loss (145)
Increase Weight (115)
Blurred Vision (86)
Fatigue (64)
Depression (54)
Overweight (49)
Blurred Visison (47)
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