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The Plain Language Medical Dictionary widget is a project of the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library as part of the Michigan Health Literacy Awareness project.

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  • on Lexapro---------------------CONTRAINDICATIONS--------------------• Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors: Do not use with an MAOI or within 14 days of stopping an MAOI. Allow 14 days after stopping Lexapro before starting an MAOI (4.1, 5.10). • Pimozide: Do not use concomitantly (4.2, 7.10). • Known hypersensitivity to escitalopram or citalopram or any of the inactive
  • on Tecta19/02/2012 I have been on tecta 40 mg for 10 mnths since on this medication i have expereinced,headachs,chest pains,fatige,very tired,musle spazems,feeling of being un well,forget fullness,blured vision,blood pressure,i actully feel worse,sore throst,rash,so today i stopped taking this medication tellyou how i feel in a week.N.May
  • on Zocor2 Issues I think might be related. About once every 2 months, I get neck pain lasting 2 days. My doctor says it's not from statins since it's localized. Also, every 2-3 months I get a toothache that involves pain and cold sensitivity. First time I went to the dentist
  • on 50 Top Side Effects2007-CURRENT Mirena Nightmare – “Piece Broke Off – Did not locate until Years Later 2009/ Finally Removed 2013! Life-Threatening Side-Effects! I suggest NO women in her right mind, get this device! The warnings were not issued to way after the fact, My Mirena was inserted in November of 2007, &
  • on Levaquin3 days after discontinuing Levaquin, I began to experience zapping pain with certain movements, in the upper arm deep between bicep and tricep. It is excruciating when it hits but there is little to no pain in between those certain movements that cause it. It has been 11 days and
  • on Clexane81yr male kidney impairment had gout 3x this year all when on clexane for coming off warferen for operations. Bruising at injection sites. Feel cold more since taking Clexane.
  • on PropofolA colonoscopy was done on my wife to clamp a number of bleeding hemorrhoids, using propofol. The morning after the procedure we noticed obvious swelling in her face and neck. Soon we saw this in her hands, feet & legs. By the end of the day she had body-wide lymphedema
  • on AveenoAfter 2 days of applying the hydrocortisone, the hives that were the result of my allergic reaction to the Aveeno product, seems to be getting worse. Initially, the hives on the buttocks alleviated, but the hives on the other parts of the body are getting worse and spreading onto the
  • on LosecAfter a stress filled 5 weeks of tests and biopsies and reading about Multiple Myaloma from many sites my Doc believes I have Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS). In the mean time I have been exercising rigorously, breathing, meditating and reviewed my eating habits. I have taken Losec over
  • on AveenoAfter appying Aveeno Anti Itch lotion, all areas where it was applied broke out in welts or small patches that are buurning and itchy. My hands, knees, elbows, legs, feet and backside are all hot and terribly itchy. Went to a doctor right away and he prescribed Hydrocortisone. I am
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