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Fear and anxiety are part of life. You may feel anxious before you take a test or walk down a dark street. This kind of anxiety is useful - it can make you more alert or careful. It usually ends soon after you are out of the situation that caused it. But for millions of people in the United States, the anxiety does not go away, and gets worse over time. They may have chest pains or nightmares. They may even be afraid to leave home. These people have anxiety disorders. Types include

Treatment can involve medicines, therapy or both.

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Episodes: 1
systemic antiviral treatment.abnormal dreams, anxiety What is  anxiety, headache What is  headache, major depression, mental disorder, mood altered, school refusal, social avoidant behaviour More
Episodes: 5
juvenile arthritis.anxiety What is  anxiety, chest discomfort, chills, headache What is  headache, visual disturbance More
Episodes: 144
anxiety What is  anxiety, blood pressure increased, hypertension, obsessive-compulsive disorder What is  obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychomotor hyperactivity More
Episodes: 4
amnesia, anxiety What is  anxiety, aphasia What is  aphasia, blood glucose increased, brain abscess, cerebrovascular accident, encephalitis herpes, fear, gait disturbance More
Episodes: 6
hypertension.anxiety What is  anxiety, facial palsy, headache What is  headache, monoplegia, nausea What is  nausea More
Episodes: 2149
acne What is  acne.anhedonia, anxiety What is  anxiety, arthralgia, blood cholesterol increased, colitis, dry eye, dry skin, excoriation More
Episodes: 14
anxiety What is  anxiety, intentional overdose, tachycardia More
Episodes: 1
atrial fibrillation What is  atrial fibrillation.anxiety What is  anxiety, asthenia, chest pain What is  chest pain, depression What is  depression, dyspnoea, fatigue, gait disturbance, headache What is  headache, hypertension More
Episodes: 2
back pain What is  back pain, hepatitis c What is  hepatitis c.acute respiratory failure, alkalosis, anion gap increased, anxiety What is  anxiety, blood creatine phosphokinase increased, electrocardiogram t wave abnormal, fatigue, haemodialysis More
Episodes: 3
gastrooesophageal reflux disease.anxiety What is  anxiety, apathy, depression What is  depression, disturbance in attention, fatigue, flatulence, headache What is  headache, hypoaesthesia, nerve injury More
Episodes: 4
psoriasis.anxiety What is  anxiety, major depression, suicidal ideation More
Episodes: 11
osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.anxiety What is  anxiety, syncope More
Episodes: 2
bronchitis What is  bronchitis, rhinitis.anxiety What is  anxiety, asthenia, cough, dysarthria, dyskinesia, dyspnoea, erythema More
Episodes: 2
idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.anxiety What is  anxiety, blood glucose increased, breast cancer metastatic, breath sounds abnormal, condition aggravated, cough, cyanosis, dyspnoea, fear More
Episodes: 7
back pain What is  back pain.anxiety What is  anxiety, bone pain, confusional state, constipation What is  constipation, deep vein thrombosis What is  deep vein thrombosis, diplopia, dizziness What is  dizziness, dry mouth, gait disturbance More
Episodes: 1
bronchitis What is  bronchitis.anxiety What is  anxiety, hallucination, vomiting More
Episodes: 3
ischaemic stroke.anxiety What is  anxiety, pain What is  pain More
Episodes: 3
menopausal symptoms.anxiety What is  anxiety, breast cancer What is  breast cancer, breast cancer female, depression What is  depression, fear of disease, lymphoedema, movement disorder What is  movement disorder, rash What is  rash, scar What is  scar More
Episodes: 11
osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.anxiety What is  anxiety, arrhythmia What is  arrhythmia, bone density decreased, fatigue, heart rate decreased, ventricular extrasystoles More
Episodes: 6
diabetes mellitus non-insulin-dependent.anxiety What is  anxiety, blood glucose decreased, depressed level of consciousness, feeling hot, malaise More
Episodes: 21
diabetes mellitus.anxiety What is  anxiety, blood glucose increased More
Episodes: 11
herpes zoster.anxiety What is  anxiety, nervousness, tension, visual disturbance More
Episodes: 1
hepatitis c What is  hepatitis c.anxiety What is  anxiety, depression What is  depression, headache What is  headache, insomnia, irritability, mania, stress What is  stress More
Episodes: 9
anxiety What is  anxiety, confusional state, feeling cold, pain in extremity, tachycardia, thirst More
Episodes: 1
dermatitis psoriasiform.abnormal behaviour, anxiety What is  anxiety, crying, depression What is  depression, feeling abnormal, hypomania, inappropriate affect, irritability More
Episodes: 3
restless legs syndrome.anxiety What is  anxiety, fear, hallucination, increased appetite, restlessness More
Episodes: 1
acute myocardial infarction, aggression, anxiety What is  anxiety, arteriospasm coronary, back pain What is  back pain, blood creatine phosphokinase increased, blood creatine phosphokinase mb increased, blood pressure diastolic decreased, body temperature increased More
Episodes: 42
attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.anxiety What is  anxiety, body temperature increased, confusional state, delusion, disorientation, malaise More
Episodes: 5
scan myocardial perfusion.anxiety What is  anxiety, chest pain What is  chest pain, dysphagia, dyspnoea, facial pain, flushing, headache What is  headache, insomnia, lacrimation increased More
Episodes: 2
cardiac stress test.acute myocardial infarction, agitation, anxiety What is  anxiety, blood pressure increased, body temperature increased, cardiac failure congestive, confusional state, haemoptysis, neurological symptom More
Episodes: 1
attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.abdominal pain upper, abnormal dreams, accidental overdose, acute psychosis, aggression, agitation, anxiety What is  anxiety, bile duct obstruction, cholecystitis acute More
Episodes: 1
weight control What is  weight control.activities of daily living impaired, anxiety What is  anxiety, panic attack More
Episodes: 2
burkitt's lymphoma.affective disorder, anxiety What is  anxiety, balance disorder, blood albumin decreased, c-reactive protein increased, cd4 lymphocytes decreased, communication disorder, decubitus ulcer, diplopia More
Episodes: 2
hepatitis c What is  hepatitis c.affect lability, anorexia, anxiety What is  anxiety, depression What is  depression, emotional disorder, insomnia, malaise, mental disorder More
Episodes: 95
asthma What is  asthma.anxiety What is  anxiety, chest discomfort, dependence More
Episodes: 4
blood cholesterol increased, blood triglycerides increased.activities of daily living impaired, amnesia, anxiety What is  anxiety, arthralgia, colonic polyp What is  colonic polyp, depression What is  depression, disturbance in attention, duodenitis, dysphagia More
Episodes: 22
insomnia.anxiety What is  anxiety, nervousness, palpitations More
Episodes: 3
rhinitis allergic.anxiety What is  anxiety, blood pressure increased, feeling hot, headache What is  headache More
Episodes: 1
suicide attempt.anxiety What is  anxiety, intentional overdose, suicide attempt, tachycardia, tremor More
Episodes: 2
nasal congestion, nasopharyngitis.anxiety What is  anxiety, disturbance in social behaviour, nasal congestion, rebound effect, rhinitis More
Episodes: 1
anxiety What is  anxiety, epistaxis, fear, gingival bleeding, headache What is  headache, hot flush, palpitations, tachycardia More
Episodes: 4
hypersensitivity.anxiety What is  anxiety, dry mouth, euphoric mood, feeling abnormal More
Episodes: 1
eye pruritus, eye irritation, sneezing, hypersensitivity.anxiety What is  anxiety, chest discomfort More
Episodes: 4
hepatic cirrhosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus.anxiety What is  anxiety, feeling abnormal More
Episodes: 15
asthma What is  asthma.anxiety What is  anxiety, autonomic nervous system imbalance, chest pain What is  chest pain, cough, dyspnoea More
Episodes: 4
insomnia.amnesia, ankle fracture, anxiety What is  anxiety, concussion What is  concussion, fall What is  fall, injury, road traffic accident, sleep walking, weight decreased More
Episodes: 1
fibromyalgia.anxiety What is  anxiety, depression What is  depression, emotional distress, insomnia, myocardial infarction, transient ischaemic attack More
Episodes: 3
anogenital warts.anxiety What is  anxiety, application site dryness, application site pain, application site pruritus, application site reaction, fatigue, feeling cold, mental disorder, myalgia More
Episodes: 1
metastatic renal cell carcinoma, depression What is  depression.anxiety What is  anxiety, depression What is  depression, fatigue, insomnia, suicidal ideation More
Episodes: 2
essential hypertension.anxiety What is  anxiety, caesarean section, convulsion, eclampsia, hypotension, labile blood pressure, phaeochromocytoma, pulmonary oedema, renal failure acute More
Episodes: 3
mucopolysaccharidosis i.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, anxiety What is  anxiety, bronchial hyperactivity, chills, hypotension, influenza, lung disorder, nausea What is  nausea, oxygen saturation decreased More
Episodes: 1
renal transplant.anaemia, anxiety What is  anxiety, blood creatinine increased, blood urea increased, dyspnoea, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, kidney transplant rejection, pain What is  pain More
Episodes: 5
osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.alopecia, anxiety What is  anxiety More
Episodes: 6
osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.alopecia, anxiety What is  anxiety More
Episodes: 2
anxiety What is  anxiety, face oedema, hypoaesthesia, swelling More
Episodes: 1
contraception.affect lability, anxiety What is  anxiety, headache What is  headache, irritability, mood altered, panic attack More
Episodes: 58
myalgia, nephrolithiasis.anaphylactic reaction, anxiety What is  anxiety, dizziness What is  dizziness, dyspnoea, erythema, face oedema, hypoaesthesia, hypotension, localised oedema More
Episodes: 2
blood pressure abnormal.anxiety What is  anxiety, back pain What is  back pain, coordination abnormal, depressed level of consciousness, feeling abnormal, headache What is  headache, hypoaesthesia, hyporeflexia, middle insomnia More
Episodes: 4
mesothelioma What is  mesothelioma, blood cholesterol increased, reflux gastritis, chest pain What is  chest pain, constipation What is  constipation.agitation, anxiety What is  anxiety, depressed level of consciousness, mesothelioma What is  mesothelioma, pain What is  pain, pleuritic pain, somnolence More
Episodes: 6
hypertension, gastrooesophageal reflux disease.anxiety What is  anxiety, blood pressure increased, chest discomfort, chest pain What is  chest pain, heart rate irregular, pain in extremity, palpitations, paraesthesia More
Episodes: 3
analgesic effect.angioedema, anxiety What is  anxiety, blood pressure decreased, bronchitis What is  bronchitis, dysphagia, dyspnoea, heart rate increased, increased upper airway secretion, pharyngeal oedema More
Episodes: 1
bone neoplasm malignant, abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, nausea What is  nausea.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, anorexia, anxiety What is  anxiety, asthenia, memory impairment, mental impairment, muscle atrophy, nausea What is  nausea More
Episodes: 9
hypersensitivity.anxiety What is  anxiety, asthenia, dizziness What is  dizziness, hyperhidrosis, hypoglycaemia More
Episodes: 2
osteoarthritis What is  osteoarthritis, essential hypertension.activated partial thromboplastin time prolonged, anxiety What is  anxiety, atrioventricular block first degree, blood creatinine increased, blood urea increased, cataract What is  cataract, charles bonnet syndrome, electrocardiogram t wave amplitude increased, gait disturbance More
Episodes: 1
migraine What is  migraine.anxiety What is  anxiety, arteriospasm coronary, coronary artery disease What is  coronary artery disease, electrocardiogram st segment depression, electrocardiogram t wave inversion, fatigue, hyperhidrosis, myocardial ischaemia, nausea What is  nausea More
Episodes: 3
anxiety What is  anxiety, dizziness What is  dizziness, headache What is  headache, hypoaesthesia More
Episodes: 1
panic attack.abdominal discomfort, anxiety What is  anxiety, impaired work ability, influenza like illness, insomnia, irritability, nausea What is  nausea, product substitution issue More

All medicines have benefits and risks. The risks of medicines are the chances that something unwanted or unexpected could happen to you when you use them, such as Anxiety. Side effects can be temporary or long-lasting, and vary in seriousness. It is important to monitor drugs for Anxiety and any other side effects. Sometimes Anxiety can be reduced with the right treatment.

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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

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Most drugs have a large list of nonsevere or mild adverse effects which do not rule out continued usage. These effects depend on individual sensitivity, and can include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, malaise, vomiting, headache, dermatitis, dry mouth, etc. Check commonly reported side effects . These can be considered a form of pseudo-allergic reaction, as not all users experience these effects; many users experience none at all.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit the FDA MedWatch website or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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