50 Top Side Effects

$n = 0;
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
$n = $n +1;
$se = strtolower( $row[‘se’]);
$freq = $row[‘ffreq’];


‘.number_format($n).’ ‘.ucfirst($se).’ ‘.number_format($freq).’ Patient Reports

mysql_close($con) ;


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  1. Candance May 16, 2013 / 12:37 am

    2007-CURRENT Mirena Nightmare – “Piece Broke Off – Did not locate until Years Later 2009/ Finally Removed 2013!
    Life-Threatening Side-Effects! I suggest NO women in her right mind, get this device! The warnings were not issued to way after the fact, My Mirena was inserted in November of 2007, & Removed 5mnths Later. I felt the Device and bleeding, cramping was horrifc! Mirena was first introduced in 2000 & The FDA Issued a Warning In December of 2009 regarding all the Nightmares associated with having this thing inserted into Women – Human Beings w/out doing there Due Diligence on the product.
    In 2/2012 Bayer tried to cover it’s tracks about all the side-effects! Bayer and Fda all should be held accountable! Women if you have Mirena currently, well get ready for a nightmare when you get it out & you better hope and pray they get all OUT & Not leave a Small Detached Piece inside you which embeds into your uterus and causes havoc on your entire body! Here’s some personal side effects I have experienced since the nightmare piece was left inside – Also if this small piece did this to me, What is the Entire IUD is going to do to your system!!
    See: LIFE- THREATENING ELEVATED BP @ 200, Severe Pid (Could Spread to Brain, if not caught and properly Treated) – After Piece Removal by Specialist/Oncologist 2013 once “Found", Infections – DURING, Vomiting Blood, Unexplainable Ulcers, discolored skin, acne, severe abdominal pain, excessive blood loss, anemia, ectopic pregnancy, Cysts Before & After Removal, Abscesses-Bi-lateral on Kidneys, bloating, blurred vision, dizziness, No sex-drive, Vaginal dryness, Night Sweats, Heart Palpitations, loss of appetite, back pain, headaches, numbness, painful intercourse, joint pain, Leg Pain, eczema, Stomach Pain, Chest Pain, fatigue, Constipation, Smell, Always Hot and Moody feeling, Bleeding at any given time anytime of the day! I’ve been Hospitalized 4x’s & 4 different Surgery’s & ABUNDANCE OF Doctors including OB/GYN’S Scratching there heads trying to find out why my body was out of WHACK!
    I’m currently on Medication for Severe Pid, Ulcers, 2/Blood Meds, Magnesium and some other Med’s to Help Heal My Body Back To Health From the Small Mirena Piece Embedded inside of me, that got lost! Thank God It Did Not Take My Life, It almost Did with a BP @ 200 for 2/days & Vomiting your own blood for 2 days & this PID, which I bought fell out my chair, have been w/my boyfriend everyday literally for 3yrs. So I knew that was impossible, until I found out it was caused by the mirena! Also it disturbed me to Read on Bayer’s Site About Mirena testing which is done on Mice & some other animal, then put into Women’s body’s, Well that’s your first mistake We are Not Animals – We Are Human Beings! Women please wake up – this has opened my eyes’ I never want to get Birth control again after this nightmare! It almost took my life! Don’t Let It Take Yours!! & We have to protect one another against companies like this where it’s all about $$$$$$ Not human beings!

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