Back Injury

Drug Side Effect reports associated with Back Injury


Episodes: 1
schizophrenia.back injury, balance disorder, head injury, loss of control of legs, neck injury, somnambulism, terminal insomnia More
Episodes: 2
blood pressure What is  blood pressure, hypertension, blood cholesterol increased, osteoarthritis What is  osteoarthritis.arthritis infective, asthenia, back injury, blood cholesterol increased, blood triglycerides increased, cellulitis What is  cellulitis, cerebrovascular accident, chest pain What is  chest pain, coagulopathy More
Episodes: 84
acne What is  acne.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, alanine aminotransferase increased, anxiety What is  anxiety, back injury, back pain What is  back pain, blood cholesterol increased, blood creatinine increased, carpal tunnel syndrome What is  carpal tunnel syndrome More
Episodes: 2
arthritis What is  arthritis.angina unstable, back injury, blood cholesterol increased, chest pain What is  chest pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease What is  coronary artery disease, coronary artery occlusion, costochondritis, depression What is  depression More
Episodes: 4
arthropathy, back pain What is  back pain.abnormal behaviour, back injury, dental caries, depression What is  depression, dysarthria, inadequate analgesia, overdose More
Episodes: 5
osteopenia.arthralgia, back injury, back pain What is  back pain, blood pressure increased, buttock pain, dyspnoea, urticaria More
Episodes: 1
type 2 diabetes mellitus.back injury, coronary artery occlusion, dyspnoea, fall What is  fall, flatulence, pulmonary oedema, spinal fracture, weight decreased More
Episodes: 4
diabetes mellitus.back injury, diabetes mellitus inadequate control, intervertebral disc protrusion, spinal cord injury, weight increased More
Episodes: 1
asthma What is  asthma.accidental overdose, back injury, cardiac disorder, heart rate irregular More
Episodes: 4
osteoarthritis What is  osteoarthritis.arterial occlusive disease, back injury, diabetes mellitus, dizziness What is  dizziness, gastric bypass, gastric ulcer, hypertension, incorrect dose administered More
Episodes: 2
cough, fungal infection What is  fungal infection, postnasal drip.back injury, cough, depression What is  depression, hypoaesthesia, intervertebral disc protrusion, ovarian cyst ruptured, paraesthesia, rhinorrhoea, sinusitis What is  sinusitis More
Episodes: 7
insomnia.abnormal sleep-related event, back injury, fall What is  fall, head injury, neck injury, sleep walking More
Episodes: 1
psoriasis.agitation, back injury, haemoglobin increased, pain What is  pain, vomiting More
Episodes: 3
osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.abdominal pain upper, anhedonia, anxiety What is  anxiety, arthritis What is  arthritis, asthenia, back injury, balance disorder, barrett's oesophagus, basal cell carcinoma More
Episodes: 4
breast cancer What is  breast cancer.alopecia, back injury, cough, dizziness What is  dizziness, fall What is  fall, hot flush, hypertension, osteopenia, pain in extremity More
Episodes: 1
pain What is  pain, bladder disorder.abdominal pain upper, anorexia, back injury, dyspepsia, fall What is  fall, fatigue, joint injury, lung cancer metastatic More
Episodes: 1
hypertension.back injury, dysarthria, transient ischaemic attack More
Episodes: 3
mixed hyperlipidaemia.back injury, nephrolithiasis More
Episodes: 1
type 2 diabetes mellitus.back injury, cardiac failure congestive, cerebrovascular accident, condition aggravated, neck injury, transient ischaemic attack More
Episodes: 1
sinusitis What is  sinusitis.abdominal discomfort, back injury, confusional state, diarrhoea, disorientation, dizziness What is  dizziness, head injury, hypoaesthesia, joint injury More
Episodes: 64
multiple sclerosis What is  multiple sclerosis.back injury, fall What is  fall, head injury, tinnitus What is  tinnitus, visual disturbance More
Episodes: 1
hypertension.accident at work, back injury, fall What is  fall, neck injury, upper limb fracture, vertebral injury More
Episodes: 4
relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.alanine aminotransferase increased, aspartate aminotransferase increased, back injury, bladder spasm, blood glucose increased, cerebrosclerosis, diabetes mellitus non-insulin-dependent, fall What is  fall, gamma-glutamyltransferase increased More
Episodes: 1
back injury, cerebrovascular accident, fall What is  fall More
Episodes: 17
arthropathy, sciatic nerve neuropathy.anxiety What is  anxiety, back injury, convulsion, fall What is  fall, head injury, hypertension, ligament injury, memory impairment, periorbital haematoma More
Episodes: 2
back pain What is  back pain.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, acute myocardial infarction, anger, anxiety What is  anxiety, atherosclerosis, back injury, blood cholesterol increased, blood pressure increased, coronary artery disease What is  coronary artery disease More
Episodes: 5
back injury, fall What is  fall More
Episodes: 3
dystonia What is  dystonia.back injury, blood count abnormal, fatigue, gait disturbance, monoplegia, musculoskeletal stiffness More
Episodes: 31
diabetes mellitus non-insulin-dependent, fluid retention.back injury, dehydration, dizziness What is  dizziness, fall What is  fall, head injury, loss of consciousness More
Episodes: 8
arthralgia, rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis.arthralgia, back injury, cerebral ischaemia, cerebrovascular accident, facial palsy, fall What is  fall, joint swelling, knee operation, limb injury More
Episodes: 20
back injury More
Episodes: 2
back injury, back pain What is  back pain More
Episodes: 2
cerebral infarction.alanine aminotransferase abnormal, back injury, blood lactate dehydrogenase abnormal, blood urea increased, blood urine present, fall What is  fall, hydronephrosis, lymphocyte count increased, neutrophil count decreased More
Episodes: 4
depression What is  depression.arteriovenous malformation What is  arteriovenous malformation, back injury, dizziness What is  dizziness, fall What is  fall, head injury, nightmare More
Episodes: 2
menopausal symptoms prophylaxis.back injury, hot flush, influenza like illness, sensory disturbance More
Episodes: 1
anaemia, anaesthesia, aspiration bone marrow, back injury, biopsy bone marrow, blood disorder, bone marrow disorder, fall What is  fall, haematocrit decreased More
Episodes: 4
back injury, convulsion, fall What is  fall, nerve injury More
Episodes: 5
blood cholesterol increased.back injury, myalgia More
Episodes: 1
musculoskeletal stiffness.abdominal distension, back injury, bedridden, headache What is  headache, oedema peripheral, pain What is  pain, paraesthesia, swelling face, tooth fracture More
Episodes: 16
nervous system disorder.back injury, dizziness What is  dizziness, ear discomfort, fall What is  fall, migraine What is  migraine, nausea What is  nausea, pain What is  pain More
Episodes: 1
constipation What is  constipation.adjustment disorder with depressed mood, back injury, back pain What is  back pain, blood pressure abnormal, carotid artery stenosis, cerebral artery occlusion, cerebral infarction, escherichia urinary tract infection, hypercholesterolaemia More
Episodes: 1
convulsion.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, activities of daily living impaired, alopecia, anaemia, anxiety What is  anxiety, arthropod sting, asthenia, back injury, back pain What is  back pain More
Episodes: 3
hypertonic bladder.back injury, fall What is  fall, knee arthroplasty, spinal fracture More
Episodes: 1
amnesia, back injury, contusion, head injury, headache What is  headache, loss of consciousness, road traffic accident, sleep walking More
Episodes: 2
sinus tachycardia.back injury, contusion, dizziness What is  dizziness, face injury, fall What is  fall, syncope More
Episodes: 5
back injury, diarrhoea, fall What is  fall, nausea What is  nausea More
Episodes: 5
convulsion.back injury, convulsion, fall What is  fall, fatigue, head injury, intervertebral disc protrusion, musculoskeletal stiffness, pain What is  pain More
Episodes: 29
pain What is  pain.back injury, malaise, white blood cell count increased More
Episodes: 2
prostate cancer What is  prostate cancer.back injury, chest wall mass, confusional state, fall What is  fall, hypotension, lung consolidation, pleural effusion, pneumonia What is  pneumonia, skeletal injury More
Episodes: 1
anxiety What is  anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder What is  post-traumatic stress disorder, affective disorder, binge eating.back injury, bladder disorder, insomnia, intervertebral disc protrusion, intestinal functional disorder, nerve injury More
Episodes: 1
neuralgia, blood cholesterol increased, inflammation.back disorder, back injury, body height decreased, carpal tunnel syndrome What is  carpal tunnel syndrome, feeling abnormal, inflammation, meniscus lesion, menstruation irregular More
Episodes: 9
psoriatic arthropathy, psoriasis.back injury, exostosis More
Episodes: 3
menopausal symptoms.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, abdominal pain upper, adnexa uteri mass, adrenal mass, back injury, carbohydrate antigen 125 increased, cholecystectomy, cholelithiasis, colon polypectomy More
Episodes: 4
anorexia, arthralgia, back injury, bone density decreased, fall What is  fall, fatigue, foot fracture, musculoskeletal pain, necrosis More
Episodes: 2
dementia alzheimer's type.arthritis What is  arthritis, back injury, back pain What is  back pain, fall What is  fall, joint swelling, muscle rigidity, oedema peripheral, oral administration complication More
Episodes: 2
type 2 diabetes mellitus.abdominal distension, abdominal pain upper, back injury, blood glucose increased, fatigue, somnolence, vomiting More
Episodes: 1
convulsion.back injury, chills, convulsion, discomfort, grand mal convulsion, insomnia, muscle strain, nausea What is  nausea More
Episodes: 1
thyroid disorder.back injury, dizziness What is  dizziness, fall What is  fall, loss of consciousness More
Episodes: 2
fabry's disease.abdominal discomfort, back injury, gastric disorder, hyperhidrosis, infusion related reaction, loss of consciousness, presyncope More
Episodes: 1
abdominal distension, back injury, balance disorder, condition aggravated, fall What is  fall, hypotension, pitting oedema, renal impairment More
Episodes: 10
back disorder, depression What is  depression, neuropathy.back injury, haemorrhage intracranial, hypertension, pain What is  pain, road traffic accident More
Episodes: 1
back pain What is  back pain.back injury, fall What is  fall, gastrointestinal haemorrhage More
Episodes: 2
muscle spasms, back pain What is  back pain, sleep disorder What is  sleep disorder, anxiety What is  anxiety, diarrhoea.back injury, blood cholesterol increased, depression What is  depression, fall What is  fall, hypertension More
Episodes: 1
benign prostatic hyperplasia.back injury, back pain What is  back pain, dizziness What is  dizziness, erection increased, feeling abnormal, head injury, insomnia, syncope, tachycardia More
Episodes: 1
pneumonitis cryptococcal, depression What is  depression.back injury, back pain What is  back pain, cachexia, chest discomfort, coronary artery disease What is  coronary artery disease, dizziness What is  dizziness, dyspnoea exertional, electrocardiogram qt prolonged, fatigue More
Episodes: 1
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.back injury, back pain What is  back pain, cartilage injury, cough, movement disorder What is  movement disorder, muscle spasms, muscle strain, musculoskeletal chest pain, rib fracture More
Episodes: 43
osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.asthenia, back injury, blister, cellulitis What is  cellulitis, contusion, erythema, skin warm, staphylococcal skin infection, streptococcal infection What is  streptococcal infection More
Episodes: 108
blood pressure What is  blood pressure, renal disorder, blood cholesterol, nausea What is  nausea.anxiety What is  anxiety, back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome What is  carpal tunnel syndrome, depression What is  depression, dysphagia, fall What is  fall, fear, infection What is  infection More
Episodes: 4
back injury, diarrhoea, hypertension, spinal fracture More
Episodes: 1
pain What is  pain.angiopathy, back disorder, back injury, cerebrovascular accident, diabetes mellitus non-insulin-dependent, dyspnoea, hypertension, ischaemic stroke, myocardial infarction More
Episodes: 1
diabetes mellitus inadequate control.back injury, blood glucose fluctuation, blood pressure increased, cardiac failure congestive, disease progression, hepatitis c What is  hepatitis c, pain in extremity, pneumonia What is  pneumonia, treatment noncompliance More
Episodes: 1
cognitive disorder.back injury, muscle rigidity, oedema peripheral, pain in extremity, wheezing More
Episodes: 10
diabetes mellitus non-insulin-dependent.back injury, blood glucose decreased, diabetic retinopathy, eye haemorrhage, intervertebral disc protrusion, neuralgia More
Episodes: 1
back injury, joint injury, upper limb fracture More
Episodes: 25
rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis.abnormal sensation in eye, asthenia, back injury, conjunctivitis infective, crying, eye disorder, fall What is  fall, hypoaesthesia More
Episodes: 13
diabetes mellitus non-insulin-dependent.back injury, nasopharyngitis More
Episodes: 1
osteoporosis postmenopausal.back injury, cellulitis What is  cellulitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, embolism, gastrointestinal haemorrhage, pulmonary embolism What is  pulmonary embolism, sepsis What is  sepsis More
Episodes: 2
migraine What is  migraine.accident at work, amnesia, arthralgia, back injury, condition aggravated, diplopia, head injury, hypoacusis, joint dislocation More
Episodes: 3
hepatitis c What is  hepatitis c.back injury, pneumonia What is  pneumonia, urinary tract infection What is  urinary tract infection More
Episodes: 1
contraception.anaemia, back injury, iucd complication, iud migration, lymphocyte count decreased, lymphocyte percentage decreased, neutrophil count, neutrophil percentage increased, ovarian cyst What is  ovarian cyst More
Episodes: 1
cardiac disorder.back injury, dizziness What is  dizziness, eye pain, fall What is  fall, headache What is  headache, hypophagia, product quality issue More
Episodes: 6
depression What is  depression.anorexia, back injury, clumsiness, depression What is  depression, fall What is  fall, insomnia More
Episodes: 2
aggression, amnesia, back injury, confusional state, hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemic seizure More
Episodes: 3
bronchitis What is  bronchitis.alopecia, arthralgia, back injury, back pain What is  back pain, hypoaesthesia, migraine What is  migraine, tendonitis More
Episodes: 4
major depression, prophylaxis.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, adnexa uteri pain, anaemia, anal fissure, back injury, back pain What is  back pain, feeling abnormal, fungal infection What is  fungal infection, genital rash More
Episodes: 12
back injury, back pain What is  back pain, fall What is  fall More
Episodes: 1
hypertension, blood testosterone decreased, blood cholesterol increased, ill-defined disorder.back injury, limb injury, loss of consciousness, pruritus, treatment noncompliance, urticaria More
Episodes: 2
bipolar disorder What is  bipolar disorder.asthenia, back injury, chest discomfort, diarrhoea, fall What is  fall, lethargy, nausea What is  nausea, therapeutic agent toxicity More
Episodes: 1
back injury, gun shot wound, poisoning deliberate, sedation, victim of homicide More
Episodes: 2
insomnia.abnormal sleep-related event, amnesia, back injury, loss of consciousness, neck injury, post concussion syndrome, road traffic accident, somnolence More
Episodes: 15
intervertebral disc disorder, neuralgia.asthenia, back injury, hyperphagia, increased appetite, musculoskeletal pain, scar What is  scar, weight increased More
Episodes: 1
increased appetite, irritable bowel syndrome What is  irritable bowel syndrome.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, adrenal insufficiency, anorexia, asthenia, asthma What is  asthma, back injury, chest pain What is  chest pain, dehydration, diarrhoea More
Episodes: 1
accident at work, accidental overdose, back disorder, back injury, depression What is  depression, incoherent, memory impairment, road traffic accident More
Episodes: 1
rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis, pain What is  pain.angiopathy, back injury, blood pressure increased, brain contusion, bursitis What is  bursitis, cerebrovascular accident, cerebrovascular disorder, chest pain What is  chest pain, conjunctival haemorrhage More