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Brain injury from DTAP + IPV + HIB (PENTACEL) 2009

Vaccine Manufacturer:SANOFI PASTEUR
Vaccine Code:DTAP
Vaccine Name:DTAP + IPV + HIB (PENTACEL)
Year Reported:2009
Symptom Reported:Brain injury

DTAP + IPV + HIB (PENTACEL) Side Effects Report #346325
DTAP + IPV + HIB (PENTACEL) vaccine side effect was reported on 05/14/2009. Male patient, child 0.4 years of age, was vaccinated with DTAP + IPV + HIB (PENTACEL). Patient symptoms: Brain injury, "Pt was found face down in his crib approximately 30 hours after vaccine administration. Blood was found around his nose and mouth. Pt currently on life support and has no brain activity. It is expected that he will not survive. Cause has not yet been determined. 9/1/09 Autopsy report staes COD as Cardiac arrest of undetermined etiology, four days prior to death on 5/16/09. Autopsy report also states contributory cause of death. History of prone position as found, islet cell hyperplasia of the pancreas, aspiration near the time of initial arrest. 8/14/09 Hospital records received DOS 5/12/09 - 5/16/09. Diagnosis: Cardiopulmonary arrest, seizures. Records reveal patient found by parents face down in bed and blood coming out of his nose and mouth. Parents began CPR. Transported to local hospital by EMS and was in full arrest upon arrival. Coded, pulses returned, and patient transported to this hospital. He was not responsive, pupils were fixed and dilated. Rib fractures. Noted to have abdominal distention and ileus. Became tachycardic, febrile, extremities cool. Poor peripheral perfusion. Agnonal respirations, ventiilator. Shock. Transfusions of FFP and PRBCs Seizure activity. Declared deceased and taken off ventilator." 8/14/09 Hospital records received DOS 5/12/09 - 5/16/09. Patent foramen ovale."8/14/09 Hospital records received DOS 5/12/09 - 5/16/09. LABS and DIAGNOSTICS: EEG flat and consistant with brain death. Echocardiogram - abnormal, patent foramen ovale. Coagulation studies abnormal. HGB - 2g (L). BUN and Cr increased. CXR" . Patient was hospitalized Patient died on 6//09/05/1.


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