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Are you using any medications? Have you suffered from unexpected side effects? Join us to help raise awareness about drug side effects, and to provide better knowledge to patients and healthcare professionals leading to a better quality of life.

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Medical professionals are required to report all adverse effects related to a specific form of therapy. However in practice, it is at the discretion of the professional to determine whether a medical event is at all related to the therapy.

As a result, routine adverse effects reporting often may not include long-term and subtle effects that may ultimately be attributed to a therapy.

Managing Your Medicines

Find out as much about your medications as you can to learn how to take it properly. Ask the following questions and write down the answers before leaving the doctor’s office. What is the name of the medicine and why am I taking it? What is the name of the condition this medicine will treat? How long will it take to work? How should I store the medication? Does it need to be refrigerated? Can the pharmacist substitute a less expensive, generic form of the medicine?

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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

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Most drugs have a large list of nonsevere or mild adverse effects which do not rule out continued usage. These effects depend on individual sensitivity, and can include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, malaise, vomiting, headache, dermatitis, dry mouth, etc. Check commonly reported side effects . These can be considered a form of pseudo-allergic reaction, as not all users experience these effects; many users experience none at all.

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Check the label on your medicine before taking it to make sure that it is for the correct person...More

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Most Reported Side Effects

Most Reported Side EffectsDizziness (7,986) Weight gain (7,...Fatigue (6,737) Headache (5,859) Nausea (5,334) Diarrhea (4,677) Tiredness (3,557) Constipation (3,...Insomnia (3,074) Hair loss (2,924) 1/57.3%5.4%
7986 (7.3%)

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Submit a Side Effect Report

Include health symptoms (e.g.fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea, other); reason for taking medication or diagnosis; dosage and frequency; Outcomes Attributed to Side Effects (e.g. Life-threatening, Hospitalization - initial or prolonged, Disability or Permanent Damage, Congenital Anomaly/Birth Defect); Required Intervention to Prevent Permanent Damage, Important Medical Events; Relevant History and Preexisting Medical Conditions (e.g. allergies, race, pregnancy, smoking and alcohol use, liver/kidney problems,etc.)