Tips for Taking Medicines Properly

Tips for Taking Medicines Properly
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Taking different medicines is not always easy to do properly. It may be hard to remember what each medicine is for, and how and when you should take it. Here are some helpful hints about taking medicines:

  • Check the label on your medicine before taking it to make sure that it is for the correct person — you.
  • Read and save any written information that comes with the medicine.
  • Take the medicine according to the schedule on the label.
  • Don’t take more or less than the prescribed amount of any medicine.
  • If swallowing tablets is difficult, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether there is a liquid form of the medicine or whether you could crush your tablets. However, do NOT break, crush, or chew tablets without asking a health professional first. NEVER break, crush, or chew a capsule.
  • Get into the habit of checking the expiration dates on your medicine bottles, and throw away medicine that has expired.
    Try to set and follow a routine for taking your medicines.
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