Drug Side Effect reports associated with Cystocele


Episodes: 2
acne What is  acne.adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood, alopecia, appendicitis What is  appendicitis, cheilitis, colitis, crohn's disease What is  crohn's disease, cystocele, deafness, depression What is  depression More
Episodes: 1
osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.cystocele, hysterectomy What is  hysterectomy More
Episodes: 3
psoriasis.adenomyosis, cystocele, pelvic pain What is  pelvic pain, pelvic peritoneal adhesions, rectocele, stress urinary incontinence, urethral disorder More
Episodes: 2
rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis.cystocele repair, diverticulum, enterovesical fistula More
Episodes: 1
hyperlipidaemia.condition aggravated, cystocele, rectocele, umbilical hernia More
Episodes: 3
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.cystocele, rectocele More
Episodes: 1
benign prostatic hyperplasia.blood creatine phosphokinase increased, cystocele, myoglobinuria, pyrexia, residual urine, rhabdomyolysis More
Episodes: 17
multiple sclerosis What is  multiple sclerosis.cystocele, pelvic prolapse, stress urinary incontinence More
Episodes: 1
relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.condition aggravated, cystocele, uterine prolapse More
Episodes: 1
pain What is  pain.antinuclear antibody positive, back pain What is  back pain, bladder prolapse, cardiac murmur, colonic polyp What is  colonic polyp, constipation What is  constipation, cystocele, depression What is  depression, diabetes mellitus More
Episodes: 4
cystocele, vaginal burning sensation More
Episodes: 1
rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis.cystocele More
Episodes: 1
anxiety What is  anxiety, depression What is  depression, induced labour.caesarean section, cervix disorder, cystocele, placenta praevia, placental insufficiency, post procedural pain, pregnancy What is  pregnancy, sinusitis What is  sinusitis More
Episodes: 1
headache What is  headache, migraine What is  migraine, pain What is  pain, sleep disorder What is  sleep disorder, nausea What is  nausea.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, arthralgia, arthropod bite, asthma What is  asthma, bipolar disorder What is  bipolar disorder, bladder pain, bronchitis acute, constipation What is  constipation, cystocele More
Episodes: 10
bladder disorder.abdominal distension, abdominal pain lower, bladder pain, bladder prolapse, cystocele, discomfort, diverticulitis, faeces discoloured, fatigue More
Episodes: 5
cardiac disorder.acute myocardial infarction, anhedonia, cerebrovascular accident, cystocele, depression What is  depression, economic problem, emotional distress, enuresis, insomnia More
Episodes: 2
hypertension.cystocele, urinary incontinence What is  urinary incontinence More
Episodes: 1
rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis.cystocele, dermatitis contact, gastritis erosive, hepatitis c What is  hepatitis c, insomnia, uterine prolapse, weight decreased More
Episodes: 2
hypertonic bladder, pollakiuria, urinary incontinence What is  urinary incontinence.cystocele, dizziness What is  dizziness, dry eye, dry mouth More
Episodes: 2
rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis.cystocele More
Episodes: 1
incontinence, urogenital disorder.anxiety What is  anxiety, arthritis What is  arthritis, asthma What is  asthma, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, cardiovascular disorder, cystocele, depression What is  depression, dermatosis, gastrooesophageal reflux disease More
Episodes: 3
blood iron increased.alanine aminotransferase increased, aspartate aminotransferase increased, blood alkaline phosphatase increased, blood bilirubin increased, blood glucose increased, carbon dioxide decreased, chills, chromaturia, cystocele More
Episodes: 1
breast cancer What is  breast cancer, menopausal symptoms, thrombosis prophylaxis, hysterectomy What is  hysterectomy.cystocele, endometrial disorder, endometrial hyperplasia, hysterectomy What is  hysterectomy, micturition urgency, rectocele, uterine cervical squamous metaplasia More
Episodes: 1
breast cancer What is  breast cancer, osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis, eye allergy.conjunctivitis, cystocele repair, eye irritation, eyelid exfoliation, eyelids pruritus, headache What is  headache, hot flush, hysterectomy What is  hysterectomy, lip dry More
Episodes: 4
osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.cystocele More
Episodes: 28
osteopenia, osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.cystocele, osteonecrosis What is  osteonecrosis, rectocele, uterine prolapse More
Episodes: 6
rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis, osteopenia, autoimmune thyroiditis, insomnia, stress What is  stress, gastrooesophageal reflux disease.accidental exposure, arthralgia, cystocele, fatigue, procedural complication, rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract infection What is  urinary tract infection More
Episodes: 1
diabetes mellitus.anorexia, anxiety What is  anxiety, blood glucose decreased, blood glucose increased, blood pressure increased, cataract What is  cataract, convulsion, cystocele More
Episodes: 1
rheumatoid arthritis What is  rheumatoid arthritis.cystocele More
Episodes: 1
hypercholesterolaemia, anxiety What is  anxiety.constipation What is  constipation, cystocele, dehydration, enterococcal infection, renal failure, rhabdomyolysis, urinary tract infection What is  urinary tract infection More
Episodes: 1
hyperlipidaemia.cystocele repair, foot operation, gait disturbance, muscular weakness More
Episodes: 1
blood cholesterol increased, blood triglycerides increased.arteriosclerosis, cholelithiasis, cystocele, musculoskeletal pain, myalgia, stomach discomfort, synovial cyst More
Episodes: 1
type 2 diabetes mellitus.abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, anorexia, anuria, blood pressure diastolic decreased, confusional state, cystocele, dialysis What is  dialysis, enterocele, hypoglycaemia More
Episodes: 1
arthralgia.anorectal discomfort, bladder prolapse, cystocele, dizziness What is  dizziness, dysuria, enterocele, haematocrit decreased, haemorrhage, headache What is  headache More
Episodes: 1
breast cancer female.cystocele, rectocele, stress incontinence, uterine haemorrhage, uterine prolapse More
Episodes: 1
glucose tolerance impaired.cystocele, stress urinary incontinence More
Episodes: 4
multiple sclerosis What is  multiple sclerosis.aspiration, condition aggravated, cystocele, device malfunction, gastrointestinal disorder, oedema peripheral, pulmonary oedema, rectocele, urinary incontinence What is  urinary incontinence More
Episodes: 1
schizophrenia, paranoid type, depression What is  depression.cystocele, diabetes mellitus, dysuria, excoriation, hypercholesterolaemia, hypertension, lipomatosis, major depression, obesity What is  obesity More
Episodes: 1
multiple sclerosis What is  multiple sclerosis.balance disorder, cystocele, enterocele, fall What is  fall, fatigue, hypotension, musculoskeletal stiffness, pain What is  pain, paraesthesia More
Episodes: 36
pain What is  pain, muscle spasms.anaemia, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disorder, cystocele, depression What is  depression, hypertension, liver disorder, osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis, pain in extremity More
Episodes: 2
hepatitis c What is  hepatitis c.bladder sphincter atony, cystocele, disease recurrence, urinary tract infection What is  urinary tract infection More
Episodes: 2
menopause What is  menopause.accident, back pain What is  back pain, biopsy breast abnormal, biopsy endometrium abnormal, bladder disorder, breast cancer What is  breast cancer, breast microcalcification, cystocele More
Episodes: 2
cystocele repair More
Episodes: 6
metastases to bone, breast cancer What is  breast cancer, metastases to spine.abdominal discomfort, abdominal pain upper, abscess jaw, asthenia, bone disorder, cystocele, dental care, diarrhoea, dizziness What is  dizziness More
Episodes: 5
cystocele, rectocele, urinary incontinence What is  urinary incontinence More

All medicines have benefits and risks. The risks of medicines are the chances that something unwanted or unexpected could happen to you when you use them, such as Cystocele. Side effects can be temporary or long-lasting, and vary in seriousness. It is important to monitor drugs for Cystocele and any other side effects. Sometimes Cystocele can be reduced with the right treatment.

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Most drugs have a large list of nonsevere or mild adverse effects which do not rule out continued usage. These effects depend on individual sensitivity, and can include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, malaise, vomiting, headache, dermatitis, dry mouth, etc. Check commonly reported side effects . These can be considered a form of pseudo-allergic reaction, as not all users experience these effects; many users experience none at all.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit the FDA MedWatch website or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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