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Nucynta Side Effects

Dizziness (51)
Nausea (49)
Confusional State (44)
Hallucination (44)
Dyspnoea (40)
Headache (35)
Loss Of Consciousness (34)
Depression (30)
Serotonin Syndrome (30)
Palpitations (28)
Tremor (27)
Hypotension (26)
Overdose (26)
Vomiting (26)
Feeling Abnormal (25)
Toxicity To Various Agents (24)
Insomnia (23)
Convulsion (22)
Hypertension (22)
Withdrawal Syndrome (21)
Blood Pressure Increased (21)
Amnesia (20)
Disorientation (20)
Hallucination, Auditory (19)
Somnolence (19)
Agitation (18)
Unresponsive To Stimuli (18)
Intentional Overdose (18)
Pain (17)
Suicide Attempt (17)
Tachycardia (16)
Death (16)
Cardiac Arrest (16)
Anxiety (16)
Heart Rate Increased (15)
Respiratory Depression (15)
Abnormal Behaviour (13)
Aggression (13)
Depressed Level Of Consciousness (13)
Gait Disturbance (13)
Hyperhidrosis (13)
Pruritus (12)
Product Quality Issue (12)
Oedema Peripheral (12)
Hallucination, Visual (12)
Dysarthria (12)
Delusion (11)
Dyskinesia (11)
Pyrexia (11)
Urticaria (11)

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Recent Reviews

iBefore starting Nucynta I had some very bad sides effects of insomina. I had two occasions of getiing up from sleeping(more like tossing and turning all nite) for several days and being in a trance like state. Husband drove me the doctor he felt

My girlfriend took 6 pills one shot !!! What can that medicine do ?!!!!

Do Not Take This Medication. I am a physician who had surgery and prescribed for post op pain. Horrible Side Effects.Horrible Dizziness, Rash, Flushing, which lasted an extended period of time. I will not prescribe this medication to a patient and

Flushing of cheeks, neck area after taking 50mg for pain associated with breast reconstruction

I was prescribed 50 mg Nucynta for post-op knee surgery. I took one pill, and slept 6 hours. I awoke with awful itching, severe dizziness, and a swollen mouth. I did not realize it was from the pill. I took one more pill 8 hours after the first,

Nucynta seems to give me a period of anxiety and mild chest discomfort, not pain but discomfort that seems to be related in some way to the anxiety which lasts for about a half hour, I dont know what the idea was supposed to be behind this medication

Am 25years clinical histor:left UOQ fluctuant ill defined non tender mass cytology:scantly cellular smears consisting of benigns unilocular adipocytes with no ductal cell

Ill-defined Clinical Trials and Studies

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