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Mucinex Side Effect ReportDate Submitted
After I take this medication, I have severe pain i2014-04-02
Dilated pupils, eyes sensitive to light, sleepines2014-03-19
Anxiety dizziness weakness in legs. Heart pounding2014-03-16
Mucinex DM after two days I have no sense of smell2014-01-06
Severe headache for 24 hours2014-01-03
loss taste and smell2013-03-13
Severe constant headache in right occipital area s2013-01-05
Insomnia, heart palpitations, restlessness, jitter2012-12-16
Got a bout of the flu, mucus when coughing and blo2012-11-01
Got a bout of the flu, mucus when coughing and blo2012-11-01
Nausea, can't poop, headache, dizziness,can't conc2012-10-20
I woke up at 4am feeling off after taking Mucinex 2012-10-11
extreme sexual increase in sensitivity. nausea, an2012-08-30
Extreme anxiety, could not sleep, inability to con2012-07-24
Pain in right side of throat, pain in joints, head2012-07-02
I felt very anxious after taking it last night, I 2012-06-24
vomiting 4-05 times two hours after taking. Still2012-05-12
Numbness of mostly hands and feet2012-05-06
I had a head cold that had gone to my chest. I hav2012-04-13
fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, chills, short breath2012-03-20
extreme diarrhea, stomach cramping 10 hours after 2012-03-07
numb lips, high blood pressure, fatigue, drowsines2012-02-23
dry mouth, metallic taste, queasiness, buzzing sen2012-02-04
I started taking one pill a day by the 3rd day I h2012-01-07
I had a very bad cold a few years back and after s2011-11-03
large welt-like itching hives on lower extremities2011-09-16
Cough!! A little chest congestion.2011-09-15
long term dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, ha2011-08-23
dizziness, a sense of confusion, dilated pupils, s2011-07-02
It made me very nervous and jittery, I was not abl2011-06-25
I cut the 1200mg. extra strength tablet into 2 par2011-06-09
Dizzy...spouse said I was actually walking at an 2011-05-15
Had been fighting a sinus infection for two months2011-03-06
Extreme dizziness, vertigo, nausea, diarrhea, feel2011-02-11
4 stomach ulcers! I had a sinus infection off and 2011-01-28
Extreme headache especially down the side of my he2010-12-22
Dilated pupils2010-11-17
Violent vomiting & chest pain2010-11-15
Dizziness, blurred vision and felt unbalanced. Wen2010-11-06
Double vision, fatigue, restlessness, confusion, s2010-10-30
fatigue, high blood pressure, and blurred vision.2010-10-11
My urine smells like the mucinex and I haven\'t ta2010-08-08
Dilated pupils, dizziness, confusion, altered cons2010-06-21
Rash, increased heart rate.2010-04-23
Whole body rash. Itching. Worse from baking soda b2010-04-19
severe chills lasting 2 hours2010-04-19
tingling in neck and extremities, dizziness while 2010-04-01
I had cough, and chest and sinus congestion. I to2010-03-17
Increased heart-rate, nervousness, confusion, feel2010-03-12
severe diarrhea2010-01-27
Dizziness, Unable to concetrate, Loss of equilibri2010-01-15
Severe diarrhea approximately 5 to 6 hours after t2009-12-18
Some relief of congestion in lungs but overall nas2009-12-17
daylong heartburn, upset stomach2009-12-05
Severe anxiety, insomnia, light-headed, loss of ap2009-12-02
Light-headedness, disorientation, loss of appetite2009-11-20
Serotonin Syndrome (otherwise labeled Overdose/poi2009-11-16
Chills, very vivid halucinations, sleeplessness, i2009-11-12
Dizziness, disorientation, loss of appetite, sligh2009-11-11
helped with nasal congestion. some nausea. Also re2009-10-20
Dizziness,nausea, vomiting, diarrhea2009-10-12
Extreme agitation and anxiety after taking Mucinex2009-10-02
nausea, extreme dizziness, chest discomfort2009-09-15
not myselft consued2009-08-23
Swollen tongue, difficulty breathing, dizzy, rapid2009-04-25
Nausea, dizziness, nervousness, nightmares2009-04-21
Light-headed, disoriented, nausea, burning sensati2009-04-20
Itching of the body with just two 5ml doses2009-04-12
severe diarrhea 2009-03-31
Light headed, dizzy, blood pressure increase, not 2009-03-13
Burning stomach, pain in upper thighs and groin ar2009-03-10
Laryngitis, Asthma-like symptoms, Throat red & vei2009-02-21
Not thinking clearly. Shaky hands. Sweatting.2009-02-12
Diarrhea, Chills, Light-Headed, Dizzy2009-02-11
diarrhea, fatigue2009-02-02
severe diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, pain in leg2009-01-22
Dizziness, rapid heart rate, feeling abnormal2009-01-12
I had taken Mucinex (for the 1st time) along with 2009-01-10
stomach burn2008-12-26
Severe itching over the whole body. some swelling 2008-12-22
dizziness, vertigo2008-12-17
Dizziness, nausea and ability to walk impaired.2008-12-11
Burning of the stomach,nausea,Diarrhea2008-12-08
Allergic reaction: extreme swollen tongue, resulta2008-11-15
Extreme anxiety. Could not sit. Had to move. I 2008-11-15
Dizziness, jittery,sleepy2008-10-19
Difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection2008-10-17
diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue2008-10-12
headache, lightheaded, fatigue2008-06-28
Itching all over, back, abdomen, fingers, toes, he2008-03-10
Fibromyalgia. If you have Fibro and take Mucinex y2006-07-06
complete loss of appetite nervousness agitation 2002-02-24
nausea, fatigue, dizziness
weakness, left eye droop, can not close left eye o
Mucinex, first ever use gave me a sever reaction.
very bad dry mouth, dizziness, sleeplessness, diar
Diarrhea Leg Cramps vomiting severe stomach pain
I took the Mucinex D extended release due to some
Felt like uneven and fast heartbeat and short brea
I am dizzy, sleepy, nauseous and just feel awful.

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After I take this medication, I have severe pain i...

Dilated pupils, eyes sensitive to light, sleepines...

Anxiety dizziness weakness in legs. Heart pounding...


Mucinex DM after two days I have no sense of smell...

Severe headache for 24 hours...


Felt like uneven and fast heartbeat and short brea...


Loss taste and smell...


Severe constant headache in right occipital area s...

Insomnia, heart palpitations, restlessness, jitter...

Got a bout of the flu, mucus when coughing and blo...

Got a bout of the flu, mucus when coughing and blo...

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