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All medicines have benefits and risks. The risks of medicines are the chances that something unwanted or unexpected could happen to you when you use them, such as Drooling. Side effects can be temporary or long-lasting, and vary in seriousness. It is important to monitor drugs for Drooling and any other side effects. Sometimes Drooling can be reduced with the right treatment.

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Drug Side Effect Episodes associated with Drooling

Episodes: 67
Diagnosed with affective disorder.Side effects: drooling More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with blood pressure What is  blood pressure, schizophrenia.Side effects: abnormal behaviour, constipation What is  constipation, convulsion, drooling, malaise More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: bradycardia, drooling, hypotension, snoring What is  snoring, unresponsive to stimuli More
Episodes: 5
Side effects: abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, accidental exposure, drooling, heart rate increased, insomnia, lethargy, posture abnormal, stereotypy More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with scan myocardial perfusion.Side effects: anaphylactic reaction, angioedema, drooling, speech disorder More
Episodes: 7
Diagnosed with hip surgery, procedural pain.Side effects: anaphylactic reaction, cardiac arrest What is  cardiac arrest, drooling, fall What is  fall More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with hypertension.Side effects: angioedema, c1 esterase inhibitor decreased, drooling, dysphagia, swollen tongue More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with hypertension, cardiovascular event prophylaxis.Side effects: agitation, drooling, dysarthria, parkinsonism More
Episodes: 4
Diagnosed with parkinson's disease What is  parkinson's disease.Side effects: communication disorder, drooling, dysstasia, lethargy, orthostatic hypotension More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with vascular dementia, arthralgia.Side effects: choking What is  choking, cough, drooling, dysphagia, hiccups, irritability, oropharyngeal pain, regurgitation, retching More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with breast cancer What is  breast cancer.Side effects: drooling, fatigue, headache What is  headache, hot flush, pain in extremity, pruritus More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with schizophrenia, undifferentiated type.Side effects: cogwheel rigidity, drooling, dysphagia, dystonia What is  dystonia, gait disturbance, musculoskeletal stiffness More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukaemia.Side effects: drooling, eye rolling, grand mal convulsion, loss of consciousness, reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome, urinary incontinence What is  urinary incontinence More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: drooling More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with anxiety What is  anxiety.Side effects: drooling, dry throat, dysphagia, dyspnoea, eye swelling, fatigue, pharyngolaryngeal pain, photosensitivity reaction, retching More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with hypertension.Side effects: angioneurotic oedema, drooling, dyskinesia, swelling face, swollen tongue More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: drooling, dysphonia, movement disorder What is  movement disorder, swelling face More
Episodes: 3
Diagnosed with ill-defined disorder, hypertension.Side effects: angioneurotic oedema, drooling, swelling face, swollen tongue, vocal cord polypectomy More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: anxiety What is  anxiety, blood glucose increased, drooling, insomnia, oedema peripheral, palpitations, panic reaction, skin discolouration, tremor More
Episodes: 2
Side effects: drooling, foaming at mouth More
Episodes: 13
Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis What is  multiple sclerosis.Side effects: acute respiratory distress syndrome, depression What is  depression, drooling, hypertension, pneumonia What is  pneumonia, pseudomonas infection, renal failure, unresponsive to stimuli More
Episodes: 3
Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, muscle spasticity.Side effects: decubitus ulcer, drooling, hypotonia, lethargy More
Episodes: 4
Diagnosed with lennox-gastaut syndrome.Side effects: drooling, vomiting More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with hypersensitivity.Side effects: drooling, dyskinesia, hypotonia, lethargy More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: drooling, migraine What is  migraine, nodule on extremity, speech disorder More
Episodes: 6
Side effects: back pain What is  back pain, drooling, neck pain, paralysis What is  paralysis, post procedural complication, speech disorder, swelling, vomiting More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with bladder disorder, urinary retention.Side effects: chills, drooling, feeling cold, hyperhidrosis, mydriasis, rhinorrhoea, tremor More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer.Side effects: arteriosclerosis, asthenia, bacteria urine identified, blood glucose increased, cerebrovascular disorder, confusional state, depressed level of consciousness, drooling, leukoencephalopathy More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with pain What is  pain.Side effects: confusional state, drooling, photopsia More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.Side effects: dental caries, drooling, open wound, salivary hypersecretion More
Episodes: 25
Diagnosed with facial spasm.Side effects: drooling, eye disorder, muscle spasms, muscular weakness, neck pain, skin burning sensation, trismus More
Episodes: 3
Diagnosed with diabetes mellitus non-insulin-dependent.Side effects: decreased appetite, drooling, nausea What is  nausea, weight decreased More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with cardiac failure congestive, urosepsis.Side effects: angioneurotic oedema, drooling, obstructive airways disorder, swollen tongue More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with convulsion.Side effects: anorexia, asthenia, bite, convulsion, drooling, fall What is  fall, hypotension, somnolence More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with grand mal convulsion.Side effects: alanine aminotransferase increased, ascites, aspartate aminotransferase increased, bilirubin conjugated increased, chapped lips, drooling, gamma-glutamyltransferase increased, gingival oedema, heart rate increased More
Episodes: 2
Side effects: drooling, muscular weakness, urinary incontinence What is  urinary incontinence, visual acuity reduced More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: cardiomegaly, cerebral infarction, cerebrovascular accident, condition aggravated, drooling, electrocardiogram pr shortened, embolic stroke, fall What is  fall More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with gaucher's disease.Side effects: activities of daily living impaired, areflexia, ataxia What is  ataxia, bradykinesia, cerebellar syndrome, cognitive disorder, drooling, dysarthria, dyskinesia More
Episodes: 4
Diagnosed with breast cancer stage iv.Side effects: asthenia, coordination abnormal, disease progression, drooling, dysmorphism, dysphagia, neurological symptom, peripheral motor neuropathy, tremor More
Episodes: 6
Side effects: drooling, facial palsy, hypoaesthesia facial, syncope More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: abscess What is  abscess, drooling, speech disorder, swelling face, swollen tongue, tongue disorder More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with hyperlipidaemia.Side effects: drooling More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with depression What is  depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder What is  obsessive-compulsive disorder.Side effects: blood creatine phosphokinase increased, blood pressure fluctuation, drooling, hyperhidrosis, hypophagia, incontinence, leukocytosis, muscle rigidity, tachycardia More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with oliguria, sedation, hypotension.Side effects: cerebral atrophy, drooling, hypercalcaemia, hyperthermia, hypertonia, hyponatraemia, livedo reticularis, moaning, nervous system disorder More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with nasopharyngitis, prophylaxis against diarrhoea.Side effects: depressed level of consciousness, drooling, eye rolling More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with tooth abscess, schizoaffective disorder.Side effects: dizziness What is  dizziness, drooling, dysarthria, lethargy, tachycardia More
Episodes: 3
Diagnosed with tooth infection.Side effects: acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis, blister, conjunctival oedema, conjunctivitis, drooling, dysphagia, erythema, leukocytoclastic vasculitis, lip erosion More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with anxiety What is  anxiety.Side effects: confusional state, coordination abnormal, drooling, dysarthria, incorrect dose administered, mental status changes, overdose, sedation More
Episodes: 21
Diagnosed with bipolar disorder What is  bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mania.Side effects: abasia, aphasia What is  aphasia, drooling, incoherent, mania, treatment noncompliance More
Episodes: 21
Side effects: constipation What is  constipation, dizziness What is  dizziness, drooling, fatigue, hallucination, auditory, lung disorder, malaise, oculogyration, speech disorder More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with emphysema, multiple allergies, insomnia, ovarian cancer.Side effects: drooling, dyspepsia, dyspnoea, rhinorrhoea More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with diarrhoea, nausea What is  nausea.Side effects: bruxism, drooling, dysphonia, dyspnoea, euphoric mood, hypertension, hypoaesthesia facial, neck pain More
Episodes: 3
Side effects: drooling, dyskinesia, dysphagia, eyelid disorder, on and off phenomenon More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with bipolar disorder What is  bipolar disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.Side effects: abnormal behaviour, constipation What is  constipation, decreased appetite, drooling, hallucination, muscle disorder What is  muscle disorder, restlessness More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: drooling, eye swelling, lethargy, loss of consciousness, rhinorrhoea, swelling face More
Episodes: 2
Diagnosed with atrial fibrillation What is  atrial fibrillation.Side effects: anxiety What is  anxiety, asthenia, balance disorder, confusional state, constipation What is  constipation, drooling, gait disturbance, halo vision, neuritis More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: amnesia, confusional state, drooling, dysphagia, dyspnoea, fatigue, joint swelling, weight increased More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with intentional misuse.Side effects: depressed level of consciousness, depression What is  depression, drooling, intentional misuse, mental status changes, musculoskeletal stiffness, nystagmus More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: caustic injury, drooling, dysphagia, mouth ulceration, pharyngeal ulceration, salivary hypersecretion, tongue ulceration, tooth injury More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: drooling, dysarthria, gait disturbance, micrographia, muscle spasms, neutropenia More
Episodes: 8
Diagnosed with depression What is  depression.Side effects: decreased activity, drooling, flat affect, lack of spontaneous speech, tardive dyskinesia More
Episodes: 6
Diagnosed with convulsion, hypothyroidism.Side effects: abasia, activities of daily living impaired, ammonia increased, blood pressure increased, drooling, faecal incontinence, grand mal convulsion, intestinal functional disorder More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with bipolar i disorder.Side effects: drooling, lethargy, mental status changes More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with injury.Side effects: agitation, convulsion, dizziness What is  dizziness, drooling, fall What is  fall, feeling cold, head injury, lethargy, memory impairment More
Episodes: 4
Diagnosed with prophylaxis, breast cancer metastatic, hypertension, arthritis What is  arthritis.Side effects: abdominal pain What is  abdominal pain, diarrhoea, drooling, fatigue, fungal infection What is  fungal infection, hypoaesthesia, hypotension, lacrimation increased, nausea What is  nausea More
Episodes: 3
Diagnosed with convulsion, osteoporosis What is  osteoporosis.Side effects: abdominal pain upper, abnormal behaviour, anxiety What is  anxiety, chest pain What is  chest pain, constipation What is  constipation, convulsion, drooling More
Episodes: 3
Diagnosed with hypertension, gastritis.Side effects: drooling, hypersensitivity, lip swelling, palpitations More
Episodes: 1
Side effects: drooling, incontinence, posture abnormal More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with bipolar disorder What is  bipolar disorder.Side effects: coordination abnormal, drooling More
Episodes: 1
Diagnosed with motion sickness What is  motion sickness.Side effects: convulsion, drooling, hypoaesthesia oral, muscle twitching More
Episodes: 3
Diagnosed with pain What is  pain, depression What is  depression.Side effects: bipolar disorder What is  bipolar disorder, drooling, dysarthria, hospitalisation, therapeutic response decreased More

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